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Italian Sicilian Mafia is Jewish Mafia

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Italian Sicilian Mafia is Jewish Mafia
By S.S.666

Italy has always been one of the most Jewish infested area in the whole world, as we can
see from the deep integration in the mass mind of Jewish tendencies. Here was born the
Vatican (Jewish most important power centre), the Jesuits (Jews) and the Mafia (Jewish
Vatican and the Jesuits have been extensively illustrated before, and we know that they
are Jewish structures. We all know that the Mafia, the criminal organization most known in
the world, was born in Sicily, a big island that is part of Italy.

Pasquale Hamel, Italian writer and essayist, writes :
(translated from:

"The Jewish presence in Sicily is ancient and important. Ancient because, even if its
traces are not always clear, the first Jewish settlements in this island can be dated
immediately before the diaspora, and important because, with time, the Jewish Sicilian
community grown in number, until it became the biggest in Italy. At the end of the Middle
Age, according to the prompt researches of Slomo Simonshon, they were around 25.000, 'more
than half of the total number of jews present in Italy'."

We can also see that the Jews were freely living outside of their ghetto, without any
restriction and they could intermix with the population - a total Jewish infestation :
"The sicilian-jews, compared to other places of western christian territories, were not
subject to particular restrictions and, until the arrival or the Aragonesi, they were
living side by side with the majority of christian people, coexisting peacefully".

The website of Sefardite Centre of Sicily, so via jews' mouths, is saying :
(translated from

"After Italy's Unification, even if they maintained intact their religious characteristic
and the communities' organization, their story is not separate from the story of the rest
of the population. The integration in society became more or less complete and, looking at
the archives and records, we can find jews engaged in all kind of jobs. The rare episodes
of intolerance and antisemitism do not change the concrete equality they had reached".

So the Jews have been welcome, and were integrated in the Italian island of Sicily,
despite the 1492 expulsion decree, that was an attempt by Ferdinando the Xian to banish
them (same as happened in all the world), that had no big success as they came back again
- as usual - after they shortly settled in other Italian areas. In the past centuries
Sicily has been inhabited by a number of Jews that is, in percentage compared to the
resident population, higher than any other number of Jews present in any other region or
State in Europe or in the Mediterranean area.

In the book "Hebraism of Sicily" Giovanni di Giovanni writes :
"Meanwhile we say, that the Jews came to Sicily in a number so big, that they were more of
the tenth part of the Sicilian people".
"The laws here quoted by the Holy Pope, if I am not mistaken, are the same laws published
by the Emperor Costantino Magno 118; according to them it was ordered that the Jew, who
circumcised his SLAVE, or Christian or Pagan, or from any other sect, was castigated not
only depriving him of the circumcised Slave, also depriving him of his own life; this

Sicily has been deeply infested and populated by the Jews since very ancient times, and
hey were free to live in the middle of the people, to integrate; and in return they were
enslaving people, the "Goyim", using them as they Talmud states, as beasts at their

Quote from Treccani Encyclopedia online :
(translated from

Mafia: Group of criminal organizations born in Sicily during the 19th Century, on a
territorial basis, and based on the code of silence and with a hierarchical structure.

Note the extreme similarities :

The Jesuits Oath :
"If this cannot be openly done, I will secretly use the poisoned chalice, the rope to
strangle, the iron of the dagger, the lead of the bullet … I also declare that I will
help, assist and advise any agent of His Holiness".

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion - Protocol 1
23. Our countersign is - Force and Make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs,
especially if it be concealed in the talents essential to statesmen. Violence must be the
principle, and cunning and make-believe the rule …"

The Jew has always been, and will always be because of his nauseating nature, a parasite.
Almost any state of the world expelled the Jews many times for this reason. The Jew cannot
and is not able to create, but he copies, steals and exploit everything that is created by
the host society, that is the Gentiles of all the world.

Italy is a country that has, and always had, a local economy made by many small-average
sized companies (mostly in the North) and also an agricultural economy made my
small-average sized land owners (mostly in the South). The international Jewry finds more
difficulties to control and enslave Italian Gentiles by mean of their giant corporations
(even if today they are buying many small companies and private lands, after that the Jew
has ruined them or run them to misery); so in Italy the Jew had good chances by mean of
the Jewish Mafia that is a criminal PARASITE organization, that works to ENSLAVE
population by terror and violence, seizing anything from the people; it is very effective
in controlling small/medium targets. No different from the Talmud, from the Jewish
Communism and from Xianity and Inquisition: it is always the same Jewish plot in different

Italian Mafia Families' origins, and their leaders, are very often surrounded by mystery,
and most likely the majority of the bosses sent to jail are only a show, and they are not
always the true Jewish bosses behind the scenes, except some cases as in the below
pictures. Many of them were born in Sicily and then emigrated to the United States to
perform Mafia activities in the New World, and in other countries. Many Mafioso are
Gentiles that are slaves and/or collaborators of the Jews, and are faithful to their
Jewish bosses.

Some Mafioso Boss with blatant Jewish lineaments :

Gerlandino Messina

Michele Greco

How to recongnize ad identify a Jew:
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You stop when you are done!

Hail Satan e tutti gli Dei di Duat.

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It's true mafia is jewish, note that Lucky Luciano was a friend of the jew Meyer Lansky.
However I think jews are trying to infiltrate in our cultures. In my opinion jews are trying to create a link between us and them.
A link that doesn't exist. jews and bible state aschenez (or ashkenaz), noah's grandnephew, moved to Calabria and established cities. I think it's impossible. Also the jew josephus states that calabrian people are aschenez's descendants.
There is also this woman, she says she's a jew, Barbara Aiello, who claims that 40% of calabrians are jews and they don't even know. If it was true then almost every italian (and every person with italian heritage) has a percentage of jewish DNA. And it's clearly impossible. This rabbi says her surname's jewish, but I did some research and I found Aiello is actually a south-italian surname that comes from the latin agellum and it means "little field".
They're trying to create a link that does not exist.

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Important information. Thank you! :)

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I am one-quarter Sicilian, and almost everyone I tell this to responds with some kind of Mafia comment. I've never had a criminal record, nor has anyone in my family, so it's another awful jew-made stereotype meant to degrade another group of Gentile peoples.
Ave Satanas!

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