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This group is for experienced, dedicated, mature, adult Satanists. Those who have been dedicated Satanists for a year or more, and have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of Satanism.

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Invoking the Elements

Invoking the elements is very advanced and can be very dangerous. I am speaking from experience here. There are many authors who write from a theoretical and scholastic prospective and have not had the direct experience with certain meditations and psychic practices. I am going to give you *my* personal experiences with the meditations that follow. Remember- THESE ARE MY OWN DIRECT EXPERIENCES AND SOME OF WHAT I EXPERIENCED, YOU MAY OR MAY NOT AS WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, BUT THESE MEDITATIONS *ARE* HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS.

If you:

Are not physically and/or mentally healthy
If you take *any* psychiatric medications or medications that affect your brain/nervous system
If you suffer from High Blood Pressure
If you have heat flashes from menopause
If you suffer bouts of depression
If you do not know yourself 100%
If you are pregnant
If you are prone to having seizures or have epilepsy
I strongly encourage you to turn back and work other meditations that are safer. Once you have overcome any problems mentioned above using safer meditations, you can proceed at a very slow pace if you think you are ready. Let me explain:

With invoking the elements, here are some examples of what can happen:

Invoking fire will make you hot. Depending on how many breaths you do (only seven and under are recommended for those who have not had experience with this element). Even with adepts, 20 breaths can be extreme. While you are doing the fire meditation for the first time, more than likely while you are doing it, you will feel little or nothing. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DOING ANY MORE BREATHS BECAUSE YOU MIGHT FEEL NOTHING! You will feel the effects hours later. The effects of invoking fire include a fever, feeling BURNING HOT after a warm glow/aura manifests, insomnia and since water is the opposite of fire, you can get a backlash of water and this can manifest in depression. These effects can last several hours to several days. Each one of us has imbalances of certain elements and invoking the elements can cause even more imbalance so it is also important to know your strengths and weaknesses in certain elements.

Invoking air can over-stimulate the nervous system. Air can make you very irritable and oversensitive for a few hours to several days, depending on how much you take in.

I have always been a person of extremes and I am daring, so I have never put any limitations on myself with meditations, though I have always used common sense. Now, with invoking these elements over a period of time, we become resistant to extremes of temperature, we can warm or cool our bodies at will and we can be adept at pyrokinesis, cryokinesis and other astral disciplines.

If you are planning to do the elemental meditations, I strongly encourage you to keep written entries in a black book or journal regarding how these exercises affect you. Mastering the elements is one of the highest forms of magick, while others play around with props. The elements are based upon the four corners and directions. They are the foundation of the universe when working magick. Invoking and directing the elements is used to empower sigils and talismans. Each ritual or working normally has an elemental theme. By making use of the elements the power of any working is drastically amplified. Elemental magick is extremely advanced and powerful magick.

There are two ways of invoking the elements. One way is total invocation as I have done (no breathing them back out and the most dangerous) and the other way is easier is to breathe the element back out into the ether. You can work up from this.

Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses with certain elements. Nearly all of us have imbalances of the elements in our souls. The following meditations will correct these.

Several hours or a day after invoking an element, sit quietly and meditate on how you feel. How did you feel during the past 24 hours? It is important to be able to *feel* the elements in order to direct and control them.

To properly invoke, direct, and control the elements, you must be balanced in all of the elements. Most of us have imbalances. These can usually be seen in our astrology charts. Those of us who progress and continue on will be working

You must be honest with yourself and know yourself. The articles below in the advanced section reveal the elements in their pure form. Very few of us are imbalanced with just one element; usually there are two that are dominant. Look to the elements where most of the characteristics describe you. By balancing your elements, you will find healing physically, psychologically, at the soul level and mentally.

Fire is opposite Water and Air is opposite Earth. The opposite element is what is needed to fix the imbalance. It is important to be aware that invoking the lacking element can create a temporary backlash in the over-dominant element.

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