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This group is for experienced, dedicated, mature, adult Satanists. Those who have been dedicated Satanists for a year or more, and have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of Satanism.

Post Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:54 pm

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whenever I see someone on the street who seam to be able to sense my modest amount of power, they always fail to make contact. And I'm sure I have seen several Satanists. First off, the man and woman at the bus stop last december around yule season. The woman was sitting down and the man looked me in the eyes as I rode by on my bicycle. I couldnt look at the woman. If you read this, you know who you are. Secondly the group of people walking on the sidewalk very close to where I live, shrouded in akasha where i only managed to make eye-contact with the guy at the far left (your right) in your group. and the woman dressed in black behind me on the escalator a few months ago, who was very beautiful by the way. A few minutes later, the guy in the subway who tried to get me to go over to him in a corner. I dont corner myself. and especially not with strangers.

this is like a one-way-mirror to me and is starting to annoy me. I can usually sense the enemy. But I don't know what YOUR business is. If you want something, please just say "hi", because not all of us are adepts at telepathy. And yes, I do prefer being an ass rather than accidently smile to or greet an enemy. But it still sucks being an ass. Now i got it out. i just want to make sense of things ...

Post Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:04 pm

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good shit man , i always try to make people talk to me, i also want to talk to them about Satanism because thats the shit dude! theyll love the fuck out of it,,, not really , this religion is for you and you only , you cant let other people know about this unless they are seriously close to you and you know them or else youre setting yourself up for disaster.
Thoughts become things.

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