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Please keep my kitty in your thoughts.

Pet Care. Discussion of topics in relation to animals. Animal care information exchange/support. Support for Animal Rights.

Lilith is the Patron Goddess for this group. She asked that this group be opened. Lilith loves animals and is very strong in support for ethical treatment of animals and for animal rights. All of our Gods love animals, and many have chosen certain animals as their symbol to represent them, such as Satan, the peacock, the serpent; Lilith, the owl; Horus, the falcon; Anubis, the jackal and dogs. Animals are sacred in Satanism.

This group is for Joy of Satan members who have pets, and who care for animals. Satanism is living in harmony with nature and having respect for other creatures that inhabit this planet, along with respect and care for the environment.

This is a support group for assisting with knowledge in regards to animal nutrition, proper care and for animal rights.

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I've lurked around this forum for a long time but have always been too shy to sign up and say anything, but right now I know this is the best place for me to turn. I've had my sweet, intelligent Russian blue (we call her little grey) for 3 years now, she showed up at my door around the same time I discovered and began to love Satan, and she's been my best friend ever since. I knew she was older when I brought her in, but she's recently become very very sick. She refuses to eat and is in obvious pain if she moves certain ways. I love her so very much and can't even help crying as I write this. I'm sorry if this thread is misplaced but it would mean the world to me to know you all are praying for my little girl. It devastates me to know she may not be long for this world but I want her to be surrounded by good energy while she's still here. Thank you, I really appreciate everyone who reads this.

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dude take her to a vet asap...
Thoughts become things.

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Assuming there is nothing you can do to keep your cat alive is a xian mindset. There is always something you can do. Take your cat to a vet and find out what is wrong. The longer you wait, the worse the condition will get and the harder it will be to treat her. You can heal your cat by directing healing energy into her and affirming that she is healthy in every way.

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And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

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Finding something you are willing to defend is one of the first possible steps to developing a strong and independent personality. I was living with a cat once too, she knew to climb onto my chest and purr even before I knew of a blockage there. I was very sad when she was spaded and I didn't know.

So please, three things, 1) if your cat is too sick, you should look out for yourself too, let it all it nobody can tell you how to grieve just don't harm yourself in anyway
2) Almost every time someone advances, negative entities will try to bring them down in different ways (there's no other way around only forward and on top of things which means getting stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically).
3) That is a very clever alias, because it looks too much like a real name ;), actually I should try that, think of enemy and use their name here lol!

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