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The Templar's Serpent Tradition

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The Templar's Serpent Tradition

"This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities,fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

I hold the official story of the Founding of the Templar Order in suspect, the tale sounds of spiritual allegory, while they where in the Middle East, I doubt they where founded there. Looking at the fact the Vatican was not as powerful as claimed till the 14th century and for hundreds of years after the rise of Christianity, the previous Pagan houses of the Priestly blood line nobility still existed in many parts of Europe such as the Merovingian's and others it seems the Pagan leadership simply created a New Order to counter the Vatican's growing one. But dressed it up in Christian looking tinsel on the outside to keep Rome at bay. There is a large back story in Europe of the struggle of the Nobility against the Church that spans centuries:

"The creators of the Knights Templar were the descendants of the Merovingian dynasty…."-Tsarion

On the Merovingian's:

The Mevrovingians also apparently revealed their affiliation to Lucifer...the name of one of their capital cities, Satanicum the "Place of Satan." The Mevrovingian link to Lucifer was also implicit in a curious royal birthmark in the shape of a red cross, the ancient Mark of Cain, which a Merovingian would proudly display over his heart.

Merovee, which means "Born from the Sea". Has also been written as Merovach meaning "Born from a Bull" as well Merovie, meaning Sea of Life or Water of Life. The name Merovee thus designates first Fisher King of the Merovingian line to be the vessel of the Water of Life.
Fisher King

Legends maintain that the Fisher King Sanat Kumara [Sanat is an anagram of Satan] was the fountainhead from which many legends of the Fisher Kings started. Sanat Kumara is the Lord of Shambhala which is also shown as city in the shape of the eight pointed star[identical to the Grail Castle in the Western Tradition] of the perfected soul, the name "Shambhala" means "realm of bliss" and evolves the Godhead obtainment which is the symbol of the Grail, and this Grail symbol in the West is Lucifer Sigil of the Gold in the work. Shambhala is made mention in the Yezidhi "Black book" by Melek Taus[Satan] Himself.

The final proof is the fact the Templar and Cathar sects both where related shared the symbols and originally science of spirit. It is well known by writers such as Otto Rahn the Cathar's where from the Druidic[Naddred] Order.

"Deep within the grottoes of Sabarthez Rahn found chambers in which the walls were covered with symbols characteristic of the Knights Templar, side by side with emblems of the Cathars. This finding confirmed the notion, fostered by mystical historians, that the Knights Templar and the Cathars were at one time closely associated. One intriguing image which had been carved into the stone wall of a grotto was clearly a drawing of a lance. This depiction immediately suggests the bleeding lance which appears over and over again in the Arthurian legends.

The legend of the Grail, explains Miguel Serrano, "reappears forcibly
Christianised in the Middle Ages. The Templars disseminated it. It is centred on the legend of the court of King Arthur (who is the King of the Grail and is also called Amfortas)."-Alexander Dugin

Here is the real origin of the Templar they where the same Aryans blood families that made up the Naddreds, they where just under a new name given the times.

Later due once again to enemy attacks they would be forced to change themselves into the Free Masons.

The Templar's Pagan Order:

In the centers of the Knight's alchemical temples were the altars upon which sat effigies of the Green Man, also gracing their shrines were Black Madonna's. The walls of these temples where adorned with alchemical symbols Black Madonna's as the personification the black or destructive/transformative aspect of the Magnum Opus and is synonymous with Kali in India. Madonna is an Latin title and name for Mary the mother of the fictional Christ. Mary or Madonna and child was stolen from Egyptian Isis Meru and Horus child and many other Pagan cultures themes. Isis is known as Astarte/Easter and to us Astaroth. The Templar churches where decorated with the images of Satan and Astaroth, the Green Man another alias of Satan in the image of the Serpent or Kundalini force and the Magnum Opus. The Templar's carried the same sacred black and red cords the Yezidhi's do as a link to their eternal bond to Satan or Melek Taus.

Four major confirmed articles the Church found against the Templar's was:

The Templar initiation ceremony included denying Christ as Savior and Son of God, and defiling the Cross by spitting or urinating up it.

The Knights worshipped an idol in the form of a bearded human head.

At their initiation the Knights received a sacred cord to wear around their waist that had first been bound around the idolized head. An ancient Pagan custom still found among the Yezidhi that symbolizes the connection to Satan eternally.

During initiation the Knights kissed each other on the mouth, the navel, the base of the spine, and the penis.

These articles are identical to the custom of Traditional Witchcraft Covens in Europe during initiation ceremonies into the Coven and Craft:

"Templar Kiss which according the Knights own testimonies occurred between an incoming Knight and a high ranking Knight priest. The kisses which were planted by the elder Templar on the new Knight's mouth, navel and base of the spine, where to done to specifically activate Kundalini, since most of these parts of the body are known by the Tantric's as seats of the power. The Templar kiss ostensibly involved blowing into the new initiate mouth the breath of life, which was saturated with the elder Knight's own kundalini energy. And awakened the seats of Kundalini in initiates body."

Author M. Giles , an expert on the secret Templar rites of the Rules, compares the Templar kiss to a similar eastern rite of initiation:

"The Templar kisses….had nothing obscene about them, because they symbolized the transmission of the breath of Life of the Order, and Power of the Order as was the custom in most ancient initiations."

The Pranic kiss is still done in the East into initiation into the
Charka[Sacred Circle] the Eastern Tantric version of the Coven:

"The two lower regions have for ages been recognized in the East as dwelling places of the Kundalini, and both are often touched of kissed by gurus today to awaken the indwelling Serpent Power. Typically, an initiating guru transmits a spark of his own Kundalini into the initiate, so the process is described as:

"one candle lighting another." Eastern gurus transmit their alchemical power through their breaths, which they do by blowing of kissing parts of the body, including the face and mouth."

-A thirteenth Century manuscript, entitled The Secret Tule, provided proof that the Templar's' infamous initiation kisses were not sexually motivated, but designed to awaken the inner force. One of the many "Articles" contained within the manual states:

"Article 11.Ritual of Reception of the Brothers-Elect: Oath to guard the secret of the Order, the least indiscretion being punishable by death. The Receiver shall kiss the Neophyte successively on the mouth, to transmit to him the breath; on the sacral plexus[base of the spine], which commands the creative force; then on the umbilicus, and finally on the virile member, image of the masculine principle."

"The Templar once initiated would have began the process of rebuilding
Solomon's Temple" the Knight's Kundalini would work to ascended up the spine to the top o f his head a Templar would gradually become full of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini energy while being transformed, the Serpent would then enter the Holy of Holies, the skull of the Knight , and activate the Ajna Chakra of Third eye of spiritual sight along with the remaining two-thirds of his brain power, to bring forth the state of Gnosis."

On Baphomet:

According to author Hugh Schonfeld, translated via the Atbash Cipher used by the Templar's, the name Baphomet becomes Sophia, thus making Baphomet and Sophia synonymous, Sophia is the name of the Serpent Goddess[Kundalini]. Identical to the union of Siva and Shakti.

"The Knights had a name for the Kundalini power transferred through the Templar Kiss. It was Baphomet, which the occult historian Gerald Masse claims is a synonym for the "Mother of Breath."Much of what we know about the Templar's and their relationship to Kundalini comes from their remaining images of Baphomet, which includes the three black heads that once adorned the shield of Hughes de Payen collectively representing the universal Trinity and triune power of the life force."

"While studying the name Baphomet, Sufi and Arab researchers have alluded to its Gnostic overtones. They maintain that Baphomet is an evolution of the Arabic abufihamat, meaning "father of wisdom." Their perspective affiliates Baphomet with Murrugan, the Jnana Pandita, the Lord of Wisdom. Murrugan[another alias of Satan] , whose is the embodiment of Kundalini and the father of Gnosticism[Yoga] in the East."

Murrugan's main center on Sri Lanka is Mylapur the place of the Peacock. The worship of which is identical to the Yezidis, the Mandeans who are culturally connected to the Yezidis and also worship Melek Taus[Satan] state in their record they came from Sri Lanka where Melek Taus taught them the spiritual wisdom to become Gods.

From reading numerous descriptions of the Templar Baphomet and seeing the images in the Templar Rosslyn Chapel, the Baphomet of the Templar's and the old Green Man are related in image and meaning, the Kundalini force of Satan.

Another Eastern Connection:

It is well known that Siva is a later form of the Vedic God Rudra which as stated on the subject by scholar Acharya S:

"Before becoming a God himself Rudra was an epithet of Agni"….
The Goat is primarily the vehicle of the Fire God Agni….Almost every mandala or division in the RigVeda starts with a hymn to Agni. The Vedic hymns praise him copiously often describing him as the Supreme God and Creator. Agni along with Indra Lord of the Heavens and Surya Lord of the Skies constitute the first trinity of Vedism their places where later assigned to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva….He is often invoked with Indra of whom He shares the passion for Soma drink.'

`The original Vedic triad Agni-Indra-Surya,'

What other name is Agni also known by?

The most striking similarity was found between the Vedic god of the Fire Agni and the Mesopotamian Enki (Sumerian) or Ea (Akkadian). We will first present the iconographic representations of Enki/Ea in the cylinder-seals of Mesopotamia (Sumer, Akkad and Assyria) and then turn to the images used to describe Agni in the Veda. ... -anki-and-\

Agni is thus Rudra who later on became known as Siva. And as we see Agni is EA or Satan.

"The image of Baphomet of western occultism was taken from the image of Shiva. Note the position of the arms, one pointing upwards and the other downwards. The Baphomet again is symbolic of both the male and the female aspects of the soul. Note the Baphomet is both male and female, as also seen with in images of the Egyptian God Akhenaton. The horns are symbolic of Mercury, which is the vril, chi, witchpower, lifeforce, prana.

The wings of the soul represent spiritual freedom. The goat symbolizes
fertility- fertility in multiplying the life force, vril, which activates and raises the serpent. The "Goat of a Thousand Young" is referring to the crown chakra, "Sahasrara" in Sanskrit which means "Thousand Petaled Lotus."

Siva is another Eastern alias of Satan and the image of Siva is the perfected Being via the kundalini energies.

The origins of the Aryan Race are infact in the East:

The Pagan Templar Cathedrals:

The Knights Templar were the prime movers behind the building of the great Gothic cathedrals, especially that of Chartres. As the predominant, and often the only "developers" in large European center of culture, they were behind the formation of the builders' guilds, including that of the stonemasons, who became lay members of the Templar Order and who reaped all their benefits such as exemption from paying tax."Seven of Europe's Gothic cathedrals were especially important to the Templar's. These were constructed over the seven chakras orprincipal contextual power points on the continent which greatly empowered them.

The location of the European centers had been known abut since the time Druids who had built nature temples over them and dedicated each to one of the seven known planets. Druid priests and priestesses then served as oracles for each temples' associated planet. The Templar's, or Templar-Trained masons rebuilt the sites with their own Gothic churches and cathedrals."

According to the great European alchemist Fulcannelli who visited most of these cathedrals in the early 1900's and recorded his assessments of them in his magnum opus Le Mystere des Cathedrals, the majority of the cathedrals had indeed been designed by Templar's or Templar-trained masons and intended to be used as special initiation chambers. Apparently most of the cathedrals, including the small Gothic church of Rosslyn Chapel that is situated over Europe's seventh charka, once possessed one or more Black Madonna's[Astaroth]….gracing their main altars."

There is also the 8 pointed star of Astaroth decorating the walls of Rosslyn, the entire Chapel is built as an alchemical map of the human soul down to the Cardinal points as where all Templar Churches.

On the most famous of such Templar Cathedrals:

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, which Fullcanelli refers to as the Philosopher's Church." It was here , according to the master alchemist, that the local alchemists built their headquarters, compete with alchemical symbols, such as salamanders, which are symbolic of alchemical fire. He states:

"The alchemists of the Fourteenth Century used to meet[at Notre Dame] once a week on the day of Saturn, either at the main porch, at the Portal of St. Marcel or else at the little Porte-Rouge, all decorated with salamanders."

Today at the main entrance of Notre Dame is the image of a Goddess, Sophia[symbol of the serpent power] who identities the nine stage of alchemy as a ladder with nine steps. About this image Fullcanelli remarks:

Supported between her knees and learning against her chest is the ladder with nine rungs-scala philosoporum-hieroglyph of the patience which the faithful must possess in the course of the nine successive operations of the hermetic labours."

Escape from the Vatican Forces

"How many Templar's survived Philip the Fair's onslaught The answer must be most of them. Thousands…."

On Friday the 13th, October of 1307 the King of France acting on orders from the Pope ordered the arrest of the Templar's. Of all the members of the Order many seemed to escape arrest at the hands of the Vatican agents and tools. It was found was that the Templar's knew in advance what was coming and had quietly planned their escape on the night of October the 12 a large convoy of coachers full of Knights and treasures marched to their ships moored at the Orders' principal port of La Rochelle, which they had used for years to sail between France and their castles in Italy, England, Denmark, the Orkneys, Spain, Scotland, and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Once the Templar's had arrived at La Rochelle they and their treasures entered 18 galleys and silently set sail upon the open sea."

Free Masons

"The Templar's went underground and became members of France's masonry guild. This was an expected move considering the Templar Order was at the time of its arrest overflowing with French masons aspiring to become Knights An ensuing transformation took place as an abundance of Templar's became initiated French Freemasons and helped engender the founding of Freemasonic lodges in not only France, but throughout all continental Europe and Great Britain. The beginning of this turn of events is alluded to by the Freemasonic historian Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma:

"..Sword and the Trowel(became) the insignia of the Templar's, who….concealed themselves under the name of Brethren Masons. This name Freres Macons in the French , adopted by the way of secret reference to the Builders of the Second Temple, was corrupted in English into Freemasons.

The Templar's had, of course , already established a long term relationship with the European masons[being the founders of many of their societies in the past] during the Knights' nearly two hundred years of existence. The Templar's, however, placed more emphasis on their relationship with the masons when it appeared eminent that their Order would require their lodges for camouflage in order to survive. With this in mind , Jacques de Molay, the last Templar Gran Master, applied himself while in his French prison cell to the task by securing a future for his Knights by formulating the rites and degrees of the branches of Freemasonry they would unite with and found.

States Levi:

"The end of the drama is well known, and how Jacques de Molay and his fellows perished in the flames. But before his execution, the Chief of the Order organized and instituted what afterwards came to be called the Occult, Hermetic, or Scottish(Free) Masonry."

In Scotland the Knights became the "Royal Order of Scotland" And in England the Rose Cross as well the most famous of member made up the English Royal Tudor Court Queen Elizabeth the 1st, Sir Francis Bacon[also ghost wrote under the name Shakespeare] and mind behind the New World or New Atlantis, and John Dee(the original 007) as the Queen's Court astrologer:

England had under Elizabeth's Father who undoubtedly was a member and adept of the same Order had broken away from Rome totally and created the Church of England with the Monarch as the Head of the English Church. The Vatican declared a crusade against the Nation and sent their ill fated Crusader force of 30,000 solders aboard the Spanish Armada in 1588, which was sunk in "a freak storm" the weather had been planned and was to be calm with blue skies. Anyone who understand Magic understand a Nation full of adepts can summon up such weather with ease, and they knew the Spanish where coming, Drake's job was to stall the Spanish Fleet long enough for the storm to be generated. HRAAP tech has been proven to be do the same today.

What the situation in Europe was by this time was the majority of all the members of the ruling aristocratic families of Europe and noble houses in general along with the cream of European Gentile society where members of Spiritual Satanist Orders. The very head which Jewry had tried to remove with it's tool of Christianity and the Vatican and it's attack on the Templar's, had survived and rebuilt and where working towards restoring the enlightened Pagan[Satanic] civilization. These societies all had strict rules barring Jews from joining as they knew the truth.

What ending up happening was the Jews countered directed by Rothschild put together a successful subversion of the Orders under the title of a Trojan Horse called the Illuminati, which major points was to overturn the law banning Jews from being members of the Lodge, removal of all true Gentile or Satanic Spiritual knowledge and replacement of it with Hebrew dreck (just look at any occult text from this societies today it's all Hebrew/angelic nonsense) and the subversion to the doctrine of Illuminatism which is nothing more then Jewish Communism:

The last pure Templar Lodges such as the Thule Society[99 Lodge at the center it seems] where able to finally created the society they had struggled for in the form of the 3rd Reich. The Temple of the Sun which the Templar's Satanists bore in their title was to be a society in which the individual had obtained the Magnum Opus or Rebuilt the Temple of the Sun[human soul] upon themselves, thus obtaining the personal Godhead of finishing the Enlightenment Process, and then initiate and teach others. Till the entire society had become the macrocosm of the Temple of the Sun and had finished the work that Satan and the Demons started on Humanity in the Golden Age before the planet was attacked. This was also the main purpose behind the creation of America:

The Illuminati scam:


This was an answer to a question of the egroups:

Baphomet itself goes back to the ancient east as well. In the symbolic form of Satan as the two headed Agni. Who's vechile is the goat and ram and who's number is 9. The Templar Baphomet was traditionally a two human, headed image identical to Janus. Baphomet means baptized in Wisdom because wisdom is another name for Sophia or Shakti. The serpent power. That is when in the Pagan world after baptism the individuals where given a lighted candle and called the illuminated. Satan was also called Oannes and was known as the Baptizer God for this reason. He is shown holding the cauldon or grail of the exilir of life. Gnosis is from OANA another spelling of Oannes. The original baptism was the individual emerging from the grail cauldren reborn into a God.


360 the degrees of a perfect circle eqaul to 9. The ancient symbol of immorality was the golden serpent clutching its tail in a perfect circle. And was called Anahat, eternity. This is why the temple of the sun the Templars represented was described as being in a circle divided into 12 parts the Magnum Opus.

In Sanskirt SAT means Truth. Truth in the ancient world was another name for
illumination and transformation of the soul. When the kundalini power rises it
brings a person to SAT by illumination of the consciousness it brings which is
what they where depicting by the title of Truth...... This is why the
strength of the soul is its ability to reach levels of truth in the Egyptian
texts. Levels of empowerment.

An as the prefix of Ananta Shesha which is the primordial serpent. Depicted
as a serpent in a golden circle clutching its tail. The sign of the Magnum
Opus. This golden serpent Is given the title of "Eternity" [Ananta]. And
refers to the title of "Lord of Time." As time in this sense relates to the
perfection of the soul.

SATAN translates out to a title of: "Eternal [in the context of perfected]

Another Templar item found was a silver head of Virgo [Sophia] the perfected or reborn conscious. With a code with this symbol: M and a phase which means perfected life. This M symbol is the symbol of the reborn soul and is seen within Egypt and elsewhere. The Templars craved grave effigies of themselves into the rock hilllside in European sites. Facing east the rising sun. Because the sun is traditionally depicted rising between the center of the twin peaks of the M symbol.

The Templar's where Satanists:


Guardians of the hol grail, M Pinkham
Suns of God, Acharya S
Irish Origins of Civilization, M. Tsarion

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