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AUM Cosmology, Siva And The Kabaa

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AUM Cosmology, Siva And The Kabaa

The original Cosmology is depicted as a triangle with each of the bars representing one of the three guna’s of creation with the A U M letters placed at each corner.

This triangle is the symbol of the first matter or quintessence/Brahman force from which all life arises.
It’s the All. The 3 letters are actually stated to be one letter in the Tantra that of A. Which is the first letter of the alphabet. And is the fire of creation the quintessence. Hence AUM is the name of Brahman [Siva is Brahman in the Tantra] the Quintessence.

“Space [my note ether] can not be defined by less then 3 lines, so the triangle is considered the first form to emerge out of creation. This triangle is known as moola trinona or the root triangle.”1

From here the AU represent Siva and Shakti the M is the third power or prana. Which unlocks the soul to the Godhead. As we will see the message of AUM being one letter explains why three become one. This is the trinity the God A, the Goddess U and the divine Child M. The Divine child M [prana] is generated via the AU energy.

The doctrine of Kabala which originally was Egyptian but as the Egyptians came from the East as their records and civilization show. And the head God of Egypt Ptah-Osiris is known to be Siva in the East. This doctrine in its uncorrupted thus Gentile state is based upon the AUM cosmology of the soul.
This is the A [Sattva] U [Rajo] and M [Tamo] formula.

The three Guna's which form the AUM and the reason of the A, The three guna's of Sattva, Rajo and Tamos in order Sattva or Ba the gold or soul, Rajo spirit or Ka and Tamo the La or physical-light body.
The AUM formula is stated in the form of the Hamsa bird in the Vedic texts.

This is also the White, red and black of alchemy and the colors of the three Pyramids at Giza. This Hamsa [soul in Sanskrit] bird which is the Phoenix in Egypt [Ptah-Osiris’s sacred bird] and what the bird constellation of Cygnus relates to in Giza as well as Orion. This is also the Peacock in the East. And Eagle of the Roman's and Founding Fathers. Is the symbol of the reborn soul or the three into one.

In the East the achievement of the Sattva Guna [represented by the A] is considered the Magnum Opus as the three are made into one, the Gold. This is why A relates to Lucifer as Sattva=Sat ,which in any translation from Sanskrit is full enlightenment of the Magnum Opus. And the core of the meaning of Sat-an. The An is more of an extending of the meaning of Sat. Hence the Golden Race being the Satya. Golden Age is some what of a misunderstanding of a term for Race. And the culture the Aryans lived by being called the Satya or Satyam.

Without the A the AUM formula has no power, no Sattva. Hence why the enemy switched it to OM. The Aum is the A.

The A sound brings out the gold the U expands it into the spirit and the M generates it into the physical-light body. This transforms all three major bodies into the subtle light of gold.

The Soul, Spirit and Body represent the trine principal. But all three must be
brought together taking the body out of the lower density. Folding it back into
the Etherical principal. The soul contains the Golden drop [Brahman in the
eastern texts]. The A sound generates the energy force from the soul which is
considered male [solar- gold] thought the spirit merging listed as female into
the U and into the body to solidify the sound and transformation. M is meant to
bring sound into the material . This causes the three levels to merge into the
Gold of the soul and finish the work.

This is why AUM is the name of God [Brahman] and causes the lotus flowers or
centers of life to regenerate. The title Bindu [seed] mantra's. Relate to seed
in the sense of semen of Shiva in the tantra [Siva is Brahman in the Tantra].
Which is the Etherical light principal at the heart of the elements. That causes this
transformation to occur. Within these we have the AUM. Creating the reborn
or superconductive body. And consciousness. I have also wrote of A represents
the male, the U, the female and the M. The union of opposites into the perfected state.

Hence why the AUM around the Cosmic triangle is one letter. Because the 3 fold matter back into the One or quintessence of which the Triangle is the symbol of. This is why the letter A is depicted in this triangle glyph going back to the ancient alphabets as well that all came out of Sanskrit. Along with the pyramids this shape equals this power. The Sri Yantra is a series of triangles that form the aspects of the AU into one unified form. The M aspect. This is also Siva’s drum which on the top also forms the solar bindu or the perfected solar and relates to AUM.

The major part of the Great Perfection seems to literally be folding the
elements of the gross body back into the etherical light that manifests them.
And in making the body as light and refined as the subtle ether of the soul and
uniting them with the spirit. The three into One. Into one purified force of
etherical light. To which the being lives off pure light from its source and
not from the functions of the life forces process of the gross matter of the
lower octave. This is not the goofy ascension of the New Agers. The being still
exists in transformed, perfect body. From a lump of coal into a diamond body.
The pure expression of light.

The model of the electric universe has been outdated. The universe has been found to be manifested by an ether field at different levels of frequency. Hence the formation of the different elements and levels of the body. And why its possible to refine them all back into the perfected source. As each already contains this component.

This is why AUM is the name of God [Brahman who is Siva] and causes the lotus flowers or centers of life to regenerate. The title Bindu [seed] mantra's. Relate to seed in the sense of semen of Shiva in the tantra [Siva is Brahman in the Tantra]. This is why the seminal mantra’s of the lotus centers contain the AUM within them along with the letter that represents the specific frequency of the sub octave the ether manifests at the elemental level. Which is the Etherical light principal at the heart of the elements. That causes this transformation to occur. Within these we have the AUM. Creating the reborn or superconductive body. And consciousness. I have also wrote of A represents the male, the U, the female and the M. The union of opposites into the perfected state.

This is why in Sanskrit letters are called Akshara meaning imperishable. One will note the sub word of Akasha for the term. The sum of which all the letters of Sanskrit are contained in AUM. They are to refine the being into the Gold of this element. Hence the symbol of the Akasha [quintessence] element being the Solar glyph. Which forms the core of the Sri Yantra. Mala [beads] means purified. Ma relates to the serpentine life force and La the earth element. Which occurs when the above process is finished. Ma of Mala in the tantra is stated to be the M on AUM for this reason.


Ka is considered to be the sound denoting the kundalini energy in the East. And BA is the golden drop of the soul which is brought out into the Godhead and La as Lam the earth aspect. As soul, spirit and body are merged into one force. As stated Egypt came from the East by the evidence of their culture and records.

Brahman [which Siva represents] is what the B represents this golden drop or seed that generates the great work. And in Egypt the BA is connected with this. It’s this Prana [mercury or serpent power the femine or U] that unlocks the soul to Godhead. And acts as the force that unites the body and soul via the spirit into one force.
Ptah-Osiris is always shown as blue along with Siva to denote this . The term for this color in Sanskrit means purified one. Osiris titles relate to “Sacred Tree” wood is the symbol of the ether element. And his symbol as the resurrected God is the six pointed star the same for Siva in the East. The two interlocking triangles the male and female aspects merged into the 3rd power or reborn soul. By merging the spirit and body into the subtle ether of the soul. It should be noted the six pointed star represents the number 7 the number of completion as the six points of the star are the six planets with the center being the of the interlocking triangles being the sun. And as mentioned is also within Siva’s drum.
Ptah-Osiris-Siva is our God Satan in the ancient world and go back to Sanat [an anagram of Satan] Kumara. More on this:

The Supreme God

Primordial Buddhism

Siva Surya And the Bull Of God

We can see in Mecca the Islamic’s holiest site of the Kaaba is originally a Siva Temple. As Danielou points out Mecca was created by Brahmana’s from India. Even the 786 in Arabic, symbol on the cover of the Koran is a reigned AUM symbol. In Sri Lanka there is a Temple called Kabaa-lishwaran and is Lord Siva. Meaning its an alchemical diagram [as all the temples are] to the great work. Such temples also have the black stone or Siva Lingam within them. The same as the black stone at the kabaa in Mecca which was once a larger Lingam stone before being cut into its current shape to hide its origin.

In India they still go seven times around the Lingam. In Mecca they go seven times around the same. But Islam changed the direction of movement into the opposite. They still wear the white garments as in the Siva Temples.
In India the pedestal of Brahma [originally another title of Siva in Indus Valley/ Vedic times as Danielou shows] Is octagonal in shape which represents the perfected soul the eight rays of light from the solar charka of which union the six pointed star of Siva represents at the navel region where the point down chakra merges with the point up of the sacral, one water the other fire. Hence Si [fire] Va [water]. And why the Blue God is shown in the solar chakra in many yantra’s.

The pedestal at the center of the Kabaa: Maqam E-IBRAHIM is the same octagonal shape. Its at the center because the sun is the center of the soul and solar system.

With the Kabaa the black cube represents the La the four elements that form into the material body being purified in the Tamos or black stage of the work into the Satva guna or White. Siva rules over this stage as well [as the other two of which the trine prongs on its trident denote]. As this destruction or dissolution stage brings Liberation of the Godhead. Where the tantra’s state the Jiva is turned into Siva. Or man into Godman.

The false or profane ego is that of the gross elements and there conditioned accumulation of karmic properties. That is purified in the final dissolution. To the new or super conscious state [Jiva into Siva]. This has been symbolized in many different ways.

In the Sayar-ul-okul . Which is considered the most important anthology written on the customs and culture of ancient Arabia. It states:
“Va Ahlolaha Azaha Armiman Mahadev o Manazel I lamuddine Minjum Va Satyattaru!”

Which translates to:
“Even if once only he worships Mahadev. He can obtain the highest position in the path of righteousness.”
Mahadev is a major title of Siva. And one will see the truth Siva was the God worshipped in Arabia before Islam was created by the enemy.
We can see Islam along with Christianity is a fake religion:

The last place we see the Kabala in relation to Siva is within Shambala [Ham is related to the serpent power] the kingdom of which Siva rules. Which is depicted in the same octagonal shape of the center of the Kabaa for the same reason. The eight pointed star is the perfected soul.

Note the original teachings unlike the other degenerate enemy programs.
Did not assign automatic immorality to the soul. Just for the sake of
its existence. They assigned a conditional immorality. That had to be earned or
won by initiation into the practice of spiritual knowledge. Which regenerates
the individual into the immortal, twice born one.

When the enemy programs assigned automatic immorality to the soul in many of
their programs such as Christianity. It was done so to remove and diminish of
the importance of the initiatory Tradition. Making their core purpose
irrelevant. And allowing them control by assigning corrupt meanings which their
programs are built out of

If we go back to the Veda we see this AUM in the three principal Gods Agni, Soma and Indra. Its no mistake Indra has the thunderbolt the symbol of transformative fire or prana of which AUM is the supreme generator of. Zeus destroys the Titians by his thunderbolt. Which consumes then by fire. Zeus is Zan meaning the All. And AUM is symbolized by the Thunderbolt of Siva in the East. Of which is the trine God. Hence in the Indus Valley Siva is shown with the traditional three sided head. As Siva is the alchemical concept of the Gold.

If we trace Zeus back into Primordial Greece we find he is Siva. I wrote about this in an article on Primordial Greece. Dionysus is Zeus and Dionysus is Siva. The Greeks recorded and the evidence shows they came out of the East from the region of which Sri Lanka is all that is left. One will note many Sri Lankan's have light skin, white features and blue to green eyes still. Images on an ancient palace dug up show the walls covered with red haired and blued eyed and white people in general. The region at one point was Aryan. The Greeks in their records recognized Siva as Zeus-Dionysus.

1Tattwa Shuddhi Swami Satyasangananda
While The Gods Play. Danielou

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