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Satan is the Truth and the TRUE CREATOR OF HUMANITY. Everyone here is familiar with how the bible is merely a book of witchcraft that uses the control of the Gentile soul to create a one world slave state with the Jews on top and kings and rulers. And this book of witchcraft uses numbers that help manifest their saturnian magick. ... hcraft.htm

Now, the Gentile soul and the Gentile body is a manifestation of Satan's magick. Satan created us genetically. The knowledge HE used to do this supersedes science of today and combines advanced sciences with the occult. I have found that the human body follows certain patterns that are aligned with Satan's sacred numbers as if the body is one algorithm***.

I also wanted to mention that it is not a coincidence that jews are full of physiological problems. This is because they go against Satan and the good health and perfection that he brings about. Jews are usually short, sensitive to cold, and have all sorts of genetic disorders. They are reaping the results of basing their existence on Saturnian energy.

Whereas, if the Gentile soul achieves the Magnum Opus through Satan then perfect health on every level can be attained.

Moving on, Satan's sacred numbers are 4, 666, and 13. 4 is sacred because of the four corners of creation and the elements. 666 is sacred because it is the kabalistic square for the sun. The Sun symbolizes the Solar Plexus chakra and the perfection of the soul through the magnum opus. 13 is sacred as well. There are 13 steps of the magnum opus. As well, the trinity concept to create one is a satanic concept. Such as the ida, pingala, and sushumna.

The trinity is important because out of 3, 1 can be made. This concept will be symbolized by the following formula: ( 3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13 Additionally, out of 13, 3 can be made by adding 3 with 1. Also with the trinity, there can be 3 into 1 which adds up to 4 pieces.

(I would like to note that these are merely notes. Any additional information or critique would be appreciated.)
Let us observe...
There are 13 pieces of the whole structure of an Eukaryote cell. (human/animal cell)
1. Cell Membrane
2. Cytoplasm
3. Nucleus
4. Ribosome
5. Endoplasmic reticulum
6. Lysosomes
7. Centrosomes
8. Vacuoles
9. Golgi Bodies
10. Mitochondria
11. Peroxisomes
12. Cytoskeleton
13. Cilia
(NCS Pearson)

There are 13 systems in the human body.
1. Cardiovascular System
2. Digestive System
3. Endocrine System
4. Excretory System
5. Immune System
6. Integumentary System
7. Lymphatic System
8. Muscular System
9. Nervous System
10. Reproductive System
11. Respiratory System
12. Skeletal System
13. Circulatory System

There are 13 factors in coagulation.
Factor I - fibrinogen
Factor II - prothrombin
Factor III - tissue thromboplastin (tissue factor)
Factor IV - ionized calcium ( Ca++ )
Factor V - labile factor or proaccelerin
Factor VI - Acellerin
Factor VII - stable factor or proconvertin
Factor VIII - antihemophilic factor
Factor IX - plasma thromboplastin component, Christmas factor
Factor X - Stuart-Prower factor
Factor XI - plasma thromboplastin antecedent
Factor XII - Hageman factor
Factor XIII - fibrin-stabilizing factor(Moss)(Table 24.1)

The human body has 13 pieces that produce Hormones.
1. Hypothalamus
2. Pituitary Gland
3. Pineal Gland
4. Thyroid Gland
5. Parathyroid Gland
6. Adrenal Gland
7. Pancreas
8. Gonads
9. Thymus
10. Heart
11. Kidneys
12. Gastrointestinal tract
13. Adipose tissue (Tim Taylor, Inner Body)

There are 57 hormones created in the human body during life.(Kimbal) DMT is produced in the human body and is a hormone(48)(Strassman). This makes a total of 58 hormones that are created by the human body. 5+8=13

Now... lets analyze how the trinity concept is prevalent throughout the entire human body. Also, observe the prevalence of the sacred number of 4 in the human body. As the trinity and 4 tie into each other. AS does 13.

There are 22 autosomes in the human body. 2+2=4
DNA has 4 chemical bases. 1. Adenine(a) 2. Guanine(g) 3. Cytosine(c) 4. Thymine(t)
DNA bases pair up with each other. A with T. C with G.
Together, a base, a sugar, and a phosphate create a nucleotide. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
This forms the double helix. Base pairs forming the ladder's rungs and the sugar and phosphate molecules form the vertical sidepieces of the ladder. 3=1=3+1=4 or 3=1=13 (US National Library of Medicine.)

There are 206 bones in the body. 6-2=4

There are 22 proteogenic amino acids. 2+2=4

8 out of these 22 amino acids cannot be produced by the human body.(LibertyZone) 22-8=14. 4x1=4

There are 4 subcategories of amino acids. (Alpha) (Beta) (Gamma) Delta)

There are 13 essential vitamins. 3+1=4. or 13*

There are 9 water soluble vitamins. 13-9=4

There are 3 macro nutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids.( 3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are six elements common elements found in nutrients.
Carbon (6 letters)
Hydrogen (8 letters) 8+6=14 4x1=4
Oxygen (6 letters)
Nitrogen (8 letters) 8+6=14 4x1=4
Phosphorus (10 letters)
Sulfur (6 letters) 10-6=4
Sum of the above is equivalent to 44 (6+8+6+8+10+6)

There are three main trace elements found in organisms. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
Iron (4 letters)
Copper (6 letters)
Zinc (4 letters) 6+4+4= 14 4x1=4

There are 4 main types of biomolecules. These are Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins

Carbohydrates are formed by Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 3 categories of carbohydrates. These are Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

Glucose is equivalent to C6 H12 O6 (6-6+1+2=3) also (3=1)=3+1=4

Lipids are made from Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 3 main types of Amino Acid Bonds.
Di-peptide bonds, Peptide Bonds, and Poly-peptide bonds. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 3 different variations of protein shapes. Fibrous, Globular, and Priton. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
Fibrous=7 words
Globular=7 words
Pritons=7 words
7x7x7=343 3+4-3=4

All proteins contain 4* elements.
Carbon (6 letters)
Hydrogen (8 letters) 8+6=14 1x4=4
Oxygen (6 letters)
Nitrogen (8 letters) 8+6=14 1x4=4

Blood is divided into the 3 subcategories making one whole.(O'Neill) These are Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Platelets. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

Blood Coagulation requires (13)coagulation factors, calcium, and phospholipids. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 4* chambers of the Heart. These are the left atrium, the right atrium, the left ventricle, and the right ventricle.

There are 4* different valves in the human heart.

These valves are labeled: Mitral, Tricuspid, Aortic, and Pulmonic

Blood vessels are made up of Capillaries, veins, and arteries. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

Muscular System
There are between 642 to 850 muscles in the human body.
6+4+2=12 /// 8+5+0=13

There are three main types of muscles. These are Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 3 types of joints. (Schmidler) These are fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

The Digestive System
There are 2 types of digestion: Mechanical and Chemical

6 steps of digestion. 3 during ingestion. 3 during digestion. ((3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13))

First half of digestive process. Mouth, Pharynx, Esophagus. (ingestion) (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

Second Half of Digestive Process. Stomach, Small intestine, Large intestine.
(digestion) (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
Thus the perfect process of the creation and absorption of energy.

The small intestines, the most important organ in the process of energy creation, has 3 distinct parts.
These are the Duodenum, the Jejunum, and the Ileum. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

There are 3 accessory organs that aid in the digestive process. These are the Liver, the Gull Bladder, and the Pancreas. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

The liver has over 500 different interdependent functions, but has 3 main tasks.
These are detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

Pancreas has three main functions. These functions include producing enzymes to break down lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates, to produce insulin, and to produce sodium Bicarbonate. (Crosta)
(3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

The human eye is wrapped in three layers of tissue. These are the sclerotic coat, the choroid coat, and the retina. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
There are 4* kinds of light-sensitive receptors. These are rods, long-wavelength light cones(red), middle-wavelength cones(green), and short-wavelength cones(blue).
There are three different cones of the human eye. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
The Tristimulus Value = (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

The hair on our scalp goes through 3 phases. These are the Anagen phase, the Catagen Phase, and the Telogen Phase. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
The cross section of a hair strand is made up of 3 key layers. These are the cuticle, cortex, and the medulla. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13

The skull that protects the brain, has 22 bones. 2+2=4
There are 31 pairs of nerve roots that branch off the spinal cord between the vertebrae. 3+1=4
(Since they are pairs) 31+31=62(sum of nerve roots) 6-2=4
There are 33 vertebrae in the spine. 33+62=95 9-5=4
There are 3 main parts of the brain. The Forebrain, midbrain, and the hindbrain. (3=1)=3+1=4 or 3=1=13
There is about 400 miles of blood vessels in the brain.

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A great post!! tks a lot..
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This is like totally awesome :mrgreen: Thanks a lot for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

I'm just printing this off as I want to save it to my folders to read later again. :mrgreen:

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I am currently studying biology at my community college, this post was a wonderful and insightful read that matched perfectly with exactly what I am studying. I am grateful you took to the time to gather this information and post this, very nice work.
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Hopefully, once the spell of xtianity has been completely destroyed and the gentile soul liberated from the jews... we will be able to completely understand all of the knowledge that Satan has to bring to us.

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  1. I ask this simply because it was mentioned - could someone provide me with a list of the steps of the Magnum Opus, please?
  2. Recently, I saw a video on Youtube about how DNA and the double-helix, etc. was made which was part of a video answering stupid christian questions. I thought about that in detail and came to realise that we are the same as a platic cup or a piece of cloth or money or whatever, yet because we have such highly complex a structre, we have passed the point of sentience to have knolwedge and understanding and being able to self-sustain and preserve and we become bored so we need entertainment and we advance and grow and increase and... and... and... etc., etc., etc.

    I was thinking about it in reverse (I saw it only once and can't remember it all now so forgive me for any inaccuracies) - the double-helix made up of DNA came from the single-helix made up of RNA, which is made up of some thing else, which is made up of some other things, which are made up of some more other things... If we keep on going backwards, then we should be able to find somewhere along the line that we are made up of the same stuff as bed sheets and paint and vinyl, etc., etc., etc. As people say, you are stardust literally, and everything is made up of carbon. It fascinated me and it still does, and to make it more compelling we have a Soul and aura and the ability by choice to be able to live forever. While this has always been, I have learnt it relatively recently and am still trying to get my head around it. I also saw on Youtube a video that scientists have discovered that the human body does in fact emit light, albeit a very small amount. I am still trying to get my head around how my complex and advanced body structure of materials attracts a Soul physically - I read someone said the Soul, which is made up of light, attaches itself to the cranial ridge if I am not forgetting, but my [insert brand of commercial drink here] bottles don't. I realise it's because I am so much more advanced, but how my complex make-up attracts an amount of light which is in a particular pattern or shape that makes up the Soul is still fascinating. I suppose you could say, "It just does", lol, but I don't accept that - I can't accept that!
  3. I don't understand "3=1=13" and "(3=1)=3". I understand BODMAS, but I don't understand that.
Thanks! Very cool post. :)
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I can try to answer your questions.
1. Some believe there are 4 steps of the Magnum Opus. Some believe there are 12. From what I understand, there are 12, and the 13th step being completion or perfection. Also, note the 13th zodiac sign. And what is the zodiac and astrology but a means to reflect on our inner selves so tat me may advance ourselves? Anyways. One of the earliest lists of the steps can be found in the emerald Tablet under the name Hermes Trismegistus.

2. Everything is just merely a manifestation of something smaller. The universe is energy, differing in lightwaves, frequency, and vibration. Everything is related but different. Think of the akasha element. IT truly is amazing.

3.I tried my best to use a formula to symbolize the patterns. Although not perfect, It saved me a lot of writing and time.
"3=1=13 This is stating that 3 equals one(trinity concept) and then combining the numbers together side by side makes the number 13.\\

( 3=1)=3+1=4
3=1 is trinity concept. Take this trinity concept and turn it into an addition formula. That is where 3+1=4.

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Terrific ..

Thats the biology syllabus for our generation for sure !!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:


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It all adds up, hail satan

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