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Do Cats know about the after life?

Pet Care. Discussion of topics in relation to animals. Animal care information exchange/support. Support for Animal Rights.

Lilith is the Patron Goddess for this group. She asked that this group be opened. Lilith loves animals and is very strong in support for ethical treatment of animals and for animal rights. All of our Gods love animals, and many have chosen certain animals as their symbol to represent them, such as Satan, the peacock, the serpent; Lilith, the owl; Horus, the falcon; Anubis, the jackal and dogs. Animals are sacred in Satanism.

This group is for Joy of Satan members who have pets, and who care for animals. Satanism is living in harmony with nature and having respect for other creatures that inhabit this planet, along with respect and care for the environment.

This is a support group for assisting with knowledge in regards to animal nutrition, proper care and for animal rights.

Post Mon May 19, 2014 3:03 pm

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I think my cat is dead, and I think he died alone.

Do anyone of you know if they see the afterlife or something. Thinking about my cat dying alone and scared or something is killing me.

Post Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:06 pm

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Animals can sense when they are going to die and many will hide when they know they do not have much time left. Mortally injured cats will hide before they die. My mother's dog started hiding in bushes a few days before she died. Thickets of grass, under bushes, or under vehicles can be hiding places. A cat can hide inside of a dryer, inside of a bed's box spring, or any other place a cat can squeeze into.
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