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The Metaphysic's Of Sexual Union

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The Metaphysic's Of Sexual Union

The beings we call Gods are perfected and above time. They are a race of Siva's or Maha Siddha's [Great Perfected Ones]. The androgyne is spiritual of the magnetic, electric not literal. They are fully divine beings [not mortal] who lent themselves to a symbolic science of union and ascension. To go from human into fully divine. Now we examine the symbolic.

God in the macrocosm is quintessence not a literal being. Simply an impersonal cosmic force. The Logos or Shabda, the word.

"Verse 129 implies that the ultimate [ here Siva] is of the nature of Cosmic Space[Akasa or Void] and the essence of Jiva lies in the self-same Space in microcosmic condition."- Tirumantiram

God in the microcosm is the perfected human. Who is the incarnate Siva. The incarnate shabda. This is also called the Vak in Sanskrit. One who finished the union and become above time. Being made of that energy which is quintessence, the Hermetic first matter.

This is why the process of union is possible. The ancient names of God contain this understanding [AUM is the name of God as well and depicts the union of opposites]. God adds into 8 the number of quintessence/mercury and 8 forms the symbol of union. The individual soul is made of the same element that is called Siva and this by union of the body, soul and spirit is refined into the same energy and thus becomes Siva from turning copper into gold. This is done by the serpent fire. Because the element of Siva is beyond time. We have this Siva element within us like coal has the diamond within it. Kundalini fire is what transmutes us into the Diamond body.

The Zodiac

The serpent is the symbol of eternity. And the Zodiac represents the cosmic serpent Ananat. The sign of the Great Work.

Ophiuchus is the 13th constellation that has been hidden. As we know there is 13th steps of the great work. Ophiuchus means "The Serpent Holder"

The macrocosm is depicted as the Zodiac which contain both polarities. In many images the keystone is the symbol of the great work the union of opposites and is where the 13th sign is revealed. In many cases the keystone is in the shape of the yoni that the reborn God emerges from. In some images the zodiac wheel has the keystone within it as top center.

In other the 13th step appears the perfected logos of the microcosm openly in the image of the reborn sun god holding the serpent in the center of the Zodiac which is also the place of the sun. The depiction of the dual meaning of the macrocosm and microcosm. And the Great Work. The incarnation of the logos, Siva. In the east Siva in the image of the dancer with 12 arms in the center of the Zodiac wheel, crowned by Ananta shows this 13th step that is Siva.

In the East the animal headed deities are representations of the Vak or the logos of creation generally shown as the keystone image of the Dragon-serpent virala. Which is manifested depending on the image the Elephant head, Lion head and on. In the microcosm image.

This is why the Lion-Dragon head that is the capstone in the East which is above the eye of the Bull. Has no lower jaw because its the Logos from which all existence flows. Hence it can never close his mouth and end existence. Its eternal. The whole temple is considered to issue from the image of the Virala the capstone. And this image as Danielou shows in the West is the Green man and is also shown on the keystone of the Templars in Rosslyn chapel which relates to the same cosmology.

The union of opposites generates the soul back into the vak or quintessence [Siva] that is symbolized as the image of the sun as the material manifestation of this principal. Which is depicted as the keystone or capstone. Which is why Yoga [union] equals to the number 13 in Sanskrit numerology.

Siva in his primordial form the Eternally young divine androgyne.

All union is maithuna.

The feminine part is the spirit that animates and transforms the masculine, into the perfected divine form. As well as numerous sub-groupings of how this different polarity manifests within the soul. The Goddess sexually straddles over the God in many images from Egypt to India as union and transformation of the new soul. As the male is the divine form being animated and unified by the female energy of creation. Which resurrects the individual into the reborn state. As the divine child is also the reborn God who absorbs both polarity into one. More on this later.

Siva is the message of male and female unified into the primordial element the divine androgyne. Siva is androgynous and an eternal youth of 16 which adds into 7 the number of completion. Which is the process of union completed as this refines the being into the element of Siva. The agathodaemon is the androgyne. Skanda originally has 7 heads not six. This is actually Siva. This is the meaning of Siva's drum as well the hexagram.

The act of union of the soul was depicted by the sexual union of the God and Goddess. Kama is depicted on the Temples in India to this day. And its considered blasphemy in the Sanskrit texts relating to the creation of Temples to not have Maithuna [sexual union] depicted upon the Temple walls. The entire temple is built according to the principal of union. As all the yantra’s [the temple is also] depict the same.


Cupid, Kama And Cathar’s

This is the origin and meaning of Cupid who is originally depicted not as today but as the agathodaemon [another title for Dionysus] at the source. The divine androgyne of 16 years old. Eros or Cupid is the God at the heart of the most primeval mysteries of ancient Hellas.

“In classical mythology, Cupid (Latin Cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus, and is known in Latin also as Amor ("Love"). His Greek counterpart is Eros.”

“ Kamadeva is a name of Vishnu in Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana and of Krishna as well as of Shiva. It is the name of author of Sanskrit work Prayaschita padyata. Kama is also a name used for Agni.”

As shown elsewhere at the link below, these above Gods are the same Primordial God at the source and have gone through centuries of cultural diffusion and adaptation.

The Supreme God:

““Kāmadeva is represented as a young, handsome winged man with green skin [my note blue and green where used interchangeable] who wields a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with a string of honeybees, and his arrows are decorated with five kinds of fragrant flowers.The five flowers are Ashoka tree flowers, white and blue lotus flowers, Mallika plant (Jasmine) and Mango tree flowers”

Kama deva is the reborn soul, Cupid is a latin spelling of Kama [Latin is Sanskrit at its core]. And is the divine androgyne. As his name in latin is also Amour. Which is the Amour worshipped by the Cathar’s who where worships of love.

Amour as Evola wrote also means Amrita:
“Amrita (Sanskrit: अमृत; IAST: amṛta) is a Sanskrit word that literally means "immortality", and is often referred to in texts as nectar. The word's earliest occurrence is in the Rigveda, where it is one of several synonyms of "soma" as the drink which confers immortality upon the gods.”

The bow and arrow are the spine and piercing aspect of the serpent with prana-mantra the mantra energized. Before an arrow is shot in the Eastern myths mantra is always recited to give it its power to destroy the asura's. The dross. Which in the Siva Purana’s is describe as atomic [solar] style blast that destroys the Asura’s totally and their three cities. Which brings the union of the soul and liberation. The Arrow tip relates to the A power as well, this power moving up the spine. The A relates to the logos/Siva. AUM is the one letter mantra because its an extension of A. The wings also represents the ascension of the soul. And the blue or green colour the purified one. The colour given the blue ether element in Sanskrit mean purified in English.

Siva's bow is described as resembling a rainbow in the image of a powerful serpent with seven heads. And is also called the southern sun path. Siva is mentioned as always holding the bow. Rainbow comes from Ra's bow, the celestial solar ship of Ra. Which the keel is the spine. Hence the Dragon ships.

The heart shape is seen in the Yogi texts is where the pink and white channels meet in the head and where as the texts state union is achieved with the rising of the serpent. This heart symbol is a scaled down version of the Cobra serpent with its hood open. Which represents the same. Part of this symbolism is the union of the dual hemispheres of the brain that occurs. This is why all the ancient texts refer to the heart being the center of intuition, the pineal gland in the head. Their mention of the chamber of the heart is the same. The heart also represents the Yoni and the arrow the Phallus joined the symbol of union. The highest symbol of the full union behind the raising of the serpent.

On this level the androgyne is the unification of the trine channels by raising the serpent. The arrow also represents fixing this power which is also seen as Krishna being crucified to the sacred tree by arrows in an ancient form of the tale as well. Krishna is the personification of the serpent Ananta. Of which he as Vishnu is shown standing upon. The tree is the spinal column and the energy centers along it with the branches being the nadi channels.

Kama deva as the God of love, this love is taking about Shakti energy. The kundalini. The Cathar Amour is from the Sanskrit amrita the nectar of immorality. That is generated in the chakra's when kundalini pierces them as it moves upwards. And how this nectar causes the souls perfection. This is why Cupid or Kama fires arrows that cause one to experienced love [immorality]. By the transformation of the soul into the primordial element of Siva.

This shows that the love the Cathar’s worshipped was immorality. Divine Love or Amrita is the energy that is generated by the exercises [Tapa’s] that unify and transform the soul into Siva. Kama is Siva in the earliest images. This is embodied in the image of Kama who is also known as Dionysus, Krishna and Siva.


This is why Krishna also means "Blue Black" the color of quintessence. Krish also means "The cultivation of God Siva." Siva is the quintessence as stated in the Tantra. Si and Va. Male and Females union together and generation of the individual into the reborn soul, the quintessence principal.

Dionysus . Is called the Second Zeus because he is the reborn and perfected God. Just as Skanda is called the second Siva for the same reason. The Greeks by their own record that confirm the archeological evidence. Came right from Helladiva which what is left of today Sri Lanka [who still worship Siva]. The original form of Zeus-Dionysus is the God Korous in the primordial Greek period before the destruction of their civilization at the time of the end of Crete. Which marks their decline and loss of cultural knowledge as the Egyptian records comment. And the later Greeks shown themselves. Korous later became known as Zeus-Dionysus. Korous is shown naked, and colored blue, the symbol of rebirth as a youth of 16 years and has a consort Radha as well as playing the flute having a sacred bull and 12 cowherd companions [Siva’s 12 Gana’s and sacred bull]. This also describes Krishna who is also called Kamadeva and who engages in sexual union with the 16,000 milkmaids and his Gopi’s. As well as Radha, his half sister [the other half of the soul]. In the Kama Sutra we see something important:

“In such a away by sexual inversion In order to conquer Krisnha, Radha audaciously unleashes the conflict of inverted copulation.”

This is the same image as elsewhere of the Goddess sexually [such as Siva and Shakti] mounting the God to bring him to life by transformation into the divine androgyne.

The positions in the Kama Sutra correspond to spiritual concepts of union of the soul. They have a esoteric core. As the text commentaries make mention of.

The six pointed star the symbol of the union and perfection of the soul. Is the upper triangle the Yoni coming together with the lower triangle the Phallus to generate the reborn soul by inner maithuna. The images of the Gods and naturally of their sexual union form into geomantic diagrams or yantra that describes steps of the science of union of the soul.

The sexual union of the Goddess mounting the God is simply another way of depicting the hexagram.

This is a clue to the valentine day time. It was known to have been a pagan holiday in Rome and thus everywhere at one point.

Krisnha is at the heart is Siva in the North of which I have shown in other articles. When we go back to Korous and primordial Hellas, we can see clearly this is the fact. There are still ancient Serpentine Lingam stones all over Greece from their Pagan sacred centers. Dionysus as the Egyptians and Greeks both state is Osiris in Egypt and the reborn Osiris by the sexual union of the God and Goddess. Is Hari Krist [Krisnha][not Horus]. Who is depicted in images the same as Siva-Krishna in the East. Higgin’s states the God in Ireland who was also known as Dionysus-Siva elsewhere is called among names, Krishna by the ancient Irish. The popular images of Hari [horus] also show him as the androgyne.

When the Greek army stopped in Sri Lanka sailing on their way home after the end of Alexander's campaign. They openly worshipped Siva-Skanda as Zeus-Dionysus.

The Bible in the book of revelations openly states Satan is the God Zeus-Dionysus.

Revelation 2:12 "Pergamos. Where Satan's throne is."

Peragmos was dedicated to the God Zeus [Dionysus] and the altar of the God was also the throne of the God.

Kama means Sex and Kama and Yoga mean the same thing:

Something is purposely left out is Kama means sex and union as Yoga actual means sexual union or sex on its own as its the same. The entire cosmology of the Yogic science is displayed by sex. The ancient symbol of Union the Godhead is a erect penis [Lingam] within a vagina [Yoni]. The male semen or energy mixes with the female egg the female drop or energy within the cosmic womb of creation and generates the third power or the divine child the God soul. And nine months later the child emerges out the cosmic womb the Yoni as a generated God. The eternal youth.

The God is always shown emerging from a Yoni with the four corners around him. The god is Kama [Siva]. The four corners are the elements with Kama being the primordial element. This is still in the world card of the Tarot.

The Buddhas in the famous temple mound of Java [Buddhaya is this same element] there are seventy two of these statues each within what is what is called the womb of generation. Seventy two adds to nine the number of completion and rebirth.

Siva is the primordial Buddha before the corruptions of the present:

Primordial Buddhism:


The fall in the mysteries is the loss of this inner union the one, which results in the manifestation of duality in the world
[soul]. This is why the number 2 is profane in the Mysteries such as those of Pythagoras [who was a concept of the union not a person even the name means serpent]. Pythagoras morphs into a shine of Demeter upon his death. For this reason.

Something possible to consider.

There was no big bang. The universe has always existed on the level its called Siva is the Shabda the subtle element=sound that is beyond time. This is due to time and material existence being generated by the force of gravitation which an electric expansive force and magnetic contracting force. The physicist Russell wrote about this electric universe. The perfected being is also called the Shabda in the texts.

This dual polarity comes from the primordial force in a different or material manifestation. The union of the same polarity within generates one into the back into the same, the Shabda. Its like a reversal of the principal that causes the force of time. And thus one transcends it. The Shabda. Hence our God in the mysteries is called the destroyer of time over and over. Which is liberation from karma which is the force of time itself. Karma also means action which can be considered the action of the dual forces that causes time.

The Primordial being is one who is made of the same energy by union of the soul. This is the Primordial tradition in its core meaning.

The Sacred Role Of Homosexuality

In the earliest form of the mysteries, Homosexuality is used to express this metaphysical science quite notably. Even on the temple walls.

Homosexuality was considered the third sex in the ancient world. The Kama Sutra makes statements according to this. There are also homosexual acts depicted on the temple walls that relate to maithuna in the cosmological sense.

Originally the metaphysics of sex is based upon the inner union of the soul into the sacred androgynous or third sexed principal. Heterosexuality was not important on this level. Unlike the fake religion of Christianity and its Jewish root. Who make heterosexual sex, sacred only based on the profane, material procreation of children even then done horribly in violation of all sacred, spiritual laws and thus becomes profane. Procreation of children in the Pagan Tradition was done according to proper metagenic laws, astrological timing and spiritual rituals for the auspicious creation of a spiritual child. Such required knowledge is called practicing Satanism by Judeo-Christianity. The heterosexual variation of maithuna is contained in the remnant of the marriage ritual [taken from the Pagan world]. But is so debased by Christianity its lost its metaphysical principal. Marriages where as part of such arranged by metagenic law including astrological charts.

As a note the unedited Kama Sutra has whole sections devoted to homosexual love and sex. It also mentions homosexual marriage as part of the Primordial tradition. It existed until the Jewish programs destroyed it.

The Templars who practice the primordial tradition [Satanism] chose to depict two male knights upon a single horse to show this principal. This is linked to why the oldest mysteries that of Siva are consider to be Homosexual in nature this is allegorical. Homosexuality is two of the same physical sex but together show the metaphysical polarity within the soul coming together into the same physical being. The homosexual is the third sex all of this together shows the androgyne.

Skanda. [my note Siva] He is the protector of Homosexuals who are considered privileged and beneficial beings." Alain Danielou

The horse is the symbol of the serpent power as well. Not the church chose the image of the Templars to accuse them of homosexuality.

So all of this shows the androgynous principal. As such sexual union does not create people and is based on the third sex. It exalts the highest metaphysical principal of maithuna. By attacking homosexuality the Jews [the core of Abrahamic programs that are the reason homosexuality is hated] are attacking the core knowledge of maithuna and the Godhead. This principal was always shown as sexual union. Another example the reborn God is always bisexual. For this purpose the union of opposites. Transsexualism was also sacred as it was considered along with homosexuality the third sex. Which embodies the cosmology of the divine.

Siva is the third sex, the divine androgyne.

Image Image

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Tirumantiram - Tirumular

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I suppose that inversion of roles [purushopasripta] have the same meaning in heterosexual intercourse. In the Kama Sutra there is the chapter which Deniélou translates as "virile behavior in women" [purushayita].

Omphale and Heracles marble statuette: Omphale, the Lydian queen is nude. In an inversion of their roles, she holds his club and wears his lion skin while Heracles wears a snood and a dress belted with a Heracles knot, carrying a spindle topped with yarn.

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That was a very interesting post!

Post Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:13 pm

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Good read! Thanks!:)

Post Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:41 pm

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good read and for sure relates to how I have always felt about same sex relationships

Post Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:47 am
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The positions in the Kama Shastra correspond to spiritual concepts of union of the soul. They have a esoteric core.

Post Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:04 am

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In the story of Samudramanthan, which i do know is the reference to the Kundalini uncoiling,

a. Are the Asuras in it the same as Satanic concept of darkness, or is it the reference to the lower chakras, or what?

b. When the 'Amrit' comes out, the Halahala poison also comes out, which Shiva drinks, thus making his throat blue. Is this reference to the throat chakra which is also blue or what is it really trying to tell?

I'm very interested about it, and i couldnt understand these things. Could you please tell me about it?

Thank you ...


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Asuras =Titanic/ Karmic aspects, the dross.

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Interesting that the name of Zeus is the word for God in many latin languages:

Ζεύς [Zeus] = is close to the word Deus (God) in Latin and Portuguese.
Διός [Dios] = is the word for God in Spanish and close to the word Dio in Italian.
Δία/Δίας [Dia/Dias] = means day/days in Portuguese and Spanish which comes from Latim.

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Wow very interesting and well written just WOW ! 8-)

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Thank you for this, great material for this seasons festivals . Spiritual development is a "trend" at outdoor festivals. I use info from JoS Strictly! This helps with developing truth tracts and anti tracts
All of the objects, all of the humans, animals and plants have vibrations. Vibrations sets our space in the dimensions. Higher dimensions have higher vibrations. Let us rise, and strive to vibrate full force among our Gods!


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WOW! That was amazing and very interesting! :D
Thanks for sharing it! I love being able to learn the truth!

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Excellent, thanks. Hail Shiva

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