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To the Ministry: Satan's Library in Hungarian

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

Topics of discussion include: Demons, Magick, Satanic Witchcraft and much more!

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I just noticed the old links of Vabzir's blog don't work anymore.
These are the new ones:

Satan's Library:

Exposing the Lie of Islam
https://antikommunista.files.wordpress. ... c3a9se.pdf

The Real Holocaust
https://antikommunista.files.wordpress. ... kauszt.pdf

Exposing Christianity
https://antikommunista.files.wordpress. ... c3a9se.pdf

The Third Reich 666
https://antikommunista.files.wordpress. ... om-666.pdf

How to recognize and identify a jew
https://antikommunista.files.wordpress. ... 3t-1-2.pdf

I also think it's good idea if these translations will be visible on the JoS Satan's Library too.

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



Posts: 403

I don't know if I made another post or topic about it earlier but it would be important.

There are some translated documents and writings (these are not translated by Google translator and not webarchive links) which should be shared here:

Some of the old links of the PDFs don't work or they were changed...

These are the "newer" ones from our hungarian blogs:

Downloadable stuff in hungarian:

A kereszténység leleplezése (Exposing Christianity): ... c3a9se.pdf

Az iszlám leleplezése (Exposing Islam): ... c3a9se.pdf

Alapozó cikkek a Tóra és a zsidók leleplezése c. könyvhöz (Foundation articles for the Torah and Jews exposed book): ... hc3b6z.pdf

A Tóra és a zsidók leleplezése (Torah and Jews exposed book by Hp Hooded Cobra): ... c3a9se.pdf

Fekete Nap 666 (Black Sun 666): ... p-6661.pdf

Valódi holokauszt (The Real Holocaust): ... kauszt.pdf

Harmadik Birodalom 666 (Third Reich 666): ... om-666.pdf

Alfred Rosenberg: Zsidókérdés - Világprobléma ... c3a9ma.pdf

Egy hazugsággal kezdődött (It started with a lie): ... c3b6tt.pdf

Amiről a világ hallani sem akart - Hitler békeajánlatai (What the world rejected: Hitler's Peace Offers): ... -akart.pdf

Goebbels: Kommunizmus álarc nélkül (Goebbles: Communism with the mask off): ... kc3bcl.pdf

Az SS család (SS family): ... lc3a1d.pdf

Hitler a béke embere volt (Hitler was man of peace): ... e-volt.pdf

Férfiakról és rózsaszín köcsögökről (On pinko fags and men): ... rc591l.pdf

Cion Bölcsek jegyzőkönyve (Protocols of Zion): ... b6nyve.pdf

Nietzsche: Az Antikrisztus (Nietzsche: Antichrist): ... isztus.pdf

Nietzsche: A hatalom akarása (Nietzsche: The will to power) ... karasa.pdf

Hooded Cobra főpap: Sátáni kinyilatkoztatás (The Satanic Revelation by HP Hooded Cobra): ... tc3a1s.pdf

Kundalini jóga kriják (Kundalini yoga kriyas): ... jc3a1k.pdf

Sátáni meditációk (Satanic meditations): ... 3k-jav.pdf


Most of the above PDFs are here too, plus more translations and important writings: ... o_anyagok/

Many thanks for the translations to the team of Spirits of Eridu and Elysium!

Please if any admin will have a little time then upload and update the hungarian page of the Satan's library!
Thank you very much!

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



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