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This group is for experienced, dedicated, mature, adult Satanists. Those who have been dedicated Satanists for a year or more, and have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of Satanism.

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In Satanism, the ignorant, the lazy, and the stupid are worthless. They are worthless to Satan and the Powers of Hell. They also make ideal slaves. The JoS ministry works very hard to educate JoS members here, making knowledge available, but we cannot study for you. Knowledge is power. Remember this. By reading the article here and educating yourself, you will advance, having personal power because of what you know. As for the idiots who could care less or who blow this off as nothing, they aren’t even worth being spat upon. Idiocy= slavery.

The article below should be read by everyone. The first part is from High Priest Don’s article Jewish Bankster’s War on America. This not only affects the USA, but the entire world. People need to wake up. 2015, Saturn will enter Sagittarius. The US Solar return for 2015-16 has Neptune of insecurity and uncertainty in the solar second house [finances] of the US at 9 degrees of Pisces, a fatal degree [I use the Gemini ascendant chart for the USA]. Saturn was in Sagittarius in 1929, when the stock market crashed and the depression began. Also, in 1987.

The foundation for the power of the enemy is the bible. I already wrote an extensive article regarding this and more, which can be found on

We will be working as a group to destroy that power. Group rituals will be forthcoming in regards to this at the Spring Equinox, 21st march.

Again, I will reiterate, the bible is not the “word of god.” I know I already mentioned this, but in that bible, there are squares of Hebrew letters imbedded. The Hebrew letters resonate to certain numbers. The bible is a book of numbered verses which correspond to witchcraft, as witchcraft at the higher levels uses numbers. Again, these Hebrew letters are vibrated in boustephedon; meaning zigzag and also up and down, no different from how one vibrates the planetary squares. One can see orthodox Jews physically bobbing and weaving during “prayer;” most often in groups.

These numbered squares are no different from magic tricks with numbers and of course, as with the planetary squares. Stupid Christian preachers and such write books about how the bible is the “word of god” and it seems convincing to many people, but books on magic tricks reveal how a lot of this is done, no different from other magic tricks with decks of cards and such. Books on magic tricks reveal a code, though I know this has to do with the occult, but the point being, this can be proven. The planetary squares and occult numbers have major significance of course, but my point here is this is not impossible to crack the code or to understand how this is accomplished in the way of getting the numbers into the squares. Then, along with the subliminal Hollywood movies that have the Sandy Hook, the 911 and related. If these were real prophesies, the kikes wouldn’t have to add all the subliminals to make it happen.

WHAT? ...Hollywood Predicted 9:11??? [Youtube video]

The above video is proof that the so-called "prophesies" in the Bible are nothing but a hoax. The Bible is not the "Book of God" but is a work of the Jews, of which they use subliminally to carry out their curses, some of which are centuries old. One only has to be knowledgeable about the workings of the mind and of witchcraft to see this and to fully understand.

The Lone Gunmen Pilot - 9/11, Aired 4th March, 2001, 6 months before the World Trade Center attacks. Note- SIX months.

Many biblical curses and so-called “prophesies” were put forth centuries ago. The Ancient Gentile Egyptians, who had much spiritual knowledge, placed curses in the tombs of their dead, the most famous being that of King Tutankhamen, which manifested when Howard Carter opened the tomb in 1922. Given enough knowledge and occult power of the soul, any group of humans can do this. The Jews reinforce their biblical prophesies and deceptions through Jewish ritual murder. Knowledge and awareness, and educating everyone will break this spell!

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

The Ugly Truth about Mind Manipulation, Mass Programming,

And the Control of Money

Harold Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, personal assistant to New York Senator Jacob Javits, in a 1976 interview with Walter White Jr., editor, Conservative monthly, Western Front:

"Our power has been created through the manipulation of the national monetary system… The Federal Reserve System fitted our plan nicely since it is owned by us, but the name implies that it is a government institution.

From the very outset, our purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver, replacing them with worthless non-redeemable paper notes. This we have done! Prior to 1968, the gullible goy could take a one dollar Federal Reserve note into any bank in America and redeem it for a dollar which was by law a coin containing 412 1/2 grains of 90 per cent silver. Up until 1933, one could have redeemed the same note for a coin of 25 4/5ths grains of 90 per cent gold. All we do is give the goy more non-redeemable notes, or else copper slugs, but we never give them their gold and silver, only more paper," he said contemptuously. "We Jews have prospered through the paper gimmick. It's our method through which we take money and give only paper in return. The stocks and bonds market, all forms of insurance and the fractional reserve system practiced by the Federal Reserve Corporation, not to mention the billions in gold and silver that we have gained in exchange for paper notes, are stupidly called money. Money power was essential in carrying out our master plan of international conquest through propaganda.

By controlling the banking system, we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks, and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals, and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles, we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies.

There is no such thing as the silent majority because we control their cry and hue. The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain, as long as their escape from our rigorous service is the opiate of our entertainment industry. By controlling industry, we have become the taskmasters and the people the slaves.

When the pressure of daily toil builds to an explosive degree, we have provided the safety valve of momentary pleasure. The television and movie industries furnish the necessary temporary distraction. These programs are carefully designed to appeal to the sensuous emotions, never to the logical thinking mind. Because of this, the people are programmed to respond according to our dictates, not according to reason. We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal."

On Industry

"We have been successful in dividing society against itself by pitting labor against management. This perhaps has been one of our greatest feats, since in reality it is a triangle, though only two points ever seem to occur. In modern industry where exists capital, which force we represent, is the apex. Both management and labor are on the base of this triangle. They continually stand opposed to each other and their attention is never directed to the head of their problem. Management is forced to raise prices since we are ever increasing the cost of capital. Labor must have increasing wages and management must have higher prices, thus creating a vicious cycle.

We are never called to task for our role, which is the real reason for inflation, since the conflict between management and labor is so severe that neither has time to observe our activities. It is our increase in the cost of capital that causes the inflation cycle. We do not labor or manage, and yet we receive the profits.

Through our money manipulation, the capital that we supply industry costs us nothing. Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit, which we create from nothing, to all local banks that are member banks. They in turn extend book credit to industry. Thus, we do more than God, for all of our wealth is created from nothing. You look shocked! Don't be! It's true; we actually do more than God. With this supposed capital we bring industry, management and labor into our debt, which debt only increases and is never liquidated. Through this continual increase, we are able to pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia.

We are the necessary element since we expend nothing. Management can create its own capital—the profits. Its business would grow and profits increase. Labor would prosper as well, while the price of the product would remain constant, the prosperity of industry, labor and management would continually increase.

We Jews glory in the fact that the stupid goyim have never realized that we are the parasites consuming an increasing portion of production while the producers are continually receiving less and less."

On Religion:

"Religion, too, must be taught, and through this necessity we have labored. With our control of the textbook industry and the news media, we have been able to hold ourselves up as the authorities on religion. Many of our rabbis now hold professorships in Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians' stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own. Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every 'Christian Church' in America. Through our propaganda, the Church has become our most avid supporter. This has even given us a special place in society, their believing the lie that we are the 'chosen people' and they, gentiles.

"These deluded children of the Church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. This truth is evident even to the dullard when one views history and sees that all wars have been white fighting white in order that we maintain our control. We controlled England during the Revolutionary War, the North during the Civil War, and England and America during World War I and II. Through our influence of religion, we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in wars against themselves, which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest. Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces — the ignorant Christians. They attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families.

"Through religion we have gained complete control of society, government, and economics. No law is ever passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpits. An example of this is race equality which led to integration and ultimately to mongrelization. The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered, so we Jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to racial equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level.

"We have been taught that our current economic practices are benevolent, therefore Christian. These pulpit parrots extol our goodness for loaning them the money to build their temples. They are eager to pay our exorbitant interest rates. They have led society into our control through the same practice. Politically, they hail the blessings of democracy and never understand that through democracy we have gained control of their nation. Their book again teaches a benevolent despotic form of government in accordance with the laws of that book, while a democracy is mob rule, which we control through their Churches, our news media and economic institutions. Their religion is only another channel through which we can direct the power of our propaganda. These religious puppets' stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily."

"This attitude permeates our entire being and philosophy. We are not the creators, for to create would only benefit another. We are the 'acquirers' and are interested only in satisfying the 'self.' To understand our philosophy, understand the term 'to get.' We never give but only take. We never labor, but enjoy the fruits of others' labor. We do not create but confiscate. We are not the producers but the parasites. We can physically live within any society, but always remain spiritually apart. To work would be to produce, and the highest form of that labor would be to create. Your race has always worked for the satisfaction of what it produces. We would never work for anyone's benefit, only for what we can get. We have used this Aryan attitude to achieve our greatest prosperity. You will work for the enjoyment you derive out of producing, while never being concerned about the pay. We take your productivity for a paltry fee and turn it into fortunes.

"Until recently, the pride of workmanship exceeded the quest for high incomes. However, we have been able to enslave society to our own power, which is money, by causing them to seek after it. We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.

"Your people never realize that we offer them only worthless baubles that cannot bring fulfillment. They procure one and consume it and are not filled. We present another. We have an infinite number of outward distractions, to the extent that life cannot again turn inward to find its definite fulfillment. You have become addicted to our medicine through which we have become your absolute masters.

"On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation but a religion, other lies are subsequently based. Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it. [It is one thing to put a man in possession of the truth, to get him to understand it is another, and to get him to act upon it is another still. Truth by itself has no value unless used or applied in some way.] It is becoming apparent that an awakening is occurring even here in America. We had hoped that through our devastation of Nazi Germany that any subject dealing with us would be a fearful taboo. However, there seems to be a resurgence here in the one nation that we so strongly control. We are presently making plans for a rapid exodus. We know that when the light begins to dawn, there will be no stopping it. All efforts on our part will only intensify that light and draw focus upon it.

"We fear that light is coming forth in movements across this land, especially yours. It has amazed us how you have been successful in reaching the people after we closed every door of communication. This, we fear, is a sign of a coming pogrom that will take place in America soon. The American public has realized that we are in control, which is a fatal mistake on our part. This nation could never be the land of the free as long as it is the land of the Jew. This is the revelation that will be our undoing.

"The American people have been easily ruled through our propaganda that the pen is mightier than the sword. We virtually get away with murder, and all the goyim do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since we, the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account. If the Aryan would review history and apply those lessons of the past, then the pen will be thrown down in disgust and the sword wielded in the heat of passion. [A recurrence to history would edify our minds and show us that the European countries solved their Jewish problem only by use of force]. Thus far, we have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Their pen is no match for ours, but our constant fear is that they may open their eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial, or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. We are safe to continually exploit, intimidate, and disenfranchise the white American as long as they are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword.

"History confirms the fact that the passions of an aroused minority, no matter how small a group, have exerted enough power to topple the greatest empire. The movements that control destiny are not those that rest on the inactive majority; but on the sheer force of an active minority. Will is power, not numbers, for a strong will, will always rule the masses!"

"Again, we are safe as long as our Will is stronger, or the Will of the people is misdirected, scattered and without leadership. We will never be deposed with words, only force!"



By Ben Klassen, The White Man's Bible

* [Although the article below was written for a white audience, it affects all non-Jews, regardless of race].

How to Steal the World with Worthless Paper.

If you were to rack your brains to find the most direct, fastest means of acquiring a monopoly of all the wealth in this world, by fair means or foul, undoubtedly the idea of setting up a gigantic money printing press would cross your mind. In short, go into the counterfeiting business on a massive worldwide scale. All Profit. What is quicker than having such huge printing presses spewing out millions of ten dollar notes, twenty dollar notes, fifties, hundreds, even thousand and ten thousand dollar notes? It is all profit, except for the ink and the paper, which, incidentally, costs less than half a cent per note, whether it is a one-dollar bill or a thousand dollar bill.

Awesome Power.

There is only one catch, supposedly. Counterfeiting is illegal, and

governments crack down hard on violators and the penalties are harsh. In fact, the Founding Fathers of the United States, realizing the awesome power that is inherent in the issuance of money, clearly reserved these rights to Congress and Congress alone. Article 1, Section 8, Par. 5, of the Constitution of the United States, says, “Congress shall have the power to coin money, and regulate the value thereof.”

Own the Presses, Buy the Government.

But what if you and your gang were so highly successful that once you got going you not only owned the presses, but you had ample money to have a monopoly of the news media, and, subsequently, own the government as well? Having done so, your captive government could then make it legal for you to own and run the printing presses at will. They could then spew out the money for you by the carload. Not only that, but you could insure your great good fortune by having the printing presses run for you under the legal auspices of the established government itself and hand over all the printed money to you, free of charge, except again, for the insignificant cost of the paper and the ink. Not only would your captive government make it legal for you to be in the counterfeiting business in a huge way, but you could even have them give you a legal monopoly, thereby keeping all other competitors out of your racket. Wouldn’t that be great?

Not Fantasy. An Accomplished Fact.

A wild idea, you say? Perhaps. But not at all impossible. Not only is it possible, but it is an accomplished fact. It is, in fact, a harsh, cold reality, much to our detriment. Those crisp green bills you are now carrying in your wallet are the product of such a counterfeit ring. The international Jewish bankers accomplished that wild dream back in December, 1913, when they inveigled Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act and, thereby created the Federal Reserve System, a private, [not governmental] corporation, for themselves.

Criminal Gang.

This Jewish gang of criminals has rapidly been accumulating unto themselves, not only all the wealth of the United States, but of the world, ever since. Strange,

you say? Not at all. When we study the history of these slippery con artists it is not really so strange at all that they would try to do so. Being a rapacious, piratical tribe for the last several thousand years, and having manipulated the money of the world for the same period of time, it is not at all strange that the Jews would try to monopolize the creation and control of money, the most powerful tool in the world. It would be strange if they had not attempted to do so.

They have been monopolizing money and the financial control of White Nations for millenniums. The thing that is strange is that the White goyim has not caught on and realized that the Jews have captured for themselves the money creating machinery of the United States, and also the rest of the world. They are now the unchallenged manipulators of the credit machinery, the banks, and the financial power of the world.

Private Corporation.

There is not one American in ten thousand that doesn’t believe and take for granted that the Federal Reserve System is a government agency. But nothing is further from the truth. The Federal Reserve banks are owned, lock, stock and barrel, by a criminal gang of international Jewish bankers, a gang that hasn’t the slightest interest in serving the best interests of the American people. The Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Banks, and its many branches and adjuncts, can be considered as a unit. For the sake of simplicity, we will simply refer to if as the Federal Reserve.

Government a puppet of the Fed.

Not only does the U.S. government not own the Federal Reserve, it is, in fact, the other way around. The Federal Reserve owns the U.S. government and manipulates it like a puppet, solely for the interests of this avaricious international gang of Jewish jackals, who control the world, its money, and its economy.

Window Dressing.

To most Americans, this comes as a major shock. Unbelievable, they say. Ask any banker as to who owns the Federal Reserve and they will lugubriously explain that the Federal Reserve stock is owned by the member banks, divided into twelve districts, that the President appoints members to the board of the governors of the Federal Reserve, etc. All of this is partially true as far as it goes, but it is pure window-dressing. The few details about the Federal Reserve that are known are widely disseminated. Their sole objective is to act as a smoke screen for the real ownership, the real control. What little is known to the public [and very little is known about the Federal Reserve] is very selective non-information, fed to the local bankers in order to confuse them rather than inform. Even most local bank presidents are so ignorant about the real nature of the Federal Reserve that they believe it is a government owned agency rather than a privately owned corporation solely for profit.

The Brutal Truth.

The real facts are somewhat different from what the average banker thinks. They are as follows:

1. The real ownership and control of the Federal Reserve is vested is the Class A stock. The names of those owning this stock are impossible to obtain. Ask your local bank president and he’ll be much surprised to find out there is a Class A stock. He will not have the slightest inkling as to its ownership. He is not alone. Those names have never been divulged, not even to the President, or the Congress of the United States. Nor has any Congressional Committee ever had the nerve to honestly investigate the question of that ownership. This should give us some indication of the Federal Reserve’s power, and raise a red alert.

2. Its inception, formation and dovetailing with other such institutions in foreign countries indicates that without a doubt it is owned by a powerful clique of international Jewish bankers, most of whom are not even citizens of this country.

3. To further indicate what absolute power this monster exercises over our government and economy, the Federal Reserve has pre-empted unto itself some unusual and highly illegal privileges. For instance, it pays no income tax as do other corporations, nor does it pay taxes of any other kind.

4. The Federal Reserve has never been publicly audited since its inception in 1913.

5. The Federal Reserve, by having the power to issue money, can “create” money as easily as any other counterfeit gang with a printing press, the only difference being that it can and does do so on a massive scale and has “legal” sanction to do so. The tremendous profits from this counterfeit operation all accrue to the international gang of Jewish bankers at the expense of the American working people.

6. Americans, a little over a generation ago, owned nearly half the old of the world. In 1934, Roosevelt [quarter Dutch Jew], made it illegal for American citizens to any longer own gold, although any foreign swindler, horse thief, or government, could, and still can, exchange their dollars for American gold. He made statutory criminals out of American citizens for owning gold, a privilege our government willingly grants to any foreign horse-thief.

Americans Stripped of their Gold.

Thanks to such discriminatory policies, neither the American government nor the American citizen any longer own any significant quantities of gold. We have been fleeced clean. What was originally sold to the American people as a policy to back our paper money with gold, has ended up with America, its people and its government being robbed clean of its precious metal, although we are the most productive country on the face of the earth. The gold in Ft. Knox has rapidly been shipped to foreign shores, especially Switzerland, which the Jews have built up as a private “neutral” haven for themselves. Even what little is now left in Ft. Knox is now heavily over-pledged to foreigners and to the Federal Reserve.

Americans Fleeced Again.

After having completely stripped clean the American people, in 1975, the Jew-controlled government of the United States again made it “legal” for the ordinary citizen to own gold. Americans could now buy back for $175.00 to $195.00 an ounce, what had been taken from their ancestors at $20.50 an ounce 40 years earlier. Those who fell for this trap and now bought were further fleeced by speculation and falling prices, all of which further enriched the Jewish speculators.

And Again.

Such was the situation in 1976. Many Americans lost money in the up and down manipulations of the Jewish gold speculators. Then towards 1979, as run-away inflation became more obvious and more rampant, confidence in the phony paper dollar plummeted even further. People at home and abroad panicked and turned to gold, driving up the price to $800.00 an ounce. The Jews then pulled the rug out from under and it sank to under $500.00. Again, many Americans lost, but the Jews, knowing in advance, what they were manipulating, profited from their losses.

Planned that way.

This is no accident. It was planned that way. The Jews have accomplished what they set out to do— accumulate unto themselves, among other riches, all the

gold on the face of the earth.

* * * * *

Back to Beginnings.

In the foregoing, we have said that the Jews have a monopoly on printing counterfeit money and have also fleeced us of the huge gold reserves once owned by America, and Americans as individuals. To most gullible, uninformed Americans, this seems shocking and incredible. Yet, it is true. How did they accomplish such an astonishing feat, such blatant piracy?

Careful Planning.

It is a long story. In this treatise we can only carve out the rough outlines of this sinister conspiracy that has had such a disastrous impact on the fortunes of non-Jews. It is a story that must give credit to the astounding possibilities that can be accomplished by meticulous planning, patience, and tenacity. All this the Jews have put forth in ample measure.

Began with Jewish Goldsmiths.

The beginnings go back to the early ancestors of the present day Jewish bankers, back as far as medieval Europe, and even further back to ancient Rome, when the Jewish “goldsmith bankers” already predominated in the money markets. They still do today. Gold has been a medium of exchange and used for coinage from ancient times. The Jews, especially, have been wildly fascinated by gold and have undoubtedly promoted the idea that it had mystical and intrinsic values far beyond its real value. In any event, in the old days, people who acquired gold took it to these certain [Jewish] goldsmiths for safekeeping.

The goldsmith then gave the depositor a receipt or a “claim check” for the gold received. These “claim checks” could be used to reclaim the gold by anyone who had them in their possession, and not necessarily the same person who deposited the gold. Thereby these receipts were transferable, and in actual practice, these receipts for gold began to circulate as paper money. Supposedly, the receipts were as good as gold since whoever had them in their possession could claim the gold from the goldsmiths at any time they wished.

Jews found a Gimmick.

So far so good. The next step was that people learned they could carry on trade and commerce by passing these goldsmiths’ receipts without ever bothering to

withdraw the gold itself. Their “faith” in the value of the paper was based on the idea that it was, after all, redeemable in gold at any time.

The third step was a major discovery by the Jewish goldsmiths themselves of what has been the Key Principle [and a very profitable one] of banking ever since. It is called “Fractional Reserves.” Loaned out gold that wasn’t there. The Jewish goldsmiths made an amazing discovery. They found that with receipts circulating as money, few people came in to claim their gold. They conceived the idea that they could “loan out” gold, at interest— gold that really did not

belong to them, but was only in their “safekeeping.”

“Money” out of thin air, with interest.

What they did was write out receipts, or “claim checks,” to borrowers, and charged interest on the gold they were loaning at the same time. These “claim checks,” or receipts, created out of thin air, then, too, passed into circulation, the same as the others that had been given to actual depositors of gold. The Jew, in actuality, was writing out and passing claim checks on several times as much gold as he had available, and nobody, it seemed, was the wiser. The Jew had struck a fabulous gold mine without having to so much as turn a shovel full of dirt!

“Fractional Reserve” the gimmick.

The goldsmith was “lending out” gold that [a] was really not his to lend, and [b] several times more than he actually held in “safekeeping.” But with the calls for the actual gold by the original depositors being so infrequent, he felt relatively safe that with his “fractional reserve” of gold that he could cover any day-to-day withdrawals. He could do so, provided, of course, there was not a “run” on the gold supply that was not his, but only given to him for “safekeeping.” The goldsmith, in other words, was writing receipts for perhaps five or ten times as much gold as he had actually on deposit, betting on the theory that most of his depositors would not come to claim their gold at any given time. But the interest he was collecting on the. Fictitious gold he had “loaned out,” but did not really have, was very real indeed. For instance, if he charged 10% interest a year, and loaned out [via “receipts”] ten times as much gold as he had for “safekeeping,” he could acquire for himself, in only a year’s time, as much gold as was entrusted to him for “safekeeping.”

Acquired Monopoly.

And thus, even in medieval Europe, these Jewish shylocks acquired a monopoly of gold and money in Venice, in Amsterdam, in London, Paris, Vienna and all other financial centers of Europe.

Jews have Clear Field.

Throwing the money monopoly and control of gold into the hands of the Jewish Shylocks was strongly aided and abetted by the Christian church itself. During the Middle Ages [better known as the Dark Ages, when spook-craft ran rampant], the Catholic Church forbade Christians in engaging in the loan business, calling it “usury.” Since lending money was usurious, and usury was a sin, Christians were shut out, leaving the field wide open to the usurious and pecuniary Jew. Added to this was the stupid Christian doctrine that “money is the root of all evil.”

Soon Monopolized all Wealth.

One further European practice of the time helped drive the Jews into the money manipulation monopoly. Many countries, cities, and principalities had laws prohibiting Jews from engaging in a number of trades and businesses, because they were aware of how, with his rapacious nature, the Jew soon monopolized and ruined those trades and businesses. But, foolishly, to the key, the nerve center of business— money— they left the gates wide open for the Jew to monopolize, and he had a field day. This he has to this very day, and today he not only has unchallenged control of the money markets of the world, but because of it, the Jew has a monopoly of every other meaningful and worthwhile business as well.

Coming and Going.

Often these Jewish goldsmiths charged their clients both ways. They charged the depositors “fees” for “safekeeping” their gold, and they also collected interest from the borrowers of gold that did not belong to them, often, as we have stated before, lending out in the form of paper receipts five or ten times as much gold as was actually on deposit in their vaults.

Basis of all Modern Banking.

From this “fractional reserve” trickery, discovered by these early Jewish goldsmiths, all modern banking principles have evolved, albeit with thousands of variations and refinements.

Fear a “Run.”

The modern banker still fears, as did the ancient goldsmith, a “run” on his bank, a time of panic, or rumor, regarding their integrity or stability that sometimes caused all depositors to rush in and withdraw their deposits at the same time. When this happened to the early goldsmith, and happen it did, the enraged depositors, finding their gold was not there, usually hanged such Jewish manipulators from the nearest tree. In old Amsterdam, a Jewish goldsmith proposed a law making it a hanging offense for anyone starting a “run” on a

goldsmith. This immediately alerted his depositors and precipitated just such a “run” on him, the very thing he feared. Of course, this Jewish Shylock had far too many “receipts” out and could not pay. The depositors ended up hanging the goldsmith.

Jews became Fabulously Wealthy.

Needless to say, those Jewish goldsmiths that were not hanged became fabulously wealthy by trafficking in gold that [a] was not theirs; and, [b] did not

exist. As time went on, through, fees, interest, and usury sometimes as high as 30% to 50%, they acquired most of the gold that had been earned and owned by their Gentile clients. They soon became the Shylocks and moneylenders, not only to individuals in all the civilized countries, but also to their governments. They have vigorously and aggressively maintained, enhanced and strengthened that position to this very day. They have now, as we said in the beginning, acquired absolute monopoly of all banking, issuance of money, financing, money lending, stock markets, and the gold of the world. It is their most powerful weapon. With it they have acquired their remaining weapons with which to enslave the gullible goyim. Through monopoly of money, they easily acquired monopoly of the means of propaganda, and every other nerve center

of power, including government itself.

* * * * *

Acquired Legal Status by Treachery, Deceit, Betrayal.

We now want to get back to the last part of our story— namely how the Jews acquired “legal” control and monopoly of printing the money of the United States, by setting up the Federal Reserve System. We can see from the foregoing that the foundation for this financial power group was laid many centuries before that

fateful day in December of 1913.

Treachery and Cunning.

It is a fascinating story, permeated by treachery, deceit, bribery, trickery, and above all— long, patient and intricate planning on the part of the Jews. It is also marked by stupidity and betrayal by members of our own race. Rothschild owns Half the World. The International Jewish bankers, mainly based in New York, already had a tight monopoly, over the money supply of the United States long before 1913. The House of Rothschild, long ago had established their tentacles in the industrial countries of Europe, especially England, France, Germany, Italy and Austria during the 19th century. In each of these countries [as well as the smaller nations], they had organized a Central Bank System, such as the Reichsbank in Germany, or the Bank of England in Britain. Basically, a Central Bank meant that it controlled the country’s banks, using the full credit of the government to issue money. All the while, it had the legal sanction of that same government whose people it was fleecing by having a monopoly on issuance, i.e., printing money.

Fiercely Destroy Anyone who Interferes.

In the United States, prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, whereas the Jewish bankers had had control of the nation’s money almost from its inception, that control was still fluid amongst its own rivals and could be wrecked by an aroused people and/or Congress. In fact, during the Civil War, in a temporary lapse, Abraham Lincoln invoked the legitimate powers of Congress and issued 450 million dollars in printed currency, later called “Greenbacks” that did not derive through the hands of the International Jewish Bankers, and no interest was paid on this money. This single act so enraged the Jewish bankers, that they had Lincoln assassinated by one of their agents, namely Botha, alias John Wilkes Booth, a Jew.

Artificial Panics.

In any event, after the Civil War, due to the manipulations of these Jewish bankers, who had artificially created the financial panics of 1873, 1893, and the severest of all, in 1907, there were serious rumblings from the people, and from some uncontrolled members of Congress, threatening that the Jewish power might be broken. To ward off such a possibility, they decided to “legalize” their unconstitutional shenanigans by Federal Law— all in the name of “reform against the New York Bankers.” This was reverse psychology at its best.

Paul Warburg the Master Mind.

To lay the groundwork for such a law, a small clique of bankers headed by Paul M. Warburg, a Jew, recently arrived from Germany, met secretly on Jekyll Island at a plush hunting club in Georgia. They left in a private railroad car from Hoboken, New Jersey on November 22, 1910. So secretive was the meeting, no news about it leaked out until six years later. With this small gang of New York bankers was one Senator, namely Senator Nelson Aldrich, himself entangled with the Jews in vast holdings and monopolies. Paul M. Warburg had come from Germany only 8 years earlier. He represented the House of M. M. Warburg Company, which controlled the Reichsbank in Germany, and in turn was a branch of the Jewish House of Rothschild.

Jewish Boast.

It was Meyer Amschel, the patriarch of the House of Rothschild, who arrogantly stated, “Give me control over a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” The Jewish House of Rothschild has made good that boast and now controls the economies [and the law making] of the world. At Jekyll Island, under Paul Warburg’s leadership, the small clique at Jekyll Island hammered out the main draft of a bill that would secure for themselves the legalized and privileged monopoly of banking, based on the same systems as the Central Banks of Europe. At the heart of it all was the unrestricted printing of money, and having sole monopoly.

Political Trickery.

It was introduced into Congress as the Aldrich Plan by the senator whose name it bore under the auspices of the Republican Party. The bill was roundly attacked by opponents of Wall Street as being a bill favoring the New York bankers. In the elections of 1912, the Republicans made the Aldrich Plan [all in the name of reform] a part of their official platform. An unknown University professor by the name of Woodrow Wilson, suddenly, out of nowhere, became the Democratic candidate for President. He and the Democratic Party roundly attacked the Aldrich plan and offered in its place a piece of legislation that [supposedly] was “for the people” instead of the bankers. It was called the Federal Reserve

Act. Although Congress and the people were too stupid to realize the situation, the “opposition” plan was in essence the same Aldrich Plan, as hammered out by Jew Paul Warburg and his henchmen, at the secret meeting on Jekyll Island. There was some honest opposition to the bill by such stalwarts as Congressman Charles A. Lindberg from Minnesota, and Senator LaFollette of Wisconsin, and others. Passage of either the Republican version or the Democratic version

was precarious, despite loading the coin on both sides.

Bided their Time.

But the treachery and cunning of the Jews is almost infinite. They bided their time. On December 23, 1913, when most of the congressmen and senators had already left the capital for the Christmas holidays, their select henchman stayed and rushed the bill through congress. Their paid stooge, Woodrow Wilson, signed the bill immediately. The Jews had their Central Bank, European style.

Disaster for American People.

For the American people, who understand little of all the confusion, it was a day of infamy, a disaster of much greater magnitude than a dozen Pearl Harbors.

* * * * *

Deficit Spending.

Stripped of all window dressing, how does the Federal Reserve work? Basically, it works on deficit spending and the same principles of “fractional reserves” as practiced by their Jewish goldsmith ancestors. The Jews are constantly and deliberately pushing the Federal government deeper and deeper into debt, because every billion dollars more debt means a billion dollars into their own coffers, plus interest.

Mechanics of Manipulation.

Supposing the Federal government in Washington needs another ten billion dollars. Where do they get it? They go to the Federal Reserve, a private criminal gang of international Jewish bankers. The Federal Reserve makes the loan.

Where does the Federal Reserve get all this money?

Simply Prints it for Nothing.

In order to make the loan, the Federal Reserve first asks the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving to print up a new batch of 10 billion in dollar bills of various denomination, tens, twenties, hundreds, etc. These then are turned over to the Federal Reserve Bank free of charge, except for the cost of the paper and ink for printing them, which is insignificant. The United States government then prints up ten billion dollars in U.S. government bonds and turns these over to the Federal Reserve also as “collateral.” These U.S. Government bonds are an I.O.U. and have to be repaid, with interest. The Federal Reserve then issues the U.S. Treasury department credit to the amount of ten billion dollars on which it

can write checks.

People in Debt with Interest for Worthless Paper.

A cursory inspection of this transaction reveals:

1. The Federal Reserve has contributed nothing but paper and ink, a minimal item.

2. Riding on the credit and prestige of the United States government, it has “issued” [created out of nothing] ten billion dollars worth of new money.

3. The government gets to spend this money, but has to pay it back to the Federal Reserve with interest.

4. The Federal Reserve is immediately ten billion dollars richer— plus the eternal interest it will accrue from this account receivable.

5. The United States government and people are ten billion dollars deeper in debt to the Federal Reserve and have to pay it back with interest.

6. If congress did its duty and invoked its constitutional right and obligation, it could and should have printed the same ten billion in dollar bills on its own for the cost of the paper and ink, as did Abraham Lincoln, without owing the Jewish bankers a cent. This is what the Constitution of the United States authorizes it to do and obligates it to do.

Hitler defied Jewish Bankers.

As far as I know, in modern times, outside of the $450 million in “greenbacks” that Abraham Lincoln had printed, the only country that defied the Jews and printed its own money was Adolf Hitler’s Germany between 1933 and 1945. Before Hitler, the Rothschild-owned Reichsbank had Germany so tied up, bankrupted and in debt, that the German people were virtual slaves to their Jewish masters. Every business, every industry, every farm, every cow, was either owned by the Jews or hopelessly pledged to them. Millions were unemployed and starving. The country, totally ravished by the Jews, was in worst possible straits, financially, morally, and practically every other way anyone could possibly imagine.

Germany Printed Its Own Money.

As soon as Hitler came to power, he wrested the money printing privileges out of the hands of the Jews. Instead, it was printed by the legal authority of the German government itself, backed by the productive strength of the nation. There was no interest paid on it and the government was not in debt to any Jews or anybody else for each and every Mark that was printed.

Miracle Recovery.

The immediate financial and industrial recovery in Germany that followed was a marvel to behold. While much richer countries, like the United States, were wallowing in depression, unemployment, and despair, the Germans were busily building new factories, super highways, houses, cars, ships, etc. Unemployment disappeared in short order. Everyone was working and building. By breaking the Jewish financial stranglehold over the German people, the Germans, during Hitler’s short 6-year period of peace, were more productive and prosperous than they had ever been in their previous history.

Fabulous Wealth could be Ours.

The United States, being a much richer country, due to its land and resources, could be fabulously wealthy if and when we break the Jewish stranglehold here. This we must do and we will do.

Jews pushed us into World War I.

Although the Federal Reserve Act, passed in 1913 violated the Constitution [and still does], which says under Article I, Section 8, Congress alone “has the power to coin money, [and] regulate the value thereof” the Jews now “legally” had the power to print all the money they wanted, to control, fleece and manipulate the finances of the wealthiest country in the world. They have done so with a vengeance. They were now ready to use those powers. Within less than a year after passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the Jews had World War I in full swing. By 1917, they had the United States inveigled in it, although we had not even the slightest national interest in entering that war.

Financed both Sides.

But the Jews did. In Germany, the Jewish outfit of M.M. Warburg Co., was helping the Kaiser “finance” the war. In the United States, Paul Warburg of Kuhn,

Loeb and Co. and their now functioning Federal Reserve System was “selling” war bonds to the American government by the billions to finance the “American” war effort. Both Central Banks, in Germany and the United States, were owned and controlled by the same Jewish House of Rothschild. While the cream of young manhood was dying in the stinking trenches and the mud of the battlefields, the Jewish printing presses on both sides of the Atlantic were rolling out money and propaganda. The Gentile nations of the world were killing the best of their manhood, sinking deeper and deeper into debt, and the Jews were getting richer and fatter.

Terrible Power.

The Federal Reserve System is, of course, an unmitigated evil, the poisonous breath of a monster that is choking the American people to death. With unlimited control of the money and finances of the world, the Jews can deliberately instigate, and manipulate wars, depressions, debts, and taxes at will. Through the power of money, they have accrued unto themselves the television networks, the news media, the stock exchanges, the banks, the industries, and, in fact, the government itself. The Jewish controlled government is now slowly enslaving the non-Jews here and abroad in a deliberate program of destruction.

Check it out for yourself.

Should you doubt the accuracy and veracity of my article about the Federal Reserve rip-off, be my guest and check it out for yourself. There are particularly a few vital questions to which you must get straight answers:

First, and the most vital: To whom does the benefit accrue each time a new dollar bill is printed? Certainly not the public, and certainly not the U.S. Government. If the government got the benefit of all the printing press money, it would not be 800 billion dollars in debt and have to tax the people another 700 billion a year to try to shore up its deficit budget. The benefit clearly accrues to the international gang of Jewish counterfeiters who own the Federal Reserve.

Second: Who owns the Class “A” stock in the Federal Reserve? Don’t let them tell you there isn’t any.

Thirdly: Why does the Federal Reserve pay no taxes, when every other private corporation and individual does?

Fourthly: Why has the Federal Reserve never been audited? There are many more questions we should ask, but the above will suffice. In order to get answers you may want to write to your Congressmen, or perhaps half a dozen Congressmen and Senators, and see what a disparity of answers they come up with. Don’t expect to get honest answers from them. Nor can you expect your banker, nor the news media to come up with any straight answers. The bankers, because they don’t really know, and the news media, for the same reason, but even if they knew, they would lie to you, because they are owned by, and are part and parcel of, the same International Jewish Conspiracy.

Red Flag.

The very fact that it is so difficult to get straight answers to the above vital questions should Alert Red Flags in your mind about the Sinister Nature of the conspiracy that devours all.


What does all this mean to you, the average hard working taxpayer? What does it mean to you, the average American who has to work and scrimp and save to make ends meet and earn a decent living for himself and his family, yet has to work into the middle of June to assuage the voracious Jewish tax collector?

It means plenty to you. The impact on the working middle-class American is devastating. It practically makes him a galley slave in the so-called Land of the Free.

So you had better listen and listen real well. The nefarious swindle known as the Federal Reserve means the following to you.

1. It means you have to earn every dollar you work for at least five times over.

[a] You first earn the dollar that supposedly you get in your paycheck or in your business.

[b] You have to pay for it again by borrowing it from the Federal Reserve swindlers.

[c] You have to pay interest on that dollar forever and a day to the Federal Reserve. This may wind up paying two dollars in interest for every dollar received [borrowed].

[d] You have to pay more than half of what you earn back in a multitude of taxes, all of which finally ends up in the hands of the same Jewish swindlers whose counterfeit dollars you had to beg for in the first place.

2. It means also, since these treacherous Jews have the fraudulent means of printing themselves unlimited wealth, that they can buy up the total means of propaganda— newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, book distribution, radio networks, TV. networks, etc. This they have done a long time ago and they are in total control. They have ruthlessly used this to control the minds and the thinking of the people of the world, including the confused and confounded thinking of non-Jews.

3. By means of thought control and mind manipulation, they also control the governments of the world, including our own in the United States of America.

4. By means of their tremendous financial power they can also buy, sell, and manipulate those government officials that are not persuaded. In short they can and do buy, sell, own and control our government.

5. Since the program of the Jews is the total mongrelization and destruction of the White Race [which they are accomplishing at an accelerating pace], you, my dear White Racial Comrade, are the target of their destruction. Whether you like it or not, you are in the frying pan.

6. Because of their insatiable avarice and greed, the Jews, by means of confiscatory taxation, are looting the gentile of even that little which he has left after years of hard work and scrimping and saving.

7. The small sum total of the one's savings is further decimated by spiraling inflation. And what causes inflation? The unlimited printing of counterfeit paper dollars by the corrupt and sinister Jew, as manifested by the Federal Reserve.

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