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Jews Speak In Code Concerning Human Sacrifice

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In a book that I am reading by a Kabbalistic Jew who bashes Satan and his Demons as "the dark forces" or the dark "Other Side," the kike admits to the Jewish goal to sacrifice the White Aryan Race to God, and to keep the "mixed multitudes" as their slaves in the pending Jewish Utopia.

"For the holy warrior, the job is clear, remove the enemy physically from this Earth, period. Any Sage who does not see this or does not readily embrace it should not be considered by you to be a Sage. Such passive Sages are sheep; they no longer have the spiritual 'image of Man' upon them. [...] Lions are the kings of the jungle. Sheep are the food. Sheep are sacrifices. We are the ones who bring sacrifice, not the ones who are sacrificed. [...]

When the battle is spiritual we fight it with full vigor just as if it were physical. If and when the battle does become physical, then we do not shirk our duty. We rise up with every weapon at our disposal, spiritual and physical. Yet, we also must beware that we never cross the line and translate a spiritual battle into the physical plane unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. When we [choose] to fight the spiritual battle in the physical world without paying attention to the psychic source of conflict, we enter an arena of battle in which we will surely be defeated. This is not the way." Protection From Evil: Exposing & Neutralizing Harmful Spiritual Forces in Light of Torah & Kabbalah by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok p. 206

Jews, such as Jewish authors like these, try to cover their footsteps and mask their fingerprints, but when they are caught red-handed, like in the above quotes, they continue playing their head games of "We don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to kill you in the most humane of ways. It could be a lot worse for you, so why are you complaining?" The Jews--the least ethical of "humans" on this planet accuse us of everything that they are, and everything that they do on us, their Goyim enemies.

When a Jew speaks of their enemies, they are NOT merely speaking of fellow Jews who they are at their wits' end with, but rather the Gentiles. Why? The reason is because another Goy was born into this world. The Jews talk about how their God is a "man of War," but in truth, he is just as parasitic and cowardly as the Jewish people are, but at the same time relies on living blood sacrifices to satisfy "his" existence. As High Priest Don and High Priest Hooded Cobra have recently pointed out, Satan and the Gods of Hell never have and never will accept human or animal sacrifices. On the other hand, in order just to survive, the Jewish-Christian-Muslim God relies on living blood, human and animal sacrifices. Any "Satanist" who desires any of these things isn't going to make it.

For a Gentile to be an enemy of God and an enemy of Christos, the Messiah, and his Jewish people, all a Gentile has to do is be born. For Gentiles, the Serpent represents the kundalini. For Jews, the false Serpent--the Leviathan--represents the collective Jewish race. Leviathan is the Jewish Messiah who requires the sacrifice of the White Aryan peoples who would protect the colored races from being enslaved by Leviathan. Leviathan is "Lord" Christos. He is the Jewish Messiah, and a reminder to stay devoted to the Reverse Torah Rituals for as long as the Jewish people exist, because if they exist, then they will try to kill us simply for existing. This is very similar to the Weimar Republic after World War 1. We will not let this happen again.


High Priest Jake Carlson

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