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29/July/2017 Sermon

This group is for 13 - 19 year olds who wish to establish a relationship with Satan. The group is moderated so Christians cannot infest and/or try to push their lies. High Priests and High Priestesses of Satan are online to answer questions and post sermons of interest to teens.

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Post Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:39 am
Yesterday, someone posted a link to a YouTube video where some buzzard brained imbecile made a video mocking the opening of the third eye.

As for the idiots who made that video, they can just remain ignorant and closed.

An open third eye allows us to not only see but do many things, like spot all kinds of dirt, etc, on our chakras and our aura, and to clean these.

The words "virgin" and "pure" have been hideously corrupted. This has nothing to do with sex, or so-called "morality." It has to do with the cleanliness of your soul.

Just as one would not want to put wax or finishing on a filthy floor, nor are healings or other workings very effective on a filthy soul.

By filthy, I mean lifetimes of negative experiences, unfortunate events, bad, harmful relationships... All kinds of nasties that due to centuries of Christian and Muslim repression, very few people know how to clean this off.

Illnesses, accidents, loss, and other tragedies manifest in one's life due to this filth. This is triggered by planetary transits and progressions.

The Aura of Protection should be done daily after thoroughly cleaning one's soul, aura and chakras. This should have no ending date, but be a part of your daily routine, just as taking a shower.

When our third eye is open, we can see truths and lies for ourselves. We can see how Christianity, Islam and related depraved spiritually degenerate programs are designed to destroy and enslave humanity, and are responsible for all the ugliness, misery and suffering in this world.

I also want to add, Satan and our Gods are responsible. They have helped myself, JoS Ministry and many others without even having to be asked.

It is becoming more and more clear that much spiritual negativity isn't necessarily from any so-called "higher powers" but from human beings (mostly Jews) with advanced occult knowledge.

I'm sure most of you here are familiar with Hollywood movies where we hear those silly growling and animal noises the Jews apply to Demons (which are total lies). Certain thought forms they use to attack others are the same thing.
The same hideous appearance and the growling, etc. Then they try to claim their own invented filth is our Gods. Those of us who are at an advanced level and have our third eyes fully open have seen this crap and we know where it comes from. It has nothing to do with Satan or our Gods in any way.

Through centuries of Christian dominance and control (the Jews always command Gentiles), compulsory church, etc, the ignorant populace when encountering such things was understandably terrified and beloved this sort of thing to be from "God."

I also want to add here... Recently, I read when studying about Judaism (the rabbi authors are really letting a lot of info out now, what this program is and to the extent is beyond shocking. As Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, throughout history, at certain times, they get confident and drop the mask), you know how Communism always is people's this and people's that? "People's" actually is "CHOSEN PEOPLE'S." THEY OWN.

In closing, I want to add, I have worked for Satan for over 17 years now. Satan and our Gods are truly wonderful. This has been a difficult road, but with many rewards and definitely has been worth it.

As Satan states in the Al Jilwah, he leads us to the straight path without a book. Satanism is true spirituality. How many of you can see how much yourselves and your lives have changed for the better after coming to Satan? I know mine certainly has. I have found peace and spiritual freedom. Satan is the liberator of humanity.

Never, ever has any of our Gods ever asked me to do anything against my will. Nor have they ever coerced me. I mention this in response to the Christian lies about Satan. I have always been totally in agreement with Satan's agenda in every way.

Satan, Lilith, Azazel, Astaroth, and other Gods I have worked with have been wonderful to say the least, and very helpful.

Our Gods have been overloaded with many asking for help. This in some cases can take time. Remember, the goal of Satanism is to become gods in our own right and masters of our own lives and destinies.

There is an old Chinese proverb:
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.


High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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