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The Jewish Lie All Occultists and Enemies of Jews Fell For..

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When one studies the jews deeply, as one goes deeper into this sewer, the lies also increase and multiply and get some really strange dimensions all in themselves. This has many Occultists and others just lose track of the jews, simply because they don't know enough about them, or because they are cucks and they assume the Jews are the same.

AS many of you know, all the Pagan Gods have of course ended up in Jewish Mysticism. This includes all our Demons. This leads many naive and under-educated retards to assume that these belong to the Jews, or even other assumptions such as for example these have to do with the enemy somehow.

Most of jewish mysticism isn't more than 1600-1800 years old, by the way. And it didn't get nowhere near to serious by the Middle Ages and afterwards. And was always a little, unexistent subculture of insignificant yids before. Until they got their hands on the Roman Empire and started enforcing their memes as existence. This is something to keep in mind.

Some lies include: That they are all a duality under "God", that there is some "Spiritual" meaning in all of this, that this was "Meant to be" and many other logical fallacies. These result simply because one doesn't know history, doesn't understand historical hatred of the jews, and doesn't understand the occult in-depth simply because they study it with rose-tinted Talmudic glasses, or because it's studied with zero experience and an overly 'scholarly' manner. Which is what most of the occult is.

The enemy stole knowledge from Hinduism and the Far East as we know. It's also certain for the most part that this is where the enemy deposited them after farting them out of their spaceship. And as such their mission began there.

They then got the knowledge of higher spiritual matters. Which they gradually coded in the Kabbalah as they went into their host nations for thousands of years time. There was a lot of knowledge accumulated, most of it oral, but later it was put down in writings.

What's interesting is that only the jews have build a spiritual system as they did, to reflect their war and warfare with all other human beings on Earth. Many Kabbalists and other advanced liars simply claim that killing of Egypt, Assyria and so forth are all 'allegories for the Soul'. And they also go as far as saying that the Zionists and others simply don't know what they are doing and that this is so 'against judaism' to do what they do.

But let's ask honestly ourselves. WHY ONE PUTS THE NAMES OF THESE NATIONS AND THEIR GODS IN THESE "ALLEGORIES"? Don't they obviously know these will be used later? Couldn't they make other words up instead? Of course they couldn't. Because this was thoroughly intentional. They literally wanted to put all these verses about cracking the skulls of Egyptian children open in the stones, genocide, subduing all other nations on earth and so forth.

Their agenda was always a political one, only clothed in such a way in 'religious matters' for reasons of hiding the reality they were after. Maybe they could claim 3000 years ago that this was 'allegorical', but now we see the MANIFESTATION and the RESULTS of this fruit.

In the mind of the jews the earth is basically a reflection of their own wishes and dreams.

They are the good element of the Soul, "Yisrael", which is basically the spark of the divine, which nobody else is. This is why they weren't many to begin with. By advancing in the body of the earth and taking it's nations over, subduing them and genociding them, they assume that they, the source of all good and greatness, are transforming us and the world into something better for themselves. For we are the evil, the Goyim and the savages of the field.

This process is supposed to mimic some sort of spiritual event, which is basically a spiritual one, and this is important to tie this in to increase the power of this 'conception' of theirs. Our revulsion and hatred towards them for genociding us and removing us from the earth, is from the source of all evil in creation, Yetzer-Ha-Ra, for we are all evil, goyim, animals of the field, and we aren't meant to exist in the first place. But we had to exist because the jewish 'god' gave us as a gift to the jews to serve them.

This is the jewish conception of their paranoid criminal insanity, put in 'spiritual context' to hide it from the masses and give them a high moral standard in their alien mission to dominate and kill entirely an enemy species of theirs. This is magick by association. The jews invented 'good' and 'evil' in this context, with them being all the good, and goyim being all the 'evil'.

The Kabbalistic texts (The bible is one of them too) work on many levels. One is the linear pseudo-historical. The second is the ethical advice (The jewish commandments and so forth) the third is the shallow spirituality in them, and the fourth is the deep spirituality. This is a spiritual weapon working on many levels.

The Soul has a negative and a positive side as we know. The negative is not 'evil', but is simply polarized this way, and this is the feminine, and is opposing to the masculine, but through unity these come together. Of course they didn't name this in any other way, but feminine. And this resulted in thousands of years of persecution and demonization of women. Which they thoroughly enjoyed and did keep up with to this very day. This is only one example.

This is all done intentionally and NO OTHER RACE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND has done something even remotely similar, such as associating every evil in the cosmos with the deities, women and children of their enemies. This doesn't have anything spiritual in it, and is only advanced lying.

By working on these associations, we have other things for example. The fallen Serpent they have named Satan, which is the exactly reversed of the Hindu meaning of Satanama which is used to RAISE the Serpent. The risen 'serpent' which is the 'savior', they haved named after their Rabbi Yeshua, which is "Jesus Christ", to symbolize their triumph over the Gentiles and their collective serpent/life power.

They have named particular places on the Soul that are of a negative polarity, with the names of our Gods. They could have actually any other name, but they did this on purpose to create this unconscious association and create a strong energy of detesting them to the populace. Many of the words and names they used are also holy names of the Gentiles in reverse, to show this exact opposition into whatever we are about.

And this also shows metaphysically that the jewish soul is some sort of reverse instrument compared to the Gentile soul, all-together.

Of course they don't use these in their occultism or even try to, but on the other hand, they seek their dominance. This is to explain why they have the 72 Demons of the Goetia for example, bound under Jehovah. This has to do with their binding magick, but also internal Kabbalah. They don't really use these names, but they use other names to stimulate these places. However for the magick they are trying to do it's important that these are here to confuse others and so forth. This gives them the image that they are in control of everything. Which we have debunked this fact closing in two decades now.

Everything negative in this existence has been associated with what always worked and was the foundation of previous cultures. And everything positive in existence is associated with the jews and all they are about. This is an Ancient Egyptian technique of magick pretty much, where the practitioner identifies as the Sun, and they identify their enemy with the night and things like that, to show inevitable defeat by the rising of the sun in the morning.

This is very basic magick, and this is only basic anyway. But important.

Everything putrid in existence they have associated with the Demons, which means God in Ancient Greek, and spiritual guide, of beauty unsurmounted and incomparable.

For example, since the Solar part of the Soul is supposed to take over the Lunar part of the Soul in the Magnum Opus, by inevitable result, the yids simply named the "places" on points on the one side, of their though-forms/angels, as the POSITIVE side and the WINNING side, while they associated Satan and the Pre-Judaic and Pagan Gods on the NEGATIVE side, so symbolize their 'victory' and dominance over them. They also pretended that the creator of the universe is a farting yid from Israel, up above, controlling 'all of it'. The creator of 'Israel' is a symbol for the jewish mage.

They always do this in their magick, to create symbols and strong assosciations that are false, but they want them to become real. This is why the Torah is still in the 'manifestation' and the 'making' still.

Of course after this to cover their shit up, they immediately stated that it was all an allegory for everyone who found out and to never bother as these beings don't even exist. Because why should they exist if the jews say otherwise? Their 'word is the word of God'. Even-though they are scared shitless of these entities, they just try to banish them and close them out of their awareness, pretending they do not exist.

This is the highest and the most destructive and subliminal way of lying about something, not even on the level of the mind, but on the level of the Soul.

Lastly, the above are abominable crimes that no other race or people in the world, or ANY spiritual culture has ever committed. Even the negative parts of the cosmos were always named and symbolized natural and coerce elements, and not the enemy races, tribes, or the INFANTS OF YOUR ENEMIES that you must "DASH UPON THE STONES". There is nothing allegorical, spiritual, or any positive intention whatsoever in this, nor there ever was.

Theirs is the first racist, genocidal, and a pseudo-spiritual system to express their hatred for all beings on earth, and rally their forces correctly to destroy them while dominating the whole world. Which was their alien objective since day one. Spirituality was always a mask of it, same as 'cultural religion' of theirs. The rabbi hole goes even deeper, but this should sum it up.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Lovely sermon. I find the Ancient Egyptian magick technique especially interesting, even if it is basic - seems like a great way to get novice mages to trust in the effectiveness of their magick.
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