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What needs to be stated? Most of these people literally just think they are omnipotent and little they pay attention over the fact they are rotting pretty much. Of course due to their Rabbi telling them that their crimes are all okay with and that they are 'going to handle it', like George Bush, they assume as the puppets they are that they are "Gods". Sometimes though "Karma" or "Fate" comes with a vengeance.

Obviously he is not the only one involved and this poor fellow right here was only put in the front of the situation. They all pay at some time though.

You kind of feel somewhat sorry for these people and what lies they are being told. They have potential they could be putting in bettering humanity instead, not destroying it for jews and pissrael.

He literally thought he would create a terrorist organization and name it after the Goddess Astarte/ISIS and get away with it? For how long, for example? A few years? What is even the point? And out of all the names, they could have given it any other and leave other entities out of their jewish game. But did they ever do this anyway, no they didn't. They went for THAT name obviously...So jewish rabbis can jack off in Israel.

I don't know, even if they put him in some machine and save him this time, does he really think that when he leave his mortal sheath all these entities whose temples have been bombed, are going to let him pass towards 'heaven' so beautifully?

These people have no idea of what they are doing and how it will turn of, both on themselves and the future of their generations.

It's pointless to just kill people because some jews told you so, unfounded on anything else whatsover than the hatred and territoral demands of crazy yids. Humanity has to understand this at some point.


John McCain has brain cancer, his office says

Veteran US Republican Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is reviewing treatment options, according to his office.

The options may include chemotherapy and radiation, his doctors said. The 80-year-old politician is in "good spirits" recovering at home.

The tumour was discovered during a surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye last week.

A Vietnam veteran, Mr McCain spent more than five years as a prisoner of war.

The six-term senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate underwent surgery at a clinic in Phoenix, in the state of Arizona, last Friday.

Tissue analysis revealed that a primary brain tumour known as glioblastoma was associated with the clot, a statement from the Mayo Clinic said.

"The senator's doctors say he is recovering from his surgery 'amazingly well' and his underlying health is excellent," it added.

"Treatment options may include a combination of chemotherapy and radiation."
Analysis: Warrior faces a new battle

By James Cook, BBC North America correspondent

John McCain is known in Washington as a tough, independent-minded senator - a warrior who is now facing another battle against cancer.

He earned his reputation the hard way, being shot down as a US Navy pilot over Vietnam where he was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years, including two in solitary confinement.

Repeatedly beaten and tortured, Mr McCain was never again able to raise his arms above his head.

During the most recent presidential election campaign, Donald Trump belittled the senator as "not a war hero" saying "I like people who weren't captured".

Many Americans were horrified.

Mr McCain may have annoyed many Republicans by arguing for reforms to campaign finance and immigration laws.

He may have irritated opponents of America's many wars with his forceful arguments in favour of the projection of US military might.

But this country reveres its veterans. The attacks on John McCain's personal sacrifice were roundly condemned then - and millions of Americans will be praying for his recovery now.

Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive brain tumour, and increases in frequency with age, affecting more men than women.

Mr McCain, who is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, was in "good spirits as he continues to recover at home with his family", his office said.

His family reacted with "shock" to the news, his 32-year-old daughter Meghan said.

"It won't surprise you to learn that in all of this, the one of us who is most confident and calm is my father," she said on Twitter.

"So he is meeting this challenge as he has every other. Cancer may afflict him in many ways: but it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has."

President Donald Trump said Mr McCain has "always been a fighter" and, in a statement, said: "Get well soon".

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Mr McCain was a "hero to our country".

"He has never shied from a fight, and I know that he will face this challenge with the same extraordinary courage that has characterized his life," he said on Twitter.

Former President Barack Obama tweeted: "John McCain is an American hero and one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John."
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"He gets diagnosed with brain cancer the same exact day that Donald Trump says we're no longer going to be using the CIA to funnel guns and money to the FSA in Syria" -

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Now wait for the canonization and how he will be a saint and "deity" in the catholic church.

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So he served the Jew all his life , and now what ? 72 jewish virgins in heaven ?
Why ? was it worth it ?

I hate to quote the bible . but this verse comes to mind : ''For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? ''

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You say we feel sorry for them in a way. I agree if they are gentiles. It's very easy to get suckered in. And it's easy for people to not even realize it until it's too late. I guess I wasn't sure if McCain was a gentile or not. I assume you believe he is.

Honestly I quit watching closely the war with ISIS a while back. I couldn't keep feeding myself news every day of another historic temple being demolished, or gays thrown from a roof, or people with their heads chopped off.

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He's the biggest jack ass and also a Senator. I think being stupid is a pre-requisite for most Congress leaders.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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There not stupid, their corrupt. If they don't serve their Jewish masters they are replaced in the next election or worse. Look at Trafficant. In McCain's case he was evil.

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The name "Cain", while it can be Gentile, can also be a Gaelic variation of "Cohen." I wonder if McCain was a crypto.
"There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight,
and truth will again triumph."-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

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Dudes only been growing a tumor on the side of his jaw for the past 20 years. Serves him right.

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McCain is an evil fuck, and hes going to get whats coming to him. I was glad when I read he was diagnosed with cancer. Murdering evil prick. That is VERY interesting, the timing Egon. I sure wouldn't want to be him when Isis gets her hands on him or the other Gods whose temples he's desecrated! Its going to suck to be him soon :)

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McCain seems to be a passive aggressive type I wonder if he gets a terminal diagnose if he will start snitching on everyone and the dealings within the machine just to fuck them over. That would be funny.

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
McCain seems to be a passive aggressive type I wonder if he gets a terminal diagnose if he will start snitching on everyone and the dealings within the machine just to fuck them over. That would be funny.

This is right after he went public with his diagnosis , can't teach an old dog new tricks , the guy is a committed neocon


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He has a point. Iran hates America and could possibly ally with Russia and China, which they have already been in official talks to do. What will be their position in WW3 remains unseen
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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John McCains Nazi Friends. The kind of Nazis that accept jewish money and let Jews run their economy.

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infidel nation wrote:

John McCains Nazi Friends. The kind of Nazis that accept jewish money and let Jews run their economy.

Wtf? Those aren't real NS. We are real NS.
Triumphus albae gentis suprema lex esto.

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