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Joy and Happiness & Cleaning the Soul

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Post Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:30 am
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Satanism is about Joy and only Joy. We have named ourselves "Joy of Satan" for a reason, because Satan is about joy, happiness, and this is also metaphysical and not material fleeting happiness as many would like to claim.

The point of life as you can see is that you have to choose where you focus on life. Everyone has their different experience to life, and in accordance with the cleanliness, power and elevation of one's soul, this can scale accordingly.

The world is a beautiful place, and this material world is also a beautiful place. However many souls due to lack of spiritual knowledge and wisdom are stuck on a lower and inferior level which is filled with brutality, un-appreciation- a living "Hell" as some idiot would say. Why is this the case? Because there is no spiritual knowledge. This is where the "Fall" of everything begins and when the dark forces actually gain leverage to destroy humanity and crush the human spirit.

There are people who are rich, and people who are poor, people who experience a better side to life, and then others who see the worst. Everyone has their own experience of up's down's and so forth. Spirituality is the ability to weed out ignorance first and foremost.

A person who 'enjoys' life like an animal without any understanding of anything, they are equally an animal. They haven't understood the true meaning of joy, which is actually to be a conscious being and appreciate your existence. They are living menially and as a robot. In the same way, the sufferer who always dwells on their suffering without trying to understand it or surpass it towards a higher understanding is equally an animal, and even worse than the first person.

What both the parties lack is WISDOM and a sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Now we are doing what we are doing not because of tears, sadness, and because we are supposed to be 'sad' about the world (we of course can experience this) but because we have to move past this state. We are RESPONSIBLE. The people who have spiritual knowledge become self-responsible and this extends outwards. We are choosing responsibility and knowledge over blissful or suffering ignorance, for both lead nowhere in the end.

All the enemy systems are focused on depression, sadness, guilt, feeling like you must die, focusing and dwelling on your death, even the death of the world as a positive thing. This is deliberate and the demented brains of destroyed souls and even more corrupted forces created these for a reason. This extended and created a world in the image of what people had in their minds.

Why did this happen? Because knowledge was forcibly removed. The enemy, the christians, all of these defiled creatures, to add result to injury, they also blame humanity for it on top of it all. While it's said openly even in their own teachings that it was them that caused this fall deliberately, because we were a different 'species' than them.

Spiritually wise I am opposed to the jews because there hasn't been a similar crime happening in the known history of mankind until now. Because after they stole a universal system that belong to everyone, they made it race specific, excluded all other human beings from their ability to evolve, and on top of it, plotted to kill all other people in the planet. Spiritually wise if one goes from there, they will see these crimes are abominations and against the will of any 'creator' or 'nature', the 'universe' or any rule of evolution. If there was such an omnipotent being, it would have smitten them already. But something like that with the sentinence as we understand it, does not exist. This is known to the whole universe.

There are however numerous beings which form a mighty power close to omnipotence and these are our Gods. And for the above the jews will be punished.

These are abominable spiritual crimes against life. After the above is said and done, they also said it was the fault of the victims that they got destroyed. This is sad, but the response should not be sadness, but rather responsibility. Sadness and tears will not solve much of this problem, as they are only human expressions of understandable grief. Humanity needs real redemption instead.

Happiness for a spiritual person has level. When one goes to buy a lamp to light the house of their soul, they are happy of course and overjoyed. However when this lamp goes open and they see, they may see a lot of dirt. A few people at this point shut the lamp or don't want to see what's in that room. This causes them endless grief or delusions. Because this room right here is what they will have eternally with them, whether they like it or not.

The Spiritual Satanist opens this lamp, and of course, there can be a sense of ugliness or even terror at what they see. This is because it's in the soul to know there are higher states. However one must not despair and waste time, but start cleaning. Section after section their soul cleans like a giant palace, and then they dwell in it happily. Then happiness becomes a consistent state, a cause in itself, which is permanent.

If you're sad or if you understand what is due there, you need to fight. You will want to, more accurately. Those who want to just cry over the 'fall of man' might as well join christianity and give negative energy and tears to the world all their limited existence, only to dig deeper this hole humanity has feel in. The real Satanist is a banisher of this gloom, which the enemy perverted into that Satan is the kingdom of the 'flesh' and through this they criminalized joy. He goes with his candle, in silence and wisdom and lights up the darkness so there can be sight.

Indeed fighting which shows responsibility, is far better than any 'sadness'. One has understood nothing and hasn't lit the lamp properly or doesn't want to see, if they don't see the need to clean their own house so to speak.

He who fights, can't be 'sad' in the typical sense and even if that is their 'normal' state, it will flee from them. He does something about his 'sadness' or his sense of justice, therefore it flees. From the consistent battle, it departs forever. This creates a sense of inner cleanliness and euphoria, this is cathartic.

Crying and having woe's on the human condition while doing nothing is hypocritical, and deadly.

One can also fight joyously and be twice as effective. This is a path of joy. Our seeking and longing is to promote joy and awareness, spirituality and things of such nature, not gloom. There is enough of this in this world already. People have to regain their rights to joy and happiness by re-developing their ability to experience spiritually what existence gave us freely.

Let's not look at the Joy of Satan only as a name, but a meaning. This is Satan expressing himself and his goals about the world, which are joy and spiritual awareness. These were his goals even in the stories and literature of his own enemies, for which humanity and the Gods were 'cursed'. This can create a paradise, not only in the material universe, but in the eternal spiritual world. This is the objective of spiritual Satanism, for all those who wish to make this happen, but also for the world.

The joy of the self is guaranteed if one follows Satan's decrees, advances, and grows in power, wisdom and awareness. This guarantees a happy soul, and fills one with Satan's Joy forever. As Nietzche said one must shake away the spirit of 'gravity' and gloom.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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This post made my day better. Thank you. You are very good at writing. I would like to read more your sermons but my phone doesn't deal with this forum. Microsoft just doesn't like JoS.

"The world is a beautiful place"
I'm glad you reminded me about that. The sentence used to be my mantra in last year...

Post Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:36 am

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I really like how you explained this all. The "cleaning house" metaphor was right on point imo. I can definitely relate to the joy and happiness you talk of because it's been happening to me lately and keeps getting better and better.

Lately when I have been doing the RTRs my feeling was to feel naturally joyful while I was doing them because I'm bettering the world and stuffss. I wasn't sure if it was okay to do it like that or not but it did feel like I was giving it more power. I decided to take that feeling into my daily meditations. Feel joyful and embrace it while doing anything spiritual. Reading this convinced me that it's okay to feel like this when attacking the enemy because not only does it make me happy to destroy them but also gives me a strong sense of justice while doing the RTRs. Which adds to confidence in doing them too. This confidence goes into my daily spiritual routine as well. Let's just say seeing things like the way you explained does open up for more advancement or more power. Hope that makes sense. :)

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I think alot of the problems come from congested metropolis. It doesn't give breathing room, but also it's the low wage system that has forced every one under the sun to labor for only a roof over their head and nothing more. As Alfred Rosenberg describes the coming cities will be much more inclusive. This is why the Germans built the Autobahns - freedom to intellectually explore and communicate in a physical manner.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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While being very simple and basic, this sermon is outstandingly beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for that, HP Hooded Cobra. May we become the civilisation we desire!
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