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Post Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:41 am
HP Mageson666 Site Admin

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The trend in the Alt-Right is now to promote Putin, who is a Jew himself that has banned holocaust truth, criticism of the Jews, Revisionism of the Soviet period. And took the heat off the Jews for Communism in public speeches. And has created an Army of Jewish oligarchs. Putin was Israel's man of the year in 2015 and went down to the wailing the wall. Putin has also imprisoned numerous Russian ethno-Nationalists and banned their political movements and nationalist symbols. During the Winter Olympics' Putin released over twenty thousand political prisoners from Russian jails. Its all very Soviet. Some of them were Green Peace activists. They also promote this Dugin, jew. Who believes White's are evil and should die off and sounds like a western Jewish Marxist professor any time of the day. Putin is not some brave hero either. Putin dodged national service in the Red Army to go to law school and become a legal nerd. Then joined the KGB with that and sat in a desk shuffling papers in east Germany as a clerk. He later used his ability to manipulate legalism to enter the government were he started his fortune by stealing the money to supply food relief for Moscow citizens and sold it off with marked up prices to other Oligarchs and their companies. There also is a lot of evidence even from the confession of a FSB General's, Putin was behind the false flag attacks that killed 300 Russian's that was blamed on Chechens. Which brought him to power as a crisis dictator. Were he has been removing any freedom's the Russian's gained after toppling Jewish Communism. And making sure the Jews stay in power as the ruling Oligarchs. Russia is run by a Jewish mafia cabal just like it has been since 1918. This has been covered here in many articles.

The Alt-Right would be banned in Putin's Russia.

Now its Richard Spencer sounding like the Jewess, Veronica Rothman (((Evalion))) who now promotes the Jew, Stalin and Jewish Communism as Alt-Right and is anti-NS. Who is claiming the Holodomor is fake. Spencer is also claiming the Holodomor was not a organized genocide by Jews [ Jews which Spencer not only refuses to name but had one as his mentor]. So somehow in Spencer world..... The Jews following the Talmud which tells them to kill the Goyim and steal their wealth and make them slaves to the Jews, which is what the Holodomor is about. Which is what Communism is. A Jewish movement to create a global Jewish run plantation state. Never mind the Jew Yagoda and other Jews were in charge of this all following the ideology of fellow rabbinical Jews, Marx and Moses Hess. And was funded by Jewish bankers. And were delivering the Revolutionary Holocaust stated must occur for Communism to rule.


Somehow this all just disappears in Spencer and (((Evalion))) world...... Jewish infiltrators and Richard Spencer both agree. Why.... The Alt-Right is turning into a Jewish narrative at the leadership level.

This Dugin, Jew from what he stated there seems to be a plan B scheme the Jews have worked up. In the Chaos of the possible end of the EU they run. If Nationalists start to appear they want them to be compromised parities like the Front National, Marie LePen's niece who she wants to give the Party to is Jewish on her Father's side, who was a Mossad agent. if they come to power they want them to become pawns of Moscow in new civic deracinated Nationalism. Like the Alt-Lite which is run by Jews promotes, returning the theistic part of the Jewish program of Christianity in which the White European's will slowly be mixed out anyway. Its a step back for them but a step forward. This is why NATO is allowed to collapse as well.

Putin has stated his goal is to rebuild the USSR under a new Communist model across all of Europe.

Note here you can note how the Jews created problem, reaction, solution. Dugin is claiming this is a solution to the problem that the Jewish destabilization of cultural Marxism, progressivism, was designed to create. To get to this point of Communism rule. They will be on their knee's begging for Moscow to rule them. Then he claims he will deport all the immigration invasion, then states they will not. And that the Eurasian from of globalism into which Asians and Whites will be mixed into "One Nation" as he states out of the other corner of his mouth, from original stating preservation of Europe. This is how these Jews talk. And this is the nonsense Spencer also promotes. There was a KGB, Major who defected and in the Eighties wrote a book stating they have a plan to put the West under "Communism with a face". Which is what Dugin wants.

A. Dugin: "Capture of Europe! Attach Europe – this is "Russian-style!"

Post Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:52 am
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Alt Right largely is entirely worthless and just goes with whatever (((Wave))) there is. They spread awareness for what...Returning people to bow in all fours to different jews. Anglin is a spiritual jew in his work, IMO, at this point, he has been pushing nonsense on most things. Trump went and kissed the jewish ass with suckles until it bled, and he still promotes him. But guess what this was always about, nonsense.

Most his website attacks Blacks equally or more than it does attack jews. As if Blacks boarded in America on their own or something, and not owned entirely by jews.

We can excuse this all we want, but when all his crew are jews, what should I think that he's NOT a jew himself...He's allied with them in exactitude. His rants of women are basically the Talmud, his pushing of Christianity is what any Rabbi would want. His pushing of "National Socialism" is entirely emasculated, his "White Sharia" is what a moslem would love to see in the world. Really he just spews Talmud most of the time by now.

His hate on women, boarding all jews, and supporting this jewish rabbi on the stick, same as amassing endless shekels for a quite simple cases that would need a maximum of 30,000$, is extremely suspicious. I guess him and weev bought a good amount of jewish menorahs that night...

With the people of the alt-right, I don't have a problem...But with the heads, they are obviously on another plot here.

I have made a video on the subject...

Post Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:17 pm

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a lot of really good info in these posts,,,you guys should put "Putin and the Alt-right" in the title for search purchases

Nice video HP..keep it coming!

Post Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:50 pm

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Any Truth to Trump being Putin's little puppet ? FBI , NSA , CIA , and the office of the Director of National Intelligence all agree , Russia meddled in the election on Trump's behalf and there could be collusion .
Anyway Putin is scum , but it is understandable why the alt right prefers him to the Likes of Merkel
in many ways it's a binary choice , and nobody wants to be on the side of NATO who are openly calling for the destruction of our race , culture.

Post Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:53 am

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Thank you to HP Mageson and HP Cobra for keeping us up-to-date with everything, in a non-corrupted and clear-minded manner. Your posts are pretty much my only source of what's going on in the world these days.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

Post Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:50 am
HP Mageson666 Site Admin

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There is no evidence for Trump on that claim. And the Jewesses Hillary was paying to play with Russia in the past anyway.

The Alt Right prefers Putin, despite the fact Putin and Merkel are friends. Because they are told by Jewish looking Happa's who have Jewish surnames in their fathers side of the family, guys with fashy mop tops who have strange Russian wives who might be FSB agents, Jews who want White Sharia rape gangs, fat ass crypto Jews and money beggars making their living off their shekels.... That they should love Putin.

NATO is the only thing keeping Commissar Putinstein, sitting in Moscow and not London, Paris or Berlin. Putin and Doodoogrin both want the finalization of the kalergi plan as its their tribal mandate. Just like their fellow Jew, Merkel.

Why do you think the Jews having been weakening NATO militaries for so long.

It might be over the heads of some Alt Right people. You can have an ethno Nationalist movement without sucking on Putin's foot.

Alexander wrote:
Any Truth to Trump being Putin's little puppet ? FBI , NSA , CIA , and the office of the Director of National Intelligence all agree , Russia meddled in the election on Trump's behalf and there could be collusion .
Anyway Putin is scum , but it is understandable why the alt right prefers him to the Likes of Merkel
in many ways it's a binary choice , and nobody wants to be on the side of NATO who are openly calling for the destruction of our race , culture.

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