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Post Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:21 pm
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Truly many of us have heard of this quote before, but how many times was it actually real? In our case, it is completely real. It's totally us against the world, and if there ever were any revolutionaries, it wasn't the funded communists, neither the Christians who fight their imaginary 'demons' all the time, for they rule this system as two sides of the same jewish coin.

In other words if someone wants to look for strong ideologies which have survived persecution, one needs to look no further than us. Considering the history of so many others is grossly exaggerated, we can understand their statements are in vain.

Satanism is really the most persecuted and hijacked 'ideology' of them all. It's not even an ideology basically. It's more like the perception of reality that most people have chased out of their life through jewish admission.

Secrecy is important for the Satanist. Muslims would gladly flail and behead us. About jews, there is no question with all the crimes they do. As for Christians, all it would take is an eventual push for them to get possessed as the zombies they are and get overtaken by their 'good faith' and 'good god' and raise a weapon against us to say. Then, as if these fools were not enough, we also have other invisible enemies.

Many people are also under the false impression that there are other sects of "Satanism". Maybe there are. The issue is, they, instead of fighting other enemies such as let's say the Christian church, are wasting their effort in fighting us more than once. This is because the Christian Church is actually a closer ally to them, because they affirm the same anti-christianity that the church needs to be going. And the church needs to exist so that these useless idiots will look as false 'renegades'.

So it's always someone crying so far these people are concerned. Others because we have messed up their jewish empirical atheism, others because they act purely like animals, others due to base emotions like jealousy and the feeling of shrinking. We are the biggest, the most plentiful, and the greatest, and our people are the most devoted in spiritual advancing. They can't say the same.

Indeed also most political ideologies would also love to hang us, too. Let's not being up a conversation about Communists, either. As for friendlier ideologies or beliefs, such as the Pagans, we are basically a very similar if not the same thing but on a higher level. It's just we are initiated and deeper in, they are more on the simpler and tenderer aspects of the whole thing, focusing on the more recent.

Which is good and better than many other categories. Unfortunately, India, a place where the Gods still reign, wasn't free of jewish subjugation and watering down either, to the point many monks over there are working only to dissolve their existence and kill themselves into a void of nothingness. So we kind of disagree here.

The common thing however both the above categories have, is that they don't take an active spiritual stance or fight against anything.

We do.

In other words, we are the SS and many others are mere observers so to say. They just wait or at best create obstacles for people like us.

The more we grow and the more powerful we become, obviously, this attracts all sorts of weaklings, retards, and many others who just seek to suppress our work. Of course nobody is left indifferent, and many people would assume we are fanatics or anything of that nature. Which is true. Our devotion to our beliefs is extremely focused, but that doesn't imply any negative or harmful aspect to ourselves and others. That is granted people raise a fist or something. Then we have to follow up likewise...

While all these people have the system, the established (((order))), the backups from all directions, we have annihilated many of them over the course of time. Annihilation of course here means survival and thriving against impossible odds, because yes, for many of us the odds are completely impossible, and for people like us to exist, this should puzzle (as it does) our enemies. But bear no mistake who upholds us: It is Satan.

Our fanatical devotion to Truth, spiritual understanding, and facing things that most people feel scared to even think about, has attracted equally the boldest allies with us, the Gods.

It's us against the world and we can win this. Just look on how much we have awakened people to problems, and this is only going to escalate. Bit by bit, things will actually change, but first and foremost it's ourselves that must change.

To all of the Satanic Family who fights for advancement and to uplift the world,

Onwards to even more victories!


Post Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:16 am

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Hmmm, that thing about the Christians turning on us is unsettling. We are in a cage with lion's for sure.

It never stops amazing me how powerful one Satanist can be. This is only an example, and i can only tell the truth of it according to my individual perception of things. This is what I perceived reality to be. I've had a group try to work death magic on me before. I sensed about 10 of them. Yet here I am. The moral of this isn't to say I am powerful, I am nothing compared to many people. I was a noob at the time. And probably I still am in many ways.

But it shows how weak the enemy is. And how our weak links are still better than them many times. Just a dose of knowledge in a person and they have a real problem accomplishing things. I mean if that's the problem a noob gives them what does a longtime veteran do? They have the tiger by the tail for sure in that case.

We as a group can totally achieve victory if we work at it. I do have a bright outlook for the future. I know nothing is certain or in stone, but my gut really says we will pull through and win. We are better.

It's us against the world, but what happens when the world becomes us?

Post Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:08 pm

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" Bit by bit, things will actually change, but first and foremost it's ourselves that must change. "


Post Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:36 am

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We are in a new epoch the coming age of aquarius will see an end to the victimization brought about by the jewish race. We are the chosen ones, the age of aquarius is one of independence.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:18 pm

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Serving the King of the Cosmos Satan one will be rewarded in due time. Life without serving him is not actually life at all because degeneracy is death and the only advancement possible is through Satan who had the Siddhi of true civilization being appointed that by Nature herself. Consider this when you feel like quitting. Times are hard but life is only possible through Satan, looking at it from a microcostic view or macrocostic. The poem below is the best way to understand his power as Eternal King and Creator.

Qu'ret al-Yezid: The Revelation of Melek Ta'us

Wherefore, it is true that my knowledge encompasses the
Very truth of all that is,
And my wisdom is not separate from my heart,
And the manifestation of my descent is clear unto you,
And when it is revealed to the children of Adam it will
Be seen by all.
And many will tremble thereby.
All habitations and desert spaces are indeed of my own creation, set forth,
All fully within my strength, not that of the false gods;
Wherefore I am he that men come with their rightful worship,
Not the false gods of their books, wrongly written;
But they come to know me, a peacock of bronze and gold,
Wings spread over Kaaba, temple, and church, not to be overshadowed.
And in the secret cave of my wisdom it is known that there is no god but myself,
Archangel over all the host, Melek Ta'us.
Knowing this, who dares deny?
Knowing this, who dares fail to worship?
Knowing this, who dares worship the false gods of the Koran and bible?
Know that who knows me will I cast into paradisiacal gardens of my pleasure!
But the Yezid who knows me not will I cast into affliction.
Say then, I am the only and exalted archangel;
And I make prosperous whom I will,
And I enliven whom I will.
Say then, I alone am to be praised from the Towers of Lalish,
And from the mountain of Ararat to the western sea.
Say then, let the light of knowledge flash forth from the ziarahs,
Flash forth from the river of Euphrates to the hiddeness of Shamballah.
Let my Sanjak be carried from its safe place into the temple,
And let all the clans of Yezid know of my manifestation,
Even Sheikan, and Sinjar, and Haliteyeh, and Malliyeh, and Lepcho,
And the Kotchar who wander among the heathen.

— So saith Shaitan
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

Post Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:48 pm

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For what I've read about sects of "Satanism" they practice psychic vampirism. I think there is a connection between The Order of the Trapezoid, Church of Satan, ONA and the Temple of the Vampire. Who are the Undead Gods they talk about?
Hail Satan! Heil Hitler! Hail Hekate! Hail Sorath! Hail Azazel!

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