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Ancient Egyptian Human Sacrifice a Jewish Hoax

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This topic will touch on the subject of the title.

It's a well known and documented thing, that the jews started living human sacrifice in the first place. To cover up and create the false history necessary to fool the Goyim that we live in a world of progress, after 1500 years of 100% jewish enslavement such as the Middle Ages, they created the hoax of Pagan Human Sacrifice. It has served them well.

One instance is Egypt. Supposedly, Egyptians were also doing living human sacrifice.

As people know in Egypt Cats were sacred. Killing a cat or abusing them was punishable by death. Cats and animals were as respected in society same as any other human being. We can see why today, when a considerably humans are far more worthless than any cat or dog walking around in the case of some savages. Indeed these animals help us way more in our survival.

Here is a Mummified cat:



Bastet, the Cat Goddess:



Let's look at this text where the bloody Pharaoh does the usual, sacrifices children and so forth. This was the everyday life in Egypt. The bible has let us know about how corrupted Egypt was, which even in their fictitious book, they gave mercy of the kikes instead of sacrificing them to "Moloch" (a random word for Melek which means King.

Melek Taus the Shaitan of the Yazidis etc). Because they were so bloodthirsty, they actually wanted to drink the blood out of the jewish skulls, but the sickly race of jews of course was so stronk they evaded their armies etc. All this seems extremely legit.

Below the Absolutely Real Text on the Pharaoh of Course Cannibalizing as he NORMALLY did EVERYDAY.

"The king orders sacrifices, he alone controls them,
the king eats humans, feeds on gods,
he has them presented on an altar to himself,
he has agents to do his will. He fires off the orders!
The king eats their magic, he gulps down their souls,
the adults he has for breakfast,
the young are lunch,
the babies he has for supper,
the old ones are too tough to eat, he just burns them on the altar as an offering to himself. "

Now to the interesting part... this was from: Pyramid Texts 273-4, Old Kingdom translated by...

Jacob Rabinowitz

Jacob J. Rabinowitz (1899-1960) was a professor of law, notable for his English translation of one of the Mishneh Torah books.

Rabinowitz was born in Russia and at a young age immigrated with his family to the United States. His father, Rabbi Moshe Zvi Rabinowitz, was a rabbinical leader in Brooklyn, New York.

Rabinowitz studied law at Columbia University and New York University, later working under Commissioner of Investigation of New York City William Herlands. He was also a lecturer at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, publishing articles and books on Hebraic law and its relation to modern-day judicial systems. His translation of the book of Kinyan in the Mishneh Torah was published by Yale University Press.

Rabinowitz immigrated to Israel, becoming the first member of the law faculty in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to teach Hebrew law. His publications, both in English and Hebrew, researched the Torah and Talmud.

Would the jews ever lie to you?

Even the same research site admits...: "It appears that, originally, the Egyptians, like some other peoples who practiced ritual cannibalism, thought that spiritual powers resided in the body and could be acquired by ingestion. There is no evidence, though, that such a view was more than speculative and ever acted upon. "

Tell me honestly. Would a jew ever lie to you and project his own racial psychopathy in supposedly translating SPIRITUAL texts?




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Muh choseness, goyim...


Jewish high culture....


I was reading a Socratic dialogue style work by an early Christian writer, and in it he said commoners believed that youths were initiated into the Church by chopping up an infant and drinking its blood.

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卍The King of Kings卐 wrote:
I was reading a Socratic dialogue style work by an early Christian writer, and in it he said commoners believed that youths were initiated into the Church by chopping up an infant and drinking its blood.

Disgusting. Christians always doing the same crap...Projecting and projecting...

We need to shut their mouths.

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In Rome the jews spread lies about the Druids saying the practiced human sacrifice and other nonsense so the Romans would kill them.

Everything the Jews are and do, they blame on us Gentiles.

In the King James version of the bible, the word "sacrifice" appears 218 times, and the word
"sacrificed" appears 33 times.

The entire book of Leviticus is based upon instructions on how to properly carry out living blood sacrifices.

In opposition to this, the blood thirsty Hebrews (Elijah) challenged Pagan priests to offer a sacrifice to Baal and Ashteroth. These were NOT accepted.
The sacrifice to yaweh was speedily accepted:
1 Kings 18:25

I also want to add more on how the Jews deceive. Their kosher dietary laws strictly prohibit the consumption of blood. IMO, this is a cover to deceive, even many of their own.

What they publicly claim their so called "religion" is and what it really is, are two totally different things. Blood libel has gone on for centuries. Those who are deluded would believe otherwise, given the kosher crap. That kosher crap is a cover. People are led to believe because blood is prohibited and is not kosher, that the blood libel accusations against the Jews are nonsense.

One only needs to look to the Torah, which is the "Old Testament" of Christianity and read a bit. There are 5 books and the entire book of Leviticus is focused on these blood sacrifices, how to do them, etc. Deuteronomy is loaded with this sick and depraved garbage as well. Living blood sacrifice is also repeatedly written about in the other books of the Torah as well and of course, the ultimate climax is the living blood sacrifice, child sacrifice I might add, of the Nazarene. Jewsus.

For those who still question the many Talmudic quotes posted here and in other places online, that reveal just how vicious the Jews are towards Gentiles, one only need READ the Old Testament.

The Talmud is a massive collection of volumes of extensive rabbinical writings and commentaries on the Torah (Old Testament). As I already wrote in the above, living blood sacrifice is a biblical theme.

In studying Judaism in depth, I also want to add that in Judaism, "poverty is a sin." Also turning the other cheek is sinful. The biblical story of Jacob wrestling with an angel and given some accounts, "God" and given the name Israel.

"Jacob then demanded a blessing, and the being declared in Genesis 32:28 that, from then on, Jacob would be called יִשְׂרָאֵל, Israel (Yisra`el, meaning "one that struggled with the divine angel" (Josephus), "one who has prevailed with God" (Rashi), "a man seeing God" (Whiston), "he will rule as God" (Strong), or "a prince with God" (Morris), from Hebrew: שרה‎‎, "prevail", "have power as a prince").

The poverty is a virtue and the turn the other cheek suicidal Nazarene teachings are for Gentiles.

Again, as I wrote before, love being the most powerful of human emotions is used to manipulate victims into accepting this anti-life alien crap. If every cell in your body or any body had that kind of attitude towards harmful bacteria and viruses, just how long do you think you would last?

In closing, Yahoo was bought out by Verizon and another company. What this might mean for our egroups here, we don't know.

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Gentiles used the word "sacrifice" but they appear to have meant something completely different than what jews do.

I came across a very interesting excerpt from Rig Veda, quoted by Blavatsky in her book "ISIS UNVEILED, Vol. I". It's very revealing. I tried to trace it back to it's original source, but I was unable to. Maybe someone who's more familiar/knowledgeable with the Vedas could try to find it there.
We will quote two passages from the Aitareya Brahmana:

In the "Serpent-Mantra,"* the Brahmana declares as follows: that this Mantra is that one which was seen by the Queen of the Serpents, Sarpa-rajni; because the earth (iyam) is the Queen of the Serpents, as she is the mother and queen of all that moves (sarpat). In the beginning she (the earth) was but one head (round), without hair (bald), i.e., without vegetation. She then perceived this Mantra which confers upon him who knows it, the power of assuming any form which he might desire. She "pronounced the Mantra," i.e., sacrificed to the gods; and, in consequence, immediately obtained a motley appearance; she became variegated, and able to produce any form she might like, changing one form into another. This Mantra begins with the words: "Ayam gauh pris'nir akramit" (x., 189).

*From the Sanskrit text of the Aitareya Brahmanam. Rig-Veda, v., ch. ii., verse 23.

Basically what the above is telling, is that by SACRIFICE, Gentiles understood VIBRATING WORDS OF POWER/MANTRAS.

Also if we keep in mind that "god/s" = "chakra/s" and "self," then the phrase "She sacrificed to the Gods" can very much mean "She vibrated words of power into her chakras."

There's something else I wanted to mention. I remember I saw the following in several different movies, especially movies featuring Greek Gods, where they say something like "The Gods are empowered by our sacrifices" or that "If you don't bring them sacrifices, the powers of the Gods grow weak," etc. Now I don't know where did the film producers get these phrases from. I don't know if they pulled them from some ancient Gentile writers/texts. But if they did (with the intention of mocking our Gods), it now makes sense what it would have been meant originally by such statements. If we re-read these phrases keeping in mind the Gentile meaning of sacrifices, they would look like this:

"The chakras/self are empowered by the vibrating of mantras."
"If you don't vibrate words of power into them, then the power of your chakras grow weak."

Below is a verse from the bible which says it all. Just have a look at how much the Egyptian loved the jewish blood sacrifices:
Exodus 8:26 26 But Moses said, “It would not be right to do that, because what we will sacrifice to the Lord our God is detestable to the Egyptians. If we sacrifice what the Egyptians detest in front of them, won’t they stone us?

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I heard and read somewhere that they were trying to transform everything to Androids or iPhones and stuff. Like many people in the bus or elsewhere attached dead to their device, and having everything switch over for instant access or whatnot. But they are planning for another crisis that afterwards they would go full throttle and change everything.

This is prolly why a have shows and crap like Degrassi. That sick crap is beyond effeminate and disgusting. If they merged society in their social behavior as In their shows, it's all bad. Like sushine, sparkles, and fary magick going to kiss all and everything away. It's going to be fun.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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So, poverty and turning the other cheek is a sin. I totally get that...

To solve poverty, I would do the money meditations...while consistently meditating of prevent mishaps.... Also looking for a high paying job might help....... Right??? Or just any type of employment...

Turning the other cheek, I would just simply do the RTRs... And that is all that must be done? Nothing else? Not even personal problems???? I know of a few assholes that need to be dealt with....

Financially, I would not want to stop doing what I'm doing...

I must contribute...
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Thomasss, great post! Thank you brother!

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Since I re-read your sermon about that fucking bitch Jew who was born in a cave, I understand even better how to work on the Pineal. Must enter in the cave of the soul. Then now I also have Shiva vibration given by HP Don ... !!!

Thank you... You brought me back to Father Satan ... !!!

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