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Christ Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Mankind

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Christ Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Mankind


The Torah is a book of Jewish Witchcraft which is designed to manifest its blueprint into the world. Even the Talmud is nothing more then a study of the Torah. The Jews have created the New Testament as a necessary strategic plan to bring this about. As one Jew stated: " It has all the world praying to the God of Israel." Which feeds the Jewish Torah-thought form to bring this down into material reality and as social psychologists know. What a nation of people believe they will work unconsciously to bring about into reality. The Bible ends with the Jews ruling the world. Christianity is a Jewish conspiracy to meme this into existence.

The Torah in the book of Daniel, chapter seven a very important book within a important book that of Daniel. The book of Daniel in Chapter 6:4 holds the entire confession of Jewish faith. Which is why they chose Daniel for this. The Jew Daniel is given the vision of the four beasts of the four Kingdom's that the Jews did not control the great Gentile periods of civilization and life. The fourth is called Edom, this in Judaism is the current age we are in and also relates to the start of Rome which causes the diaspora which causes the Jews to live among Gentile rule as the other three. The age of Edom is the last age before the return of the Jewish Messiah and the creation of the Messianic global Kingdom of the Jews.

Daniel chapter 7:13 is the verse that foretells this and links the Torah and Christian books into one:

"I saw in the visions of the night, and behold with the clouds of the heaven, one like a man was coming, and he came up to the Ancient of Days and was brought before Him."

The Torah states all nations shall serve the Jews when this happens. Because as one Rabbi states: "Because the Jews will be the world Empire." Note they choose 7 and 13. The Jewish God has seven primary names that tie into the Kabala and their God's creation of the world, the new world of the Jews to come with Messiah and the number 13 in Judaism is the letter Mem which relates to 40 the number of the total cycle of completion in the Torah. And Mem the 13th letter in Kabala is called: Messiah. The letter Mem is a code which in the kabala its glyph is drawn containing a Vav and Kav coming to make Mem. This adds to 26 the number of YHVH their god. Kav means crown and rules Keter in Kabala and kingship, the Vav is what brings the energy down into material reality and the Mem relates to the element of spirit. In their kabala this spelling of the letter of Mem as number in Torah is the manifestation of the Jewish kingship by bringing their thought form down from the astral into the material. Their gematria system of kabala spelling letters as numbers and numbers as letters tells one exactly what this Messiah is. The whole Torah is based on Kabala.

Note this is were the Bible plays into this and why the Jews created the New Testament and Christianity. The Christian's scriptures which no one argues was wrote by Torah Jews..... Point to Daniel 13 as the key to the prediction of the coming of Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yahweh [Jesus]. The final book of the New Testament spell that is designed to openly connect this fully into the Torah conspiracy. Is the book of Revelations. Which is wrote in the exact same language of the book of Daniel and the events of Daniel. Which Theologians all know this. The book of Revelations is foretelling the final end of the age of Edom [which is also related to Rome and ongoing period of today] and the return of the Jewish Messiah in the form of Yeshua [Jesus in Greek] and the book of Revelation ends with the destruction of the Gentiles Nations the end of Edom. And the global Empire of the Jewish race in the form of the 144,000 Jews which represent the 12 tribes of Israel the entire Jewish race ruling as the elite with the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. Thus ushering in the eternal global Empire of the Jews.

This is also why Daniel seven is wrote in Aramaic as well as Hebrew. Jesus is made to speak Aramaic and his final statements on the cross are put into the bible in Aramaic.... Jesus gives the final seven verses on the cross in Aramaic. Which tie into the seventh book of Daniel. The sixth phrase the all important number that brings their magic down into the material realm. Jesus states: "It is finished". The Jewish spell linking back to Daniel seven.

What Daniel foretells is Gentile slavery to the Jews for eternity.

As Daniel chapter 7:14 states:
"And He {The Jewish God] gave him ][The Jewish messiah] glory and a kingdom, and all peoples, nations, and tongues shall serve him; his dominion is an eternal dominion, which will not be removed, and his kingdom is one which will not be destroyed."

Jesus is the conduit for channeling the spiritual, psychic energies of the Gentiles into the Jewish thought form to bring all this into existence. Including the leader the Jews need to bring this all together on earth. The leader who will have the entire Gentile world on their knee's to him licking the Jews feet. This is why Revelations has 22 chapters the number of building the Temple in Kabala their World Empire. Which they tie their Messiah to King David who was the leader of this Empire in the Torah. 22 is also the number of all their letters in their kabala alphabet which is the total names of their god and the Jews chant these as the names of their god. The whole Torah is wrote from the 22 letters. In kabala the five books of the Torah is called the body of their god. The 22 letters.

This is what the New Testament and Christianity is meant to bring about the Global Jewish Dictatorship in which the Goyim shall serve. Of course the Jews need to promise the Goyim something to get them marching to Zion. They promise them fairy tales in the sky to trick them into building their own prison down here on earth for the Jews. The New Testament sets up the needed foundation to bring the Jewish Empire about, spiritually, ideologically and physically.

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HP Mageson666 Site Admin

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The new testament its a just a ideology no different then communism to set up the foundation of the enemies system. The arguments between jews and Christians in the new testament is a necessary fake out to create the needed cognitive dissonance from the jews to allow for the Christians to be lured into the false promises in the new testament so they will work for the jews.

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Evin with the Jews doing Torah meetings, rituals and such things,,, over thousands of years, to bring this about like they have,,,, I would think they have help on the ''other side''. i would think their reptilian masters have a part in helping. This seems too much for humans to pull off on their own.
And, of course, mass gentile psychic energy provides the power for this control. Just seems like there is something or someone else ''behind the scenes'' doing something from another standpoint, dimension, realm.

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I recently saw an article where it was said that Romans made up Christ to get the Jews to stop rebelling. What is your opinion on this?

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