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Yazidi's, White's Are The Race Of Satan

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Post Thu May 18, 2017 8:54 pm
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Yazidi's, White's Are The Race Of Satan

This is the answer to a question on the Yazidi's I gave in one of the threads on the forum:


The symbol of the Yazidi, one of the cuneiform symbols is the name of Istar who is the Aryan Goddess of Spring, Easter in Europe.

Adamu is the name of the first being Enki created in Sumeria and this is Adimu in the east. Adam is also Atum in Egypt the T and D are double letters and can be exchanged. Adimu in Sanskrit is the name of primordial Shakti energy. The serpent energy.

Sheik Adi of the Yazidi is spelled Shak Adi by the Yazidi Shakti Adi, the Ti on the end just denotes the feminine energy in Hinduism. Shak Adi is a name of the serpent energy as well. Shak Adi is also stated to be an incarnation of Melek Taus. This is symbolic for the risen serpent and transformed soul. Shak Adi was a person who was an ascended master. In the Yazidi record an important event, Shiek Adi saw Melek Taus appear before as a radiant Nordic being surrounded by Peacock feathers who gave him a prophetic vision of the fall of the Jewish race and their programs of control. And out of this the Children of Shaitan would rise to dominate the new world to come.

The Yazidi on the esoteric level state they come from Shaitan mixing of a drop of seed of Adam in a jar planted under a tree for nine months, this is openly alchemical in symbolism. Adimu, is the serpent Energy of Shaitan coming up from the root chakra and transforming the soul, which is the symbolic tree. The Yazidi have a esoteric and exoteric culture. In the symbolic the seed is the bindu the golden drop of the soul. They received their soul and physical being from Shaitan.

They also state in the literal exoteric sense they were directly physically created by Shaitan and they are descended from Shaitan. And yes they do state they call Melek Taus, Shaitan, which is Arabic for Satan. And it was Shaitan that taught them the knowledge of ascension to the Siddie state.

They call Him Satan, Shaitan because this is His ancient name. In Hinduism, Satanama is the highest name of God and the most holy mantra in the original form of Yoga, kundalini [Kriya] yoga.

As Laurence Gardener showed in his book: Genesis Of The Grail Kings:

"The Serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea[ my note Sumeria] He had been called Shaitan."

Shaitan was also the name of Him in the Pagan Sumerian world of the Aryans. The Sumerian's stated Shaitan created them in His image and called them the Ari, Ara, the ancient term of Aryan. The Sumerian's were White as well.

The ancient Sumerians:


The Yazidi came from Northern India there are words in their hymns that only exist in the Rig Veda the most ancient and founding text of Hinduism and the Peacock in not native to the near east. Its stated by anthropologist the Yazidi are the founding people of Hinduism. The Yazidi women still dress in the traditional Hindu dress of India for their rituals and the Seven Sanjak's they carry once a year in procession is common in the Hindu Temple. The Yazidi elders also state they came out of India. In the parts of India that Hinduism in its most ancient form survived in the original god of Hinduism has the serpent and Peacock for symbols, the same symbols of the Yazidi God, Shaitan. Melek Taus means King Peacock not angel. The Sanjak procession of the Yazidi can be seen on ancient Assyrian and Babylonian fresco's. Of the six other Gods that comes from Melek Taus one of them is Shammash the ancient Pagan Sun God.

The Yazidi calendar is also seven thousand years old. Which predates anything the Jews claim by thousands of years. The Yazidi state they are the first people on earth and they are an Aryan People, they are called the blond blood line in the middle east, and the oldest religion. Their name Yazidi is from Ya Siddhie the ancient name of the Gods. The Aryan God Satan who created them as well.

A Yazidi child:


The White Race are the direct Children of Satan, even the Jews state this in their own texts openly. And this is why they are order to exterminate the White Race in the Jewish texts.

What sense does it make to worship our Jewish enemies and their Blaspheme against us and our living Gods and Creator Satan. In their book of Jewish Witchcraft the bible... And bow before the icon of our literal extermination, that of Yashua Ben Yahweh, the foul lie of Christ. The Jewish bible celebrates the extermination of Aryan Peoples from Egypt to Persia to Canaan and the destruction of the Great Aryan Empires in the book of Daniel. Thus setting up a powerful subliminal spell for the destruction of the Aryan Race. And the Bible ends with the Jewish god returning destroying all the Gentile nations in a Jewish messianic race war and then ruling the ruins from the new Zion with the 144,000 Jewish elect who are the twelve tribes of Israel the Jewish Race. Which is what the Jewish messiah does in the Talmud and Torah. Its no mistake the final book of the bible this happens is openly wrote to connect to the book of Daniel in the old testament. The total destruction of the Aryan world.

RisenSerpent wrote:

Hey everyone. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. The Al jiwah and the Qu'ret al-Yezid both talk about the children of adam which hasnt been talked about here so if any of the Hp's could enlighten me on it that would be great. Im assuming the children of adam are the jews but Ive seen a post that talks a bit about cain and it was positive so i dont know. Also a post going more in depth on the Al jiwah and the teachings would be great as well : )

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So basicly the old testament of the lieble starts off with reptiles deceiving gentiles.. And later greys and jooz.

They really couldnt come up with anything themselves..

It is interesting to read, because if you read this on its own you cant point it out but if you know other things from other sources, things start to make sense and you can see through.
Although a kike will always twist and turn and then even the best books and info turns into rotten smelly hoax material.

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This thread triggers Bronies..


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Haha how so?

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Yazidi is also Yazata, an iranic word meaning Godly or Divne.
INDRA, bring wealth that gives delight, the victor's ever-conquering wealth,
Most excellent, to be our aid;
By means of which we may repel the enemy in battle hand to hand,
By thee assisted with the chariot.
Aided by thee, the thunder-armed, Indra, may we lift up the bolt,
And conquer all our foes in battle.
With thee, O Indra, for ally with missile-darting heroes, may
We conquer our embattled foes.
Mighty is Indra, yea supreme; greatness be his, the Thunderer:
Wide as the heaven extends his power
Which aideth those to win them sons, who come as heroes to the fight.


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Great sermon hp magson !!!

Hail satan

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A well known Yazidi shrine.



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"invade tabuk and you will get the daughters of yellow (aryan women)"

- prophet mohammad.

i wonder why isis in Prefer raping yazidi women in twenty-first century.................

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