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Why Europe is Not Revolting? Here you go...

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I will tell you why and put it bluntly and simply. Because of Christianity. Christianity, and these people who have been taught cultural marxism later, all account to the same people. Those who will never revolt, and always tolerate anything the jews or the Abrahamics bring in their plate.

They are more ready to condemn, attack, kill and imprison their 'own', to earn their 'right' to be raped, pillaged, and outbred by Muslims and others. These are their 'values'. The values of having no value about your existence, at all.

They enjoy it when rape happens, they enjoy murder, and more than likely, they enjoy death and the darkness that looms over Europe, which used to be a continent of light. They are filled with perversion and an instinct of destruction. They know it too, but they are allied in an unholy alliance of benefits, materialism, and corruption, that ties them with strong bonds. Then we have ignorance, stupidity, and escapism that is without equal. A retardation unparalleled in human history.

Even cavemen understood their own enemies, and the paleolithic man understood what it means to be in danger. Now, 'modern humans' understand nothing. Or even worse, pretend NOT to.

On the other hand, the Christian mass was very militant in history, when it came to Pagans and others, but right now, it's not. Why?

Because the energies clashed when it came to Pagans. They don't do now. Islam is nothing but what Christianity was a few centuries ago. It's the same thing. The Christians are only welcoming their past. With open borders, legs, wallets, streets and neighborhoods.

The energies of a Muslim and a Christian, they do not really 'clash'. They don't cleave very nice, or at all. They are too close, closely identical. One is just more radicalized. Internally, it's the same sand excrement, and psychosis, motivating more or less, similar actions. More or less, it's only the same jewish-taught, self destruction. It just externalizes on a social level.

They worship the same 'god', they have the same ideology about the world. The only difference between the hordes from the Kaaba, and the nuts of the Vatican, is that what the brutal apes of the Kaaba are doing 'now', the Christians have done centuries ago, consolidating total power through mass murder.

Therefore, when they were 'done', they turned to apologetics and becoming 'friendly', while killing the remaining those who disagreed with their jewish dogma. The Islamists are now on the same transitory phase. Let's not forget that Islam was only created a thousand years after Christianity, roughly. It still has to go through these states. And so it will. Like a jewish instilled disease, such is it's evolution and it's manifestation.

Like the Middle East has been wrecked completely and is completely uncivilized now, the place where once civilization flourished, the same thing will come to Europe. It's already coming, and it's here. But skilled politicians and deceivers, in an unholy alliance, they hide this very fact. Until death is in everyone's door- the moment where it is too late, but only for lamentations and useless prayers. After all - this is the only thing that Europe knows how to do:

Lament and dance over the corpse of it's own civilization...

Lastly, let's see the 'enslaved for nothing', self hating, and culture and civilization hating disposition of Christians. Who believe Civilization is "Sodoma and Gommorah" and needs to be destroyed. The Islamic Invasion is literally, the answer to their prayers to the criminal god they pray to. The jews whom they worship have answered their prayer in the material plane. They basically, inherently, love this, and want everyone to die and go extinct.

It's the same old revolt of the weak, the retarded, and the worthless, against the strong and those who are worthy to at least live and exist. The same psychopaths who like to rape children, are filled with corruption, enjoy seeing open borders and criminals flooding in, and the same politicians that give ass to jews, now want to give ass to Islamics. All their testament is their own retardation and evil, that they cloak under 'political beliefs'.

They just enjoy to see people die, and civilization to collapse. That's all their inner truth. There is no deception in this. They can see where all of this is going, but they march forth, for they are JEWS.

It's the same worldwide, jewish conspiracy, that starts, and that will end, with the Jews. As for their pawns, don't question why they do not 'protect' you. They are jews themselves, and Christianity was their tool of enslaving, cuckening, and instilling the foundations of communism at the soul level: the conception that all people are created equal, and all the false doctrines that made it into rules for civilization and legal system.

As Europe sinks into darkness, don't forget who was the only one who said the Truth again, and always has nudged people to wake up. Satan. Soon, Europe will be begging for the help from "God", and the jewish God they believe in, will again be absent to give any help.

The jewish JHVH and his Rabbi Son They will have already done enough to Europe: But they will not be satisfied until the last European baby is beaten in the stones (Psalm 137:9), and until the last European sinks into the claudron of Race mixing, to never exist again.

Only the rebuked, the defamed, and the falsely attacked, the Gods of the Gentiles will be here to help, for once more, those who have always made their presence known even through their own enemies, in every cathedral decorated with Demonic decoration, or in the Renaissance, through the waking up of the Ancient Philosophy, that of the European Spirit.

Their European God, who is nobody else but Satan- the defamed and rebuked "God" of the jewish dogmas and religions, whom the whole planet speaks against. The influences of the God of Civilization, Satan, is giving in, in Europe. In His place arise pedophile prophets, murderous jehova's, and rotten politicians that care for nothing but to make Europe extinct.

Enjoy the outcome of believing in jews, bending over to them, accepting their Gods, their Dogma, and their plans for your future. For this is equal to your HOLOCAUST. And no, it will not be as the fictitious jewish one. It will be one that will be very real.

The Return of the people to their Gods, and their awakening, equals to the regaining of the spirit of vigor and life. This is the only thing that can save Europe: A real re-awakening. It's reaching a radical and critical point- those who do not make this step will have to be consumed by a darkness that all generations to come will never forgive us about...This point will be reached, wether we like it, want it, accept it or not.

We will do our part in saving Civilization and the world, yet again, but unless people wake up, reality will be very brutal.

The question, the more people stay asleep and nothing happens... The question will be...: "To wake up and revolt, or to die in one's sleep".

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Commander, because we don't think to a violent revolution?XD
I now speak seriously, the only way to save the europa they are the rituals of inversion...

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Nazis are only a continuation of the Knights Templar who use to wear the black and red cord honoring Satan.


One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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Like you said here. So many ''dumbed down'' christians. Waiting for God to save them. They will be waiting on the jewish God till hell freezes over. I know.
Then you got the other extreme. Fundamentalist christians. "Convert them or kill them." (And torture them).
There is a youtube clip (funny,,, one at that) "Who are the christian terrorist groups" This is the title of the clip on youtube.
They name 3 christian terror groups. 1. The Army of God. 2. Eastern Lightning. 3. The Lord's Army.
Funny video.

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So much for that dream then. Looks like Europeans will never a home or country for themselves.
Duhn Duhn Duuuuhhhhhhn.

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Even so, the ones that can be saved are starting to chomp at the bit while the enemy pulls harder and harder to regain control to which may are starting to snap. xianity despite what delusional fools say, which also goes for, albeit slower, the mudslimes, is quickly dying out. It won't be long until the only thing gentiles have a negative reaction to are the ones pissing themselves while holding irreparable puppet strings.

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This remark is referenced towards HP Don statement of jews pushing the hate negro on one side and the other by jews on the darks. I'm wondering when I'm supposed to meet that hateful cracker jack of a tyrant known as the racist white guy. I never met them. These people have alsways been up to themselves which the propaganda always seems to contradict. We are literally talking about the death of a mighty race on this planet as the others have always been as well. And it's all because of jews. There is no why or how come when it comes to these guys. It's always the same with a different flavor or approach at times when concerning the jew. IT FLIPPING SUCKS TO THE FULLEST.

And it will keep on sucking and we will keep on struggling any way, every way we can. There's no choice.

I had a thought to myself legitimately. And I asked told myself I could just stop any time with it all. No one is forcing me to do anything. No one. As I realised more so than previously that we fight for ourselves, I told myself to just do it. I couldn't stop working. I know truth. I know the way at my level of being. If I stop at my current level of understanding and previous commitment, then what else?

No thing.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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That Klapner jew is proof the only thing a jew can be sincere about, is destroying the White Race and other Gentiles he just promotes the book of jewish witchcraft that has murdered hundreds of millions of Gentiles and destroyed most of the planet and demands we bow before its racial program while dressed like a clown. Somehow because he tells us what we already know about the jews. This changes The jews got chutzpah with their tricknology.

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Well Europe should be fucking revolting. Show absolutely no mercy. If Daesh beheads one of us, or rapes one of us, then a group of Germans should dismember a muslim completely, and force feed his body parts to the POWs that get captured.
How did you know? It's what I've always wanted
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Yes its conditioning. Well pointed out. What I got wondering about was why didn't the Jews just create one religion. I mean they have different servitors to pour energy into. Like the Xtian gods have 42 and 72 names. And the Muslim God has 99 names. Why didn't they just create one?

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They did, islam is just another sect of the Xian program.

Tyser1926 wrote:
Yes its conditioning. Well pointed out. What I got wondering about was why didn't the Jews just create one religion. I mean they have different servitors to pour energy into. Like the Xtian gods have 42 and 72 names. And the Muslim God has 99 names. Why didn't they just create one?

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Yes it is just another sect of xtianity. I see that now. The servitors with the 42, 72 and 99 names are all energy vortexes and a magical connection to bring about the same plans for which the Jews created and programmed them for. What else I see now is that they created two different sects of religion for their goyim so that they can play their Divide & Conquer tactic between them. Like in Egypt now Muslims are attacking Xtians and that's happened before. So the Jews can create a distraction and have attention off of themselves whilst they plot away with their nefarious plans under the radar while everyone is in combat with each other. I also feel when an area is all white it has a harmonious, respectful live and let live feel. But when there is a racial mixing in an area there is a vibe. It's like the people hate on each other even though they appear happy and content on the outside. Maybe these people that are so conditioned to believe in race mixing feel it's against nature and that's what causes the ugly angry hateful vibe in mixed societies. Cheers for your answer

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