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Post Mon May 15, 2017 10:08 pm
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Greetings to all our Satanic Comrades.

Well, Authority has become a scary word nowadays. Mainly because of the negative abuse of power those in such positions exact upon others. This mainly has to do with the Torah. As most people and 'authoritarians' today are nothing but Torah feces, covered with a big useless Ego. Formed from a soul they don't even have in the first place, big lolz.

Many people such as the anti-fa and many teenagers or people in general. They just 'rebel' for the sake of it. Rarely any thought is put in such rebellion. They can even rebel many times on what is good for them, or even liberating. The enemy knows this, and they abuse this. This is why all the teenagers all over the world are misguided to 'rebel' towards nothing, and they don't do nothing to change society aside from the worst.

"Rebellion" is only a quality when it has mature thought in it. If it doesn't, then it is equal to retardation.

Goyim logic: "Jews rule the world and I am a goyim slave animal? Come on, that's kinda fine I can live with this.

Someone disagrees with MY opinion which after all I have formed by nothing else but muh feels. Well that's a WW3, right here. Time to rebel against this biatch. I'ma kill this biatch right now!!"

Interestingly enough many 'rebels' and large 'egotists' are the first ones to cuck when real problems are at hand. Most of the time they are busy bullying grannies, young people, or other powerless individuals for no reason whatsover. This behavior is typical with many people outside.

People don't co-operate anymore, and the enemy has been successful in breaking society into 'individuals' who basically are completely powerless and unimportant. They want to go 'their way', mainly things like drugs, or other useless routes in their existence. I wouldn't call it individuality, let's call it, cornering them.

On the other hand we have those who are completely docile and obedient. This again is equally as stupid as the 'rebel without a cause'. These people always, no matter what, they always don't do the simplest rebellion. Especially so when it's most required.

Both of the above individuals can easily be turned into tools for the enemy, their agenda, and anyone else. Look at these poor antifa guys, or these christian goyim generations. And you will notice, they are both in the same level of stupidity. It doesn't matter how it goes.

Now with all the above understood, we can understand too, that Authority is not 'evil'. Many people are 'authority haters' and this is in their chart. Many people are SS too and they have these aspects in their personality. It takes a pair to be able to go against the enemy, advance, change yourself and completely 'throw your skin' so to say and take the way we take. It takes a powerful character to do this. This is probably one of the hardest paths in the world.

There are authorities that help us free ourselves, and authorities that damn us. This should be obvious. The interesting thing is that most people do not really 'revolt' against authorities that damn them, because basically, power is exacted and these people are cucked from it. They rather keep their 'rebellious' tendencies for random people, family, their own group(s), their own team(s), or people in online video games.

These are the people who are rebels for nothing really. Like the fat feminists, overly aggressive, feminists, who in their mind think they can become eye-raped by someone. There are many such types around.

We are FLOODED with "REBELS" nowadays. Obedience is becoming more and more scarce. Same as that, civilization sinks, and bright geniuses that would be produced by a cohesive civilization or help from other people too, don't appear anymore.

These people aren't doing any 'rebellion'. They are doing a Rabbi-Elyon. Which is what the Rab, of the Joo God wants them to do.

Their only 'rebellion' is to rebel against what is good to them. In the same way a slave complies and throws themselves into shit, these people 'rebel' and throw themselves in the same shit. One goes right, the other goes left, the outcome is the same.

I notice in society today, people are very fearful, so many of them just 'retreat' in their own self. This has two outcomes. On one par, people actually develop a sense of self. This is why many people are here, and that's a good thing. For many though it's not like that.

Authority and order are not bad things. If one has a communist mindset that they are 'equal' or 'above' others, while they know they are not, and all this pestillence, this is very harmful for the person thinking this first and foremost. A person who is obese thinks they are completely healthy and fine, equal to the fit people.

They die of a heart attack, nature disproves that. Someone goes to the hospital, they think they are 'above' the doctor, because we are all equal. Doctor tells them to stay for a day, they leave the hospital because they saw a movie with Bruce Lee and they think they are Bruce Lee now. Then they die by an infection or something. One goes to the pavewalk, there is a red sign, don't cross. But fuck the state and it's authority, ya know? They pass the street, dead they fall hit by a truck.

In anyway, there is NOTHING bad or disgraceful about accepting authority and being obedient. This is indeed a sign of true intelligence, if one's allegiance and one's obedience are done with correct thought and for the correct reasons. It's a disgrace however when it happens towards people like the team toilet jew.

Correct obedience and acknowledgement of authority results in many good things. Such as power that an individual could never possess on their 'own', kinship, friendship, elevated conditions of existence etc. Rebellion also when it's needed, actually breeds good fruit too, that's beyond saying. How do you all evolve here? By 'obedience' to the enemy? It's obvious this was a wise move to rebel, beyond all sayings.

Lastly I wanted to point something on the cohesion the enemy has. The enemy cares to ALWAYS, and I mean always, keep their people together and in cohesion. This can come from curses, killing half of them, and many other things professed in the bible. They are not joking, they are criminals, and they will go to all lengths to keep their necessary unity.

Satan and the Gods work in a very different way. They give people intelligence and wisdom to understand. Only if things grow over the far end, then, well, very strict measures may need to be used, depending on the situation at hand. Satanic Authority does not exist over this enemy type of negativity and terror. Because it's far more capable of doing extreme damage and therefore, mercy is amplified. I know this may sound absurd, but this is called wisdom.

The average Rabbi, if someone spits at them in the street, they are going to die from the others. Why? Because they understand that the Rabbi is useful, while the antifa brain-dead who might do this, is not. Another example is how Rabbis have their loyal people around and these do not show any 'ego' to the rabbi, at all. These people can be as many as a hundred. This is how they learn the art of 'reception' and 'learning'. When they themselves become wise, then they become the rabbis.

They certainly disagree and many other things, but these disagreements aren't for 'ego', they are rather for the furthering of power. They never do things that divide their power, or work against their own house and things like that. They have authority in their midst.

Trump gets that phone-call from the Rabbi and he does what the fuck he is told...or else. However Trump is more than happy to do this, because well, they are a team you know? What is there the hate for? No need for hate. They are all enjoying and growing for it.

Jews are strong because they remain united, they know obedience, and they can in sometimes unite to the degree of a mind-hive, totally without 'ego', being with one another. They destroy the same abilities to Gentiles. Always telling Gentiles to play the Batman on their own. The jews in their texts refer to Gentiles as "The Ego", literally.

Now if these parasites can do so much by being obedient, banding up together, respecting authority...And lastly if you pay attention, correct rebellion (such as how they overthrown *ALL* Gentiles from their own countries, for example). Look at what great deeds can be done. They were beggars and useless excrement and now they rule.

Does that leave it under any question what Satanists and other people who are of such high quality can do if they work together and try to better themselves?

I think not.

The times things like that happen we have Golden Age stuff coming up.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Tue May 16, 2017 1:34 pm

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I really like your point about "intelligent Rebellion". Not just rebelling because one lacks self control and is too stuck into one's own habitual nature. Intelligent obedience to responsible authority, vs. blind obedience to tyranny.
The question,,, "If everyone were jumping off a cliff, would you do it?"
My answer,,,, "Depends on the kind of people jumping, their intelligence, their reason for jumping, and,,,,,, what is at the bottom of the cliff." (Basically a hard vs. soft landing) Is there a better chance of surviving the jump, rather than what they are running from?
I society can think this way as a whole group, Gentile quality of life might be a lot better in many places on earth.
Which is why I got ''''''REBELLIOUS'''''' and left religion. Got smart enough to realize it was a lie, and walked out. "And you came out alone", a psychic says to me.
Many people are smart enough to reject religion from the beginning. I was NOT one of those. I suppose, "better late than never".
Then I find this web site which confirms my views on religion being a sham were correct. Thanks.

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