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Still, they want to Nuke the Planet...

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Post Mon May 15, 2017 4:35 pm
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These jews are totally criminal. I wonder who isn't getting it anymore, after all of that is happening. People will REALLY neglect helping them, reading their bible, and being their whores for so long. Most of these people are so destroyed and retarded, that they have payed with this already. This is not however all of it. If you signed a pact with the jews, you are in to pay with...interest.

All these jewish organizations and 'future predictors' constantly try to pass the thing for Nuclear War, ad nauseum. Constantly, like all the time, they repeat this. The Rabbis of course, knowing they are going to fall soon if they don't do anything of that magnitude, they want to start a Jewclear War, so they cast the appropriate magick for it.

Israel and jewish world leaders will be safe anyway, only the Goyim in Europe and America are going to pay for it. The jews just want to quickly do a final march, already.

This is to force in reality the blueprint of their 'apocalypse' that the Goyim are reading in "Revelation" while they clap, give psychic energy, and eat MacDonalds. People haven't even read this book properly, as there are so many 'covered' translations. To read the original one is very revealing. All the Goyim are going to go extinct. That's how it ends.

Many members of Humanity are largely retarded, and too weak to do anything about this.

We have posted a schedule until the 30th. If anything 'looks' closely as to what needs action about, we will do Anti-War RTR's. And save the planet again...yet, again.

Many people do not understand that what we do is so decisive, or what is going to happen if we do not. These people are shallow and poor in understanding. There are no other spiritual orders that do anything, except of speak, talk, and try to love jewsus in a different way. Too weak to give all these hoaxes up, and do their purpose to their people or the world at large.

Muslims are like, bowing to a rock, for their own destruction, and blow themselves to bits. That retarded. Why do they believe it? Because why not, do you want some TNT now, do you? Are you an infidel?

Does that NOT sensitize people on what race mixing and all these things do? That retardation and weakness is so great and plaguing, that we are going to lose our homeplanet? If it doesn't sensitize anyone, then this again proves my point...

In short we are alone in this, and this is a good thing. Most people are busy doing useless things with their life, such as wasting their petty life all over the place. And being a good, worthless lifeform, that the jews call goyim.

We can see through the fog, the fear mongering, and the weakness that plagues many.

These christians are the worst retards. They are the greatest help to the jews, same as the muslims. Without them, they could achieve nothing on their own. All their crimes, imposition, and cattle control, happens through christians. They also catapulted them in leadership positions.

Jew Infected "Goyim" are after corruption still in more than one ways. This can be evidently seen in how they are going after all these useless 'theorists' that give them only bags of crap, and how they always deny anything that can cause real change. Subconsciously, they are cattle. Not only they do not want 'change', they want to be abused and destroyed.

Thankfully, there are improvements. These improvements are so vast, that the enemy replicated their meme of Jew-Clear world destruction to scare the "Goyim" off. They literally tell them that if they do not comply, they will be killed basically.

Our RTR's can change this. Humanity as always, again, depends on the Devil to do anything to save them. While the 'good lord' wants to cause a revolutionary holocaust, and destroy them all.

What's positive is that the tide turns to our advantage, and we will fight constantly and without wavering, forever. Here should also go all the bets.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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I've chased money and pleasure. And now I'm older and wiser I've learnt of the true things of value in life. I'm now most interested in my spirtuality and spending my spare time in meditation and doing the reverse Torah rituals. The clear mind from strengthening your powers of concentration through holding your attention in meditation. And the lightness of the energy buzz. This is what you're supposed to do with your life. This is energising and exciting. And I keep getting more detached from matrix. I'm sickened by what's happened and still going on in the world today. And with all of that energy being driven by the enemy. Doing RTR's give me purpose and please me to be generating energy in opposition. What's most remarkable is how things automatically fall into place in my life to be comfortable and have the free time to do meditation and RTR's. The RTR's are of a life and death situation. But I believe the Gods are pulling strings behind the scenes for me personally because of my love of doing them. Thank you! Hail Satan and to his inevitable and imminent victory.

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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
'future predictors'

I read a quote recently. "The best way to predict the future is to create it." Interesting, no? The jew has had 6 million years to prepare.

Because why not, do you want some TNT now, do you? Are you an infidel?

TNT contains pork. No kamikaze muslim wil be accepted by blahlah.

They literally tell them that if they do not comply, they will be killed basically.

Israel Monster Crushing Europe - ... e.mp4?dl=0

Israel Monster Crushing Europe 2 - ... 2.mp4?dl=0
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jew: Stupid goyim.

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How bad are they going to let this go before they create a ''backlash''? Like letting sexual freedom get so out of hand that society demands something be done and then the jews create severe restrictions. Or vise versa.
Or the world wide government pedaphile problem which Putin and Trump suddenly want to put a stop to.
They prophecy their "prince of peace" will come and create peace (by killing a bunch of people (gentiles?)
They peace will reign. (ha ha, yeah right). We know that will never happen.
Maybe the Jewish version of peace (hell for gentiles).
They keep talking about Russia wanting to nuke the US because Putin knows Trump wants to nuke Russia. How far will the Jews go with this before they create a backlash of "forced peace" (jewish version).
And after all, Trump is the "backlash" to Obama. One extreme to the other extreme.
Are they going to let the situation get so far out of hand in the US (and the world), maybe even firing a few nukes, just so they can force '''peace''' on America and the world through Martial Law?
Not to mention the Cyber Attack on 100+ countries from technology ''''''stolen'''''' from the NSA, which has been used to attack organizations in such a Free Internet network. Are they going to use this to crack down on free internet?
Like free sex turned into prohibition?
Set off enough nukes, or create such a big scare, that they can suppress and enslave society through the disguise of peace?
Like the cuban missile crises decades ago, and Iran, and this North Korea 'distraction'. Would it be just another 'bluff' to establish more control, and shut down the opposition?

Post Tue May 16, 2017 11:45 pm

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Jews and the retard-Christians (read Democrats/Republicans) accuse Syria of building crematoriums (Holohoax 2.0)

The Syrian Foreign Ministry released a statement which I think is relevant to the message HoodedCobra is getting across;

"As it is habitual of successive US administrations to fabricate lies and allegations to justify their aggressive and interventionist policies in other sovereign countries, what came out from the current US administration is just a new Hollywood screenplay disconnected from reality," said the Syrian Foreign Ministry in a statement carried by the official SANA news agency on Tuesday.
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