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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Sat May 13, 2017 4:32 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

I wanted to clear up this thing just in case it still plagues, unjustly, a few people. In Spiritual Satanism, we abide to Nature's laws and we listen. This makes us strong, fearless, and formidable.

We have to listen to nature and what it tries to tell us, otherwise we will die and fail as many others before us. Nature is the highest wisdom and it speaks to all. All Ancient Pagans worshiped nature and the Gods. The Gods as the highest manifestations of nature. The focus of them was to be the best, and to increase and advance in a healthy manner.

The question of why the Gods want us to be working together, in self-awareness, and by following nature, doesn't have to do with "Who is Superior". They think beyond that, and there is no need for idle stupidity.

In nature, there is an order.

You cannot fight a hungry male lion hand on hand, no matter how much time you spent at the gym. This shouldn't make you feel shrank. But the enemy lies that it matters. It does not matter at all. It doesn't make you weak. It's just how nature is. There is no reason to feel bad and self-hateful about it.

People have to learn self-love, self-tolerance, and self understanding. If these things do not exist, there is no self-respect at all. If an entity does not respect itself, then one cannot look within and find the powers on has inside.

One always looks at themselves as something to run away from, detest, hate, and therefore they get nowhere in their existence. This thing is VERY alien, and the enemy teaches this to people from a young age.

Sure, we have to hate aspects we need to change. What people do now is not this. Not only the negative things are left to exist, they actually reinforce them by self hate. This hate goes nowhere but to tear the person more, and eat their soul.

This is self-hatred of mutilation. Jews taught this to humanity, that you have to feel bad about what you are, for being born, and for existing or whatever.

All Pagans taught people to hate their short-comings, not themselves. That jewish self-hate is purely evil. Its not necessary at all. It makes people evil when it grows out of control.

Everyone has to 'hate' themselves. Then your destructive force is turned on yourself. For no reason whatsover. The enemy always makes people feel BAD about what they are, and then they use this feeling to get them to do what they want. One example is race mixing.

Many people just hate themselves on a deep level, and they want to kill themselves by breeding themselves out of existence. That's not a good thing. Its unnatural and unhealthy. This is what the jews want you doing to yourself. Then they can rally these unhealthy damaged people on their agenda. And use them as tools of destruction for civilization, society, and other people.

Our beliefs in race things are motivated by respect, understanding, and high level, REAL support. This has nothing to do with who is 'superior'. This is because we recognize the creation of Nature and the Gods. And we humble ourselves. The surest way to kill someone and to never see their face EVER again, is to race mix them. It's even worse than suicide. In suicide, one may exist again by reincarnation.

If race mixing is done too much, then people go extinct forever. Satan and the Gods believe in us and they don't want us to die and go extinct. Why would they? They just give us the best and most sensible advice to grow.

Also, their outlook is for their followers who will KEEP existing. In this life, in the next, however many. Until they achieve the higher and intended levels. They don't lock your understanding on what the 'trends' are today.

The 'trends' today are self destruction, self mutilation, making yourself mentally ill, comparing yourself to everyone to feel inferior or whatever, raging against one's own existence, and after one is destroyed and has destroyed enough of everything around them, they go to a battery to never exist again. That's their 'fate', by the enemy... Therefore the enemy 'teaches' them accordingly.

Satan teaches us likewise, for eternal understanding. Not transient things that will be gone in a few decades. The lies of the enemy will be gone, and they will be replaced. Those who 'follow' them, will be equal to nothing. Those who follow eternal understanding, will always be content, peaceful, and powerful.

This is the fate for people who just follow the 'now'. Even animals don't always follow the ((('now'))). We will change this. Then what will remain of these 'people'? Nothing.

Satan and the Gods teach us for eternity's worth.

This is why it's better to listen, and Godlike to apply...By this application, this is how we ourselves stop being transient and become eternal.

This is the 'Godhead'...

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon May 15, 2017 6:46 am

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Race is at the soul level. And when you mix the blood you dilute the soul and the advancement gets put back. People tend to focus too much on the material but that passes away. The soul is eternal. Yes we are in tune with the true Gods and of nature. When you go inside and practice power meditation you're becoming a God yourself. Those who sacrifice their lives to some kike on a stick will sacrifice their soul to power that black cube when they pass on. We are the lucky ones because we've enlightened and will save ourselves

Post Mon May 15, 2017 12:22 pm

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Spiritual Satanism is like a program for creating superior humans.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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