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The Fighters and the Half-Cucks

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Sat May 13, 2017 10:59 am
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Satan and the Gods understand us as we are their creation. They see inside and out from us. There is really no hiding, but at the same time, there is no harsh judgement over whatever we are. Unless it's outright destroyed, rotten, and spreads on others too. In Satanism one is allowed to suffer, doubt, or whatever else. But to make a negative habit and never advance out of it is frowned upon.

I notice lately normies people who are 'waking' up. They become disrespectful and form strange categories. One category is such that is led by jews, that is still a 'jew conscious' community, but goes against Satan or something, out of nowhere. Basically it's chock infested by jews, who guarantee and force this meme. And some few cucked, and bots from Israel that do this online. But they do this anyway.

Those who go against their own Gods will never be crowned with any success, and they will always be enslaved to the jews. The jews laugh at the 'christians' and the supposedly 'strongmen' that fall on their knees to Rabbi Christ in order to 'defeat the jew'. This has never worked in the past, neither it will ever work in the future. Why? Because where you believe is actually more important than you think. If you 'ask for guidance' from the jews, where can you possibly end up with this?

Some even go as far as to say negative things about Satan, or anything of that nature. They blame the Demons who are in fact...Their ancient Gods basically. You see stupid theories coming up formulated by them, which are basically byproducts of their own slavery and the war against this state of mind.

So with one foot they worship the jew, with the other foot, they try to 'fight' them. These are the worst elements, the soul is ripped in half, and someone has to make a final decision. I don't want to go to all the un-necessary details. But many of these people are stupid, weak and dumb. This is also very dangerous.

Let's not forget what Hitler said about his generals believing in Christianity. That he is surprised that grown ups do actually believe in such things. Like how one needs the blessing of a Rabbi to win against the Rabbis.

Weren't it for us to take the heat, fight the enemy at the core, and drive them back. Rest reassured these people would have been nowhere now. They don't know where it's due to give credit, and we don't want their credit. However I notice some foolish tendencies to try to 'oppose' us or try to boss us around. This is going to have the invetiable result of spiritual destruction.

"hey maaan, I know Satan is ok you know? Like the evidence is here, ok I see it? It's just that I FEEL some fear, because erm, I have been told by the jews he is a bad guy, you know? Fuck the evidence, you know? Can I call him All-Father or something becuase Satan sits heavy with me? Ye I know he is Odin man but I don't know it's kind of fearful for me to call him Satan? Ye I know it's from Sumer and is more Ancient but...I don't know man I am afraid man...? What if these rabbis said the truth man? You know christianity has a lot of followers you know? What if my lil soul burns in hell man? I think Jesus is alright for me man, he looks friendlier...

As a matter of fact I am not religious, and religion doesn't matter, man. Why do we even bother man? Can't we just be brave brothaz and fight the jews? I swear I fight the jews a lot man. Can I believe in Jesus and Satan two? The jews said it's part of the same duality man, it's ok. I read in the bible about white genocide and rape man, but it's ok, we can correct the book you know?"
-Tom Cuckoldee, excuses of a Cuck, Page 6 (000.000.0)

I notice this tendency on cucked Odinists and others who think they know the 'Truth' or that they are 'powerful'. A few years ago they were blowing the Rabbis, Rabbi Yehoshua, or being in the New (Jew) Age. Now, they pretend they are strong, and even go as far as to open their nasty mouth against Satan.

Because that's all they can do, attack their own Gods in different aliases, and pretend to be 'strong' by mimicking the jews basically. And disregarding all evidence in the world because of their low IQ.

Like Satan, we are his followers. We don't have a problem with them not 'getting' it. Satan and the Gods were rebuked by these 'goyim' for thousands of years, and yet they fought for them. Therefore now we have sane elements and strong people forming.

However, they didn't do these for these stupid entities that open their mouth today, EVEN AFTER the Truth is EVERYWHERE to be seen. These people are dumb and there is no cure for this. One could excuse this in 1800's, but now? That's becoming inexcusable.

Of course, a similar behavior is taken by the 'Satanic Veterans' who did nothing but eat the cultural excrement of the jews as their own version of "Satanism". In short, retards, when they get a 'push' from the grounds we open by bloody spiritual warfare, they try to play tough. All they are is cucks and nothing else.

Of ALL these people and organizations, it always takes SATAN and the Gods, and Spiritual Satanism in a different form to do anything. Then these fools try to exploit the hard work and labor people do, and pretend they did anything to win this war. The same thing the useless and stupid nationalists did to Hitler in the Weimar Times.

It was the Nazis who did all the beating, the wars in the streets, and who suffered casualties. Then some cucka-doo came in and tried to become "President" of the Reich. To lead the Reich where? Nowhere. Other people take the blood and anguish, and others enjoy the honors? This will never work that way, sorry. The Gods oversee this war and they know who does what.

It's sensible therefore that the Gods bestow the power to their people who fight for them. All of you who do the RTR's, fight for Satan and everything else, you KNOW. You have experience, and you are IN THE WAR. Those who are not, they will not be eating the same fruit. Yes they will enjoy some 'peace' from our victory, but they should be content only at that. Those who try to snatch things, try to 'dictate' to us, and try to boss us around because 'muh feels', we are going to rightfully obliterate them.

Why I write this? Because I know many of you are feeling dissatisfied over the fact these people exist.

Whites here in that group, with fire, mortar and spiritual brimstone, we are fighting here and we liberate people, and we see these "Christendoomers" and these other "Pagan" cucks who do nothing but turn Christ into Odin and 'worship' him. Others indeed would be equally disrespectful as to open their mouth and speak against us, too. That's to be expected and tolerated, FOR NOW.

We are higher than them, and it's our obligation to do what they don't. Ie, FIGHT and do something on the higher levels, while they sit their ass here and do nothing. However don't think this will be forever. We are the most powerful of them all, and with that being said, they have to in the very least, respect us and our beliefs.

If they lie about us, or even worse 'attack' us, they will be going where the enemy goes. Simply because, we have done NOTHING to ask for it, but fight a war of liberation for them. There will be no mercy in that regard. So long they are OK and they make decent comrades and friends, we will be the elite SS they can look up to, and that will take all the heavy aspects of the war on their back. But if they raise a head to speak against us...That's over.

What are they all about? Worshiping only involves wearing a fancy necklace, and of course, taking the fastest and quickest and most peaceful route in 'fighting' the enemy. Some even have some 'confidence' and they think they are 'too important'. While all they speak is incoherent gibberish or something. We appreciate their efforts, but those who do the real efforts should never shrink themselves in front of these fools.

To name another example, people fight to liberate the Black Race, and some people show up and go with 'we wuz kangz' or stuff like that.

Sure, people who are at least awake to an extent are better than the fully cukced and slaves, and we welcome them. But that's it. We are not equals, we are Spiritual Satanists and we have taken far more brave steps than them. Most of them are with one foot in christianity, another foot in pseudo Paganism. They are AFRAID.

It's basically these people who are always hanging in the middle. If the enemy has power, well they are with them. When we have power, then they will be with us. They don't have a spirit of noblety to go against an enemy on full force. They are double agents and worthless. This is why the enemy still exists and thrives. Because these people are cucks basically. This is the perfect thing for them, as they are always ineffective to fight them.

Their opinion is irrelevant, and if they misbehave against us, *IF* our precious time allows (since we focus on the enemy unlike these idiots) they need to be cursed.

And if they do not understand this right of the bat, then they will understand it by spiritual force. However unlike these brainless fools, we are focused on actually getting the real enemy down. We fight the jews COMPLETELY and in all levels.

In the end, we will be victorious.

Post Sat May 13, 2017 3:55 pm

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thank you great sermon hp hooded cobra !!!

hail satan

Post Mon May 15, 2017 12:30 pm

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You can tell a double agent because of the fact you stated that being that they have never once lifted a finger against the pawns of Judaism or Judaism itself.

Hail Satan!
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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