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Ukrainian General Calls For Destruction Of Jewish Community

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Ukrainian General Calls For Destruction Of Jewish Community

I mentioned before the Jews had the tiger by the tail by their messing around in the Ukraine and the revolution they tried to hijack for their own purposes would not last for them...... Its already in the wind, this is not the only high level insider that feels this way either, I bet. Of course our RTR's are winning and helping all this.

Le Pen failed in Europe but it seems Le Pogrom, might be around the corner.


Jewish Chronicle ... s-1.438400

In the latest of a series of highly public antisemitic statements by prominent figures in Ukraine, a retired Ukrainian general affiliated with the country’s intelligence services this week called for the destruction of his country’s Jewish community.

In a post since deleted from Facebook, Vasily Vovk – a general who holds a senior reserve rank with the Security Service of Ukraine, the local successor to the KGB – wrote that Jews “aren’t Ukrainians and I will destroy you along with Rabinovych. I’m telling you one more time – go to hell, zhidi, the Ukrainian people have had it to here with you.”

“Ukraine must be governed by Ukrainians,” he wrote.


Wonder why the Ukrainians might hate these hateful kikes..... I mean what happened the last time Jews ruled Ukrainians....


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Always good to see the more powerful souls waking up to the truth. Finishing the work they started in previous lives is close at hand for these people.
The old images of the human past have faded, the outlines of leading
personalities are distorted, their inner driving forces falsely interpreted, their
whole nature for the most part totally misjudged. A youthful life force—which
also knows itself to be age old—is impelled toward form; an ideology, a world
view, has been born and, strong of will, begins to contend with old forms,
ancient sacred practices, and outworn standards. This means no longer
historically but fundamentally; not in a few special domains but everywhere;
not only upon the heights but also at the roots. - Alfred Rosenberg

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