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Christianity is Jewish Cultural Diarrhea...

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I know some may have a weak stomach, but just how can I glorify these creations in the appropriate ways they need to be glorified and explained? There are going to be some strange parellels in this post, affirmed to (((THEIR))) magnificence above all. Including how...


It's obvious in itself that jews created Christianity, but some people cannot put one and one together to see why they are 'against it'. Even if, in every church you go in all countries, you see all the jew-faces amassed there and around it, like it's some sort of nest. Because indeed, it is a nest.

But anyway, the jews are a bit clever. One of the reasons the jews attack and don't want christianity, is simply because, the jews are wiser than believing in excrement and hoaxes generated by their own 'race'. All jews are supposed to believe in the master system of Judaism, and only lead in christianity the Goyim Cattle.

If any jew is so retarded as to believe in the Cattle Control System (Christianity) of course, the jews sever them from their midst until they repent. Which never really happens, as even the 'misguided jew' and the 'christian jew' is basically, a shilling jew. Hijacking the goyim through supposedly affirming their own 'gentile culture'. Played from all sides are the 'goy'.


While the "Goyim" have very low aims for miracles and all these things, the jews can see beyond this. They basically can see where they have hid from all others, by removing Paganism. In a world where the miracles of Rabbi Jesus as turning Water into Wine are just...gibberish and worthless bullshit. Unfit for the jews who have higher aims for their civilization and seek world domination.

What is "Goyim Culture" (Christianity) again? Nothing but a crappy story of excrement about some jewish history that never existed either. That people just believe because whatever, they don't have any other culture to believe in for theirs was removed by death, murder and slavery some centuries ago. That's it.

The bottom of it is that really, the jews don't even hate jesus. They love jesus. But they cannot have a hoax within their own midst, especially one THEY created for the Goyim. Because on one hand, jesus doesn't exist. On the other, even in the hoax story they wrote, jesus is always from and for the jews. And nobody else at all in the world.


So they will do whatever it takes to make the Goyim believe that this hoax has substance. Like, attack it, speak against it, shill for it, whatever. If you pay attention all of this is for different target groups, basically, and to drive them back to the same farm.

In the bottom of it. There is nothing to hate, and nothing to feel 'threatened' from. Other than the absorbtion of their own into their own created lie. Other than that, throw bags of excrement and vomit in jesus's face and soul. It won't reply. He doesn't even exist to do so, other than in the written imagination of a rabbi.

That we had the unfortunate luck to see becoming a fact. We might as well start believing in Gollum from lord of the rings, because well, do you have a moment to speak about our savior Gollum Christ?

Because who is 'jesus' is admitted in the hoax book anyway. He who comes in the last days (where the jews are defeated) to kill all the Goyim responsible for this and finally force the 'kingdom of God', his father, Jehova, which is the representation of the jewish will as "God".

The other memes that jesus has denied the jews don't even exist. They were entirely made up by jews to justify the existence of this alien element in other civilizations. And they adjust it everywhere they go, in different ways. Jesus might have been a ninja in Asia, too. And a hippie in the 80's. He is also a African, didn't you know? He can be anything. For he is a hoax.


But the only factual book that gives info about this hoax, says it openly. That this character is simply a kike.

The bible is basically, if one studies the jews. Nothing but a worthless pipe manuscript. The only important thing is the Torah and there are more important things than this, like the Kabbalah. The Torah is nothing but a jewish curse book, that is esteemed as a basis for jews, but on the other hand, there are other things 'holier' and more filled with feces, such as the Scat Literature of the Kabbalah.


In short, they aren't going to eat their own vomit and cultural diarrhea, that many goyim do actually have as a 'godly culture'. That would be a disgrace to the hoax makers. Who does eat their own vomit and diarrhea? I know the jews do this, but even this diarrhea, is too much for the jews to eat. They just can't swallow their own hoax of vomit and pile of excrement. So they hoard this to Gentiles instead. And surprisingly so, it worked momentarily...

To explain what these things are, they are basically the expired scat of rabbis, in the cultural sense. Obsolete crap, and useless connotations that were put in front of Gentiles so they have something to be harmlessly following while Jews rape, pillage and destroy civilization.

After all what does this Yiddish crap tell us? "Leave the jews unjudged and let them rule you and kill all of you, finally, stupid goy. Fear our imaginary threats goy. Obey Goy."

Of course they cannot tolerate their own jews eating this. They care for their own, unlike many Gentiles. And they love it when the Goyim do eat this cultural diarrhea of the jews as their 'culture', 'western civilization' and even 'spiritual salvation'. Creating accordingly civilizations of excrement, stupidity and weakness. I mean that's a G-d's send solution for the jews, who always had a problem with Satanism or Gentile Cultures of power. That created the strongest civilizations.


So they found out if they pollute this, they will take over their enemies with considerable ease. As it has already happened. Because it's their core source of influence over the goy, and their mental and spiritual enslavement.

The jews openly admit that the Torah was written by jews themselves, under the influence of Ruach HaKodesh (the holy spirit or being high from booze or something, because they aren't that spiritual anyway) and basically, many scrolls like the Torah existed all over the world at the time the jews stole the idea. This was stolen from Babylon, where too the Talmud was stolen from.

Many people wonder why the jews in their own book wrote about things like the crucifixion of christ. Because it's a book of their own pseudohistory, no different than a superman comic. That has to teach jews to deny all sort of crapsters and wanna-be's, and to have high standards for leaders for their race. Rather than accepting any retard that the Goyim grovel around, because uhm...He did some 'miracles'.

The jews can see past this crap, as they have written this book. And they know all too well that these 'miracles' are a bunch of crap basically. And the character unimportant, because they know too that this is a pseudepigraphical allegory of the Serpent/Kundalini energy and nothing more. There is no reason for the jews to believe in a concept.

The jews see themselves as the 'race of the wise' and the 'only humans', and the only spiritually aware people on the planet. They aren't going to believe in FICTITIOUS concepts created by their OWN, as "REAL". That is obviously an offense and stupid. This 'religion' same as all the other programs are basically for the enslaved goy.

Lastly, of course the jews will not follow the Goyim Morality either. Because they created this, to bind, enslave, and kill the Goyim to the last man, woman, child, and cattle. Many stupid xians are confused because they cannot make any sense of the jewish actions. But the jews have no sense in their actions. And have infested their enemies with false understanding on how to 'judge them'.


The goyim therefore become cucked when they see the jews doing things that are beyond all normal human comprehension, let alone their programming. This has a demoralizing effect which let's "the christ killers" take their way with anything. This is a psyop. First they created an unexistant 'god', then in their pseudo-history they 'killed him' and now people are afraid of them because whatever, they killed 'god'. This scares the 'jewish god fearing' goy, who don't even know this is a hoax.


However the only God they tried to really kill was Satan and the Pagan Gods, and in that, they have failed miserably. The jews aren't against, but totally 'pro' Islam and Christianity and whatever else for the Goyim, unless it's Satanism. If you pay attention the whole books, in all their forms, and Judaism too, agree on one thing, fighting against Satan. That's their common thing.

Other than that, they are created by jews accordingly as two enslavement programs (Christianity and Islam) and the master key to both (Judaism). The jews aren't allowed to believe in what the cattle does, SIMPLY because it's a giant hoax, and they know it since they are five years old.

At best, the mission of the jew is to misguide people into these programs for the greater jewish benefit. But to really believe this is impossible, as on one hand nothing exists, on the other, the master cannot believe what the slave does. That simple.


In the end, jews are against nothing. But Satanism. Specifically, spiritual Satanism or Paganism. This is the only thing them, their slaves, and everything they stand and ever stood for, is against. Because here is the real God and here is the real power of Gentiles. And that is the master key for Gentiles to become powerful and uplift themselves.

The only way to fight the master key of the jews...And finally defeat this race of gollum-real-life, creatures, throwing them on the final mount Doom, before the funeral wreath of humanity ensues...


Is the Master Key of Spiritual Satanism.

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"because well, do you have a moment to speak about our savior Gollum Christ?"

LMao :lol:

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The jooz literally have special prayers so toilet monsters don't get them in the bathroom. They also have prayers for after taking a crap to thank their Yahweh for the taking a turd. The jews are the most scat obsessed globin's on earth. Rabbi Freud whole personality types for all humans is based on literally.....How people took a dump. The other was based on incest. The jews are fucked up.

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And what would really piiss the Jewish elite off,,,,, Have a bunch of Psychics do a ''reading'' on the spot where Jesus was said to have died. Get a picture of the EXACT SPOT ! Then Remote View it, check out it's history for the last 2,000 + years to see if there was ever such a great entity there.
A REAL PSYCHIC would be able to pick up on all of the history and activity, AND ENERGY of this location. Also the tomb where Jesus supposedly rose from the grave.
Which is probably why the real psychics are controlled by the Jewish Cabal, why they are suppressed and/or killed if they do not conform to the lie and it's agenda.
Of course, any REAL PSYCHIC would probable not be able to read this location very well as the Jews would likely put curses and wards, and false events up on the astral, to keep people from ''reading'' into these locations and finding it all a lie. Like HP Maxine said about curses against those that look too deeply into the occult.
Again, all of the true and gifted psychics here can check this location out for themselves if they dare. (Unless you already have.).
Also, as a side note. Is there any way to take the power of the Jews out of the word JEWelry? Like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. All of these are called JEW ELRY. is this on purpose to attract all wealth to the Jews?

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jbkbmz wrote:
(Unless you already have.).
Also, as a side note. Is there any way to take the power of the Jews out of the word JEWelry? Like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. All of these are called JEW ELRY. is this on purpose to attract all wealth to the Jews?

Maybe. You would have to look up the etymological history of the word and see if a jew was behind creating or injecting.
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