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Rigged Elections in France and Germany

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Post Mon May 08, 2017 9:07 am
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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

Well, it goes beyond any saying, that the elections have been rigged by the enemy. They learned from the Trump times, but let's not deceive ourselves, this has been going on for almost a century by now, except of some 'accidents'. From there on, they learned from it. If you pay attention no matter 'who' is elected in the West anymore, it's the same globalist agenda of Israel being furthered. Those who still believe in this, are in the very least naive.

Everyone that conversations with anyone but themselves in a day, they understand that beliefs have changed. This should he reflected into elections in the very least. But it hasn't in the least.

Additionally, the inconsistencies are too big. Macron, a jewface out of nowhere, suddenly becomes president by 66% of the vote. The Kosher president endorsed him too, and all the media blocked all wikileaks too. Because who owns the media again? All it took was a phonecall.

You never learn about it, it never happened. That's the rule in the jewtrix. Police get a call and get to shut up on the murderous muslim invasion.

In German regional elections which start now. Merkel who millions wanted hanged for high treason, wins by landslide. What a landslide all of yesterday was indeed...Of course this means NOTHING on the general election, but the media try to make a big deal about it.

Wow she did that good. Yes, definitely. Way to go, Goyim For Christianity and Christian Democrats. If you have problems with jews, pray to a jew to save you from jews.

All this sounds very left.

Such they do, nobody knows, it's OK. Killed, raped and whatever, people don't learn from it. 96% of the media works this greatly anyway. It's really that easy.

Nobody knew he even existed earlier. Now he is so loved and supported. In short, it's total flat out lies. Indeed here we have a victory in that people will see the blantant joke and turn their back to this lying kosher democracy.

Pay attention to the fact all the jewish shills say that the French or Germans destroyed their own self. Why would they? They simply rigged the elections by a big margain, and now blame the victims for it. Do not fall from the lies. What the jews do to Gentiles, they tell them always it's their own fault. It's how this race works.

It's a very obvious thing. They simply want to carry genocide and mass murder in European soil. But without war. The countries the Ancestors of Europeans have died to build these countries that are now taken over, pillaged and hijacked.

The generations of new Europeans are becoming Neets, and the hordes basically loot and "enjoy" everything in a parasitic feat until everything is done with. Some fools indeed also clap and laugh as people get bombed to bits.

However it looks like some despair is totally necessary. Indeed far more than what is going on. Too many retards, too many idiots and "progressives". Civilization will not take it, but indeed where it has come down to, we don't really have one.

Democracy will become completely void. At the amounts of "rapfugees" and everyone else flooding Europe, elections as they are rigged today, rigged or not in the future, will be completely worthless. Europe will be won over not by the ballot, but by the electoral ballot of the invaders and jews.

It's that simple. Let's keep up the warfare, and let the sinking continues, until people lash out.

This obvious jewish abuse just earned them millions more of hateful enemies that are willing to go the extra mile to solve the issue and fight in the future. This spirit of extinction will wake up those necessary to do something.

In a final observation, this is not bad. This is necessary, it was to be expected, and GOOD for us. If any percent of these elections was real, these people plucked their own eyes out. It will unavoidably manifest later. Indeed the rigging was so obvious and wrongly done, that this is also perfect.

Lastly, this situation is far from being as bad and as worse as it should be for any change. Many people are in a coma, many more are waking up, but they do not matter, it will matter only in the future for those who can and will choose to do anything.

These elections were obviously rigged and against the real will of the people. Also, let's not forget Trump. This is highly irrelevant to "elect". But how this will turn out in the future, this abuse of jewish power, will not be irrelevant at all...

Let's keep up with the RTRs and watch them grovel.

-High Priesr Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon May 08, 2017 12:04 pm

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The 66% of votes says enough. They aren't even trying to hide the fact that the elections are rigged, but still many people can't see it, however there are plenty that do see the numerology and this will turn many to our cause or at least awaken them from the jewtrix.

Thank you for the update HP HoodedCobra!

Post Mon May 08, 2017 12:49 pm

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These results are disheartening. I think its safe to say we have a full blown infestation on our hands. A disgusting, greasy infestation, man

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This is old news but worth sharing for members whom have not seen this:

Clinton Eugene Curtis (Programmer) admits that software exists to rig, fix, and/or alter an election:

To me it seems, they're really sweating bullets. lol
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The EU regime in Austria got caught in their last elections rigging the entire thing. I doubt that's just in Austria.....

A win was prezy brony macaroni, got exposed for being a criminal agent of Rothschild who owns the E-Jew. Now millions of people have put the kike connection into who is ruining them. The jews just got majorly exposed. It also exposed how controlled the regime in France is, they set this clown up as a total fake anti-establishment character now everyone knows its fake.

So elections are screwed.. What's the solution? Raise awareness and let the anger of the people burn it all down and start anew? We are in dire times, changing things within the system is a joke in most cases. Corruption and jewry runs too deep. I don't see genuine natsoc parties being allowed to come to power, except through force. We live in interesting times. Seems like things are going to get bloody soon, ladies and gentlemen.

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I'm not an expert in identifying crypto-Jews, but viewing Macron's face from the side, his nose definitely reminds me of a certain tribe of people known for their deceitful nature and love of genocide and usury.
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Post Mon May 08, 2017 10:59 pm
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Looking at the demographics' of the election the right got easily half the youth vote and 1/3rd of the overall vote. The trend is turning towards the right one way or another. This is very revealing in France which is basically unofficially communistic. The establishment is on its last legs in France. This the last grasp of the regime to keep the lie going. This is the trend in Europe.

Post Mon May 08, 2017 11:17 pm

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I am unfamiliar with what happened in Austria. When was this? The French thing's like this guy that won, I'd only heard about him in the last 2-4 months at best. Total scam.

I just cannot understand how democracy was ever sold to people. It just blatantly is a lie and never works. If I am right it was developed for greek city states, and even the Greeks themselves said it was for small populations in the thousands or so. Similar to a city council and mayor of today.

And then we have political morons shouting on facebook that we need a direct vote. Fuck off. Why do they think the founders gave us representatives. It's so somebody like Mageson can sit in the decision making chair, not people that act like a goyim. Having kept his finger on the pulse and needs of his people of course. But in this example HE makes the ultimate call.

It's just sad because this leeway and freedom to make executive decisions was given to lawmakers for a reason. And the jews came in and used this leeway to do absurd things. I just hope within the people the support for an authoritarian government hasn't been removed from them permanently because of this behavior.

We do need authoritarian government. People who rule because they are an authority in the truest sense of the word, from their life experiences, spiritual insight, knowledge, and drive to do better for themselves and others.

Post Tue May 09, 2017 12:49 am

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66%? Not 65% or 67%?

Gee, what a cohencidence.
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Lydia wrote:
66%? Not 65% or 67%?

Gee, what a cohencidence.

1 news source I frequent cited it was roughly 23 percent to 22 percent in the second to last poll between Macron and Le Pen respectively. So him winning by such a large margin proves a rigging of the system.
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Lydia wrote:
66%? Not 65% or 67%?

Gee, what a cohencidence.

Ah, I see what you did there ... *tips imaginary hat*

(Though it took me twice to catch it haha)

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FlameFocus666 wrote:
Lydia wrote:
66%? Not 65% or 67%?

Gee, what a cohencidence.

Ah, I see what you did there ... *tips imaginary hat*

(Though it took me twice to catch it haha)

Lol, I can't take credit for the word play though, I believe it was HP Cobra who coined the term, although I'm not certain. But I did read it for the first time in one of his sermons.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

I'm tired of the jew corruption and torah curses ruining our civilization. I want to live in Paradise already... don't you? ... glish.html

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They rigged it, voters for brony Macaroni where given dual ballots that were counted were the one third of the ballots for Le Pen that were sent out were ripped making them uncountable by French law. They openly jewed the whole election.

Le Pen would have won. The enemy had to expose themselves openly and the criminal nature of their regime to do this. This is a big loss for them. The loss of legitimacy to the People.

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