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Post Tue May 02, 2017 7:22 am
There's some more knowledge I'd like to share. First off, everyone here should know Satan and our Gods do not need or require slavish worship. They come to us as friends and to help us, though they are advanced beings. Satan has made it clear more than once that He does not want or need slavish worship!

Too many people are naturally servile and have been systematically indoctrinated and programmed to be that way. This does not mean anyone should be arrogant or disrespectful. But, continually trying to secure approval (I've seen this in places like working in restaurants, where approval seekers look up to some of the lowest of the low, just because there is a "manager" title involved), is not of Satan. This sort of deal is Judeo/Christian/Muslim crap. In addition, this bleeds over into Jewish communism, where Jewish masters like Lenin, Stalin and other Jewish vermin assume the position of God, and the populace, stripped of all spiritual knowledge, bow down and worship (literally), this degenerate scum, which is no different from one kneeling before a pile of fresh excrement, and praising it, flies and all.

Given the Jews have been playing God for centuries now, (I also want to add here, the universe is infinity, both the macrocosm, and the microcosm. Science proves this. There is NO supreme being.

The Jewish kabbalah has kept this secret for centuries. There IS a force that science can also explain that is within everything. Like how the planets are held together by a gravitational pull... The ether element. This is and has also been referred to as "God." And, repeating myself again, "God" is also a code word for one's self and the chakras (The Gods).

My main point for writing this article is a couple of things I ran across. So much spiritual knowledge has been removed and those who have this knowledge and know how to use it become "God" over those who do not have spiritual ability or knowledge. This is what Christianity and Islam (and of course Judaism at the lower levels has been about. The Jews have a history of exploiting and preying upon their own). Systematic removal of spiritual knowledge.

So, just how much power has been attributed to a so-called "God" over the centuries, inspiring slavish obedience and terror, when much of this has been the work of humans?

In the 2017 Witch's Almanac, there is an interesting article on poppets.
"The phrase 'to burn in effigy' as a way of destroying someone in absentia reflects the sympathetic magic used to annihilate Guy Fawkes all over again. The destruction of his poppet suggests a wish that he burns in the afterlife."

Jews have a long history of cursing their enemies, the holiday of Purim being a blatant example.

The autobiography "Unorthodox" by Deborah Feldman is a very revealing and interesting read. Feldman is the one credited with the (((three parentheses))).

In her book, she reveals much of the secret life of the Hasidim, in which she was raised. She eventually left the restrictive community in Williamsburg NYC.

Now, here is from a paragraph in the book describing what she saw:
(The shomrim are Hasidic police- they have their own and are exempt from the law outside of their communities. They don't have to answer to the law like everyone else).

From the book, page 98, she describes how the shomrim, pull up at the house next door and how three bearded men drag out a black teenager caught stealing, by his hands, he hung heavily between them.

Her grandmother who was also watching stated the boy can't be any older than fourteen.

She goes on to describe how the shomrim members crowd around the quivering boy and kick him mercilessly until he is sobbing and wailing. "The men beat him for what seems like forever."

"You think you can come in here and do what you want? Impress your friends? You think you can bring your filthy kind into this neighborhood? Oh no, not here. No, we won't call the police, but we'll take care of you like no one else can, you understand? If we catch one of you here ever again, we'll kill you, you hear? You tell your friends that, you tell them never to come near us again or we will rain hell down on their black souls." *

*Note, the word "souls" is used. I don't take that as a symbol. I'm sure, given what I've learned, it is literal.

I would also like to add a few interesting quotes from this book.

"Bubby" is Yiddish for grandmother. For centuries, many orthodox Jews have spoken Yiddish. Hebrew, especially Ashkenazi Hebrew is too sacred and when establishing the state of Israel, orthodox Jews fought atheist and nonreligious Jews over what would be the language of the new state. Orthodox Jews vehemently opposed using Hebrew, but Hebrew was instated anyway, but the Sephardic version is and has been used.

Regarding Hasidim:
"Bubby says it's convenient for us to be presumed poor and unintelligent, so as not to spark the jealousy and resentment of the gentiles."

"A Jew can never be a goy. Even if they try their hardest to become one. They may dress like one, speak like one, live like one, but Jewishness is something that can never be erased. Even Hitler knew that."

You know those fur hats those Hasidim wear? They cost $2,000.00 and up. Married Hasidic women are forbidden to show their hair. Most wear wigs or head scarves. The wigs they have are mostly made from human hair; $3,000.00 and up.

On page 205 she reveals how a Hasidic father cut the penis off of his son before murdering him for masturbating in a basement. They buried him in 30 minutes. No police, no death certificate, nothing.

Jews with their supremacy, control and occult knowledge, place themselves above the law.

So, just how much of the spiritual has been attributed to what unknowing people have called "God" for centuries? No doubt, extraterrestrials have been interfering in our world for millennia. They are not "all powerful" or they would have taken this world by now, but just how much of this sort of thing from humans?

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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