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Post Mon May 01, 2017 2:09 pm
A quote from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Those are some pretty strong words. As I’ve mentioned before, “God,” in truth has several different meanings. For one, it is a code word for one’s self, for another, the chakras are “gods” and so forth.

The effects from the systematic removal of spiritual knowledge are, a dying earth and the drastic degeneration of humanity as a whole. The Jews have kept their stolen knowledge under some real tight control. It is in their Kabbalah and most of the real powerful knowledge has been passed down orally from Jewish generation to generation, under the utmost security and secrecy. Their possession of this knowledge has put them in high places of control the world over, has amassed their communities unimaginable wealth and has worked to make nearly every significant opportunity open and available to them. Not too many people are aware. Awareness is the key. Also, an extensive knowledge of who and what they are, their practices and so forth. They are an ALIEN soul.

They have dominated medicine for centuries. Healing, for one, has been under their control for profit and to completely replace anything spiritual. Given they have controlled the media, 96 percent; we hear anything spiritual is “superstition” “bunk” and so forth. We are force-fed the bible, where there is nothing spiritual, Christianity and other completely MATERIALISTIC programs where all spirituality has been systematically removed and told that true spirituality is “nonsense,” “of the Devil,” and “superstition.” But, the Jews at the top know the occult is for real. They have used this to take control of the world, which is now dying without it.

When all spiritual knowledge is removed, as was in the former communist countries, such as the USSR, the Jews with this knowledge [at the top], had control. The spiritually defenseless populace was open to any of their curses with no knowledge of anything like this and paid the price. One who is cursed and unknowing on how to defend him/herself, remove the curse and so forth will readily succumb to it.

As I mentioned before, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are each infused with power. This is why the bible has so much power, regardless of whatever language it is in. The root of the Christian and Muslim programs is Judaism. Hebrew is the root of Judaism. Christian churches were built over Pagan temples that were destroyed. These temples were built upon powerful Ley Lines in a lot of places, especially in Europe. Unbeknownst to many, this catapulted Christianity. I remember many years ago, my son took the family on a vacation to the West Coast. He drove us deep into the Redwood Forest. We got out of the vehicle and walked around. I was totally blown away by the extreme energy there from nature. I also overheard a woman relating to friends on how she felt the same when she visited the Amazon Jungle. There are certain areas of the earth and spots that are intense with energy. This can all be scientifically explained. These areas can be used for spiritual purposes and drastically amplify workings.

Attempts over the years of various scholars in exposing certain truths has led to their being ostracized, labeled as “eccentric” or even downright “crazy” and has even ended many a career, if the scholar refused to end his/her research. This is no different from many scientists who have been attacked over the millennia for revealing scientific knowledge that proved Christianity and its twin of sick Islamic filth were outright lies.

It is a sad fact, given the Jews control 96 percent of the media, there are major lies, especially regarding history. I am sooooo fed up with the outrageous claims regarding the White Race, being “uncivilized” “ignorant” “savages” and so forth. One does not just slap a castle or a Gothic cathedral together, nor the Roman Coliseum, which after 2,000+ years is still standing.

“That the ancient Britons applied Pythagorean principles long before Pythagoras was born was a remarkable discovery.” “All we can say is it seems most unlikely that a people who possessed such a refined observational science, such as mathematical and geometrical expertise, and such engineering genus, were at the time ignorant and superstitious barbarians, as the ancient inhabitants of Britain are popularly believed to have been.” [1]
[This was passed to us from the Nordic Gods, such as Satan himself, who fathered children with human mothers].

Stonehenge was used to predict the phases of the Moon, eclipses and much more, accurately. Much of this was used in ritual magick.
Most of you here already know that the body and spirit are made of bioelectricity. Bioelectricity runs the universe. Thoughts are composed of electrical impulses. This is scientific.

“Basing his ideas on numerology and gematria, Michell puts forward the suggestion that both Stonehenge and Glastonbury were structures designed with incredible subtlety on principles accredited to traditional magic for the purpose of collecting, storing, and transmitting solar energy.” “…the actual sites should serve in some measures receiving stations for direct influences from heavenly constellations that were known and appreciated by the priesthood—especially at certain seasons of the year.” [2]

There is much, much more to the “Kabbalistic” planetary squares. I also want to add here, these are not anything the Jews invented. I have a book where it reads they are originally Sanskrit. Most of you know, the Jews did not originate in Mesopotamia, or Ancient Palestine, but in the Far East, where nearly everything in their programs has been stolen and corrupted from. Christians and Muslims were used and exploited to viciously remove and destroy this knowledge, burn libraries, Pagan Temples and torture and mass murder those who had this knowledge.

Back to the significance of Planetary Squares:
“One of the more arcane traditions of number magic is that there is associated with each planet a numerological magic square, which is the key to control of the planet’s influence and power. For example, the magic square of the Sun consists of 36 numbers. The square may appear as a random jumble of numbers, but a closer study will reveal that if one number were altered, or if two were made to change places, they symmetry of the whole square would collapse.

Add together any row, column, or diagonal: the total is always 111. Add together the corner numbers of the square, 6, 1, 36, 31: they total 74. Move inward toward the center and add the corner numbers of the smaller square formed by 11, 8, 29, 26: again the total is 74. Add the total of the 4 numbers at the very center, 16, 15, 22, 21: it is also 74. Add together the numbers around the perimeter: the total is 370. The sum of all 36 numbers in the square is 666.

From this are drawn the potent magical numbers of the Sun: 36, 111, 74, 370 and 666. Whole multiples of the magic numbers are taken to be as potent as the numbers themselves. According to Michell’s analysis, Stonehenge was laid out on a plan that incorporated these numbers, so functioning as a magical instrument for solar power.

Glastonbury, according to Michell, was also designed on a pattern dictated by the principle numbers of the magic square of the Sun. According to these calculations, it appears that Glastonbury was founded on identical principles to those employed by the people who built Stonehenge between 1500 and 2000 years before the first Christian church was erected.” [3]

“From these observations, he goes on to say that they seem to be controlled by mathematical laws that involve the number 3 in their construction and the number 7 in their spiral patterns.”

Chinese authorities forbid constructing roads and tracks through certain areas of which they deemed contained lines of force which they called “Dragon Current.”

The movie, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for example, has many scenes where the characters levitate and even fly though the air. This is not fiction. Upon empowering this soul [martial arts empowers the soul], levitation can be achieved. Levitation combined with powerful ley lines can give an adept the power to fly though the air. All of this can be scientifically explained.

“If rivers are becoming polluted, the solution is, we reason today, to develop stronger, and therefore costlier, anti-pollutants. Perhaps we should not dismiss the magical and psychical sciences of our forebears as readily as we do. A return to the magical view of the world might be the start of a solution. Why? Because fundamental to the old beliefs is the idea that the world is a grand design, a totality in which the parts are all interrelated, interresponsive, and interdependent, so that whatever happens to the part affects the whole and vice versa. Many of the ills of the modern world can be traced to a neglect of this fundamental principle.”

This is where we are at following centuries of enforced Christianity, Islam and being ordered about and slaves to the Jews. Yes, slaves. In most countries, the president, if not a Jew him/herself, is nothing more than a puppet of which the Jewish masters pull and control the strings.

A quote from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

[And replace it with Christianity and Islam]


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