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April 30th / 1st of May - JoS Protection Ritual

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Greetings to all Our People and Satanic Comrades.

This place has done so much to evolve us, advance us, and help us overcome many things- and to become better. To all of us it's known that this place belongs to Satan, and we are part of this because we are part of Satan's family.

It goes beyond saying that Satan has only one place is he represented, and that is the JoS. This doesn't have to do only with us, but everyone here, one by one. Its one of the last free places where we can talk and conversate, share and organize about our beliefs, advancement, and so forth.

Much of what Satan gets, is defamation, attacks, the dilution of his knowledge and being into a sea of lies and incessant warfare. The JoS is under the same fire, and it will not stop, simply because, it says the Truth, and the enemy knows this.

What's their problem really? That you are having a soul, advancing, and like all other beings on this planet, you are after your living interests. But that's too heavy for the stomach of some slavers anyway.

Without going into many tiring and non necessary details, the JoS needs, like any other base or structure, protection and maintenance. We are therefore now, on the Satanic New Year [Beltane/Walpurgisnacht], are going to re-affirm our working that we have done last year. This is important and keeps the momentum going.

The Truth is coming out at very fast rates, and we have to keep up with this reality. All of us, for Satan and the Gods, have to keep their bastion alive, vibrant and victorious. This Ritual will bless all the people who bless our undertaking, while handling the rest by backfiring their own intentions. This benefits and protects the members and people who are with us at heart and here.

We have to deliver this abomination of the enemy into spiritual judgement finally.

By Empowering Satan's efforts and plans, we empower ourselves.


The Ritual is fairly simple:

Runic Vibrations-

The runes are to be vibrated one after in this order.

Algiz x18 Sowilo x18 - Tyr x18 [or multiplies of 18, such as 36, 72, etc etc times, however many you desire/are able to]

x18 each Rune:




After you raise the energy of the Runes, focus on it and:

VIBRATE SATANAS and Then affirm

"The Joy of Satan Ministries are always protected and completely safe,
in every and all ways from any and all forms of harm and negativity.

All those who curse the Joy of Satan are cursed, and all those who bless the Joy of Satan are blessed."


The above to be repeated either 10 times. Satanas - Affirm - Satanas is ONE round. This must be done 10 times.



1. Which runic alteration should I vibrate?

Any you want. It can be Sol, Sowilo, Sauil or anything. However- the choices have been picked because of their considerable power.

2. How long can this Ritual be done?

This Ritual can be done until the 1st of May. The reason for such is that all of us must put power into this on the same days.

3. How many times can I do this Ritual?

As many as you want, the more the better.

4. Is this Ritual White or Black magick.

Neither, its' a protective magick.

5. Do I need to start a formal Ritual?

If you want to, you can do this. It's not necessary. Ideally, one should speak to Satan and the Gods before doing the Ritual.

6. I am short on time, can I still do the Ritual?

This Ritual is very short. You can start doing the vibrations at once, and then doing the affirmations. That too will raise necessary energy.

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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:

Thank You HodeCobra! Hail Satan! Hail JoS!

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Is it like this [algiz-18 times,sowilo-18 times,Tyr-18 times] 18 times.
"The awakening process is your spirit rising above pollution"-Obara meji

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SETI wrote:
Is it like this [algiz-18 times,sowilo-18 times,Tyr-18 times] 18 times.

No just 18 each Rune is OK. IF someone wants to do more, then all the best, more can be done.

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Ok. Sure thing. I will give it my best too guys.

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