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Pride about One's Race Made Easy

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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:53 am
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It's very easy to have pride and love for your own people, contrary to 'popular' belief. Indeed it's very hard to go against nature and beat one's self on every corner, but the enemy has made it 'easy' by programming people in the worst way possible, by mass brainwashing.

If one focuses on the 'mob', and its limited deplorable acts, stupidity, and negligence of existence, then you will always feel bad about yourself, your people, and the world at large. It's true these may outweight the good things in some situations, but still, life cannot go forward like that. Some people have to change the way they see things for anything to live and advance.

It's on the good elements one should focus and put their attention into. For this is where we grow. There are such elements in all races, that are worthy of study, understanding, and emulation. This is from where the power of a race shows up, not from the mob. The mob shows the striking average, in other words, it doesn't show the limits or the powers that individuals can possess, which in many ways, can be extraordinary superior to all other people.

Therefore SS which are a spiritual aristocracy, do not waste your time focusing on the cesspool of your own. Just know their weaknesses, know where you stand, and move on. You will see how much advanced and better you will become from others, and this proves capabilities that are dormant and latent in your own people too.

If one doubts and looks down on themselves, and they say it's because of their race, that's in the very least a stupid thing. It's just one's desire to put down one's self, that shows itself on the pretext of your race. It's just self hatred with a false reason behind it.

If we are to focus on the mob, we might as well give up, and let the planet burn. For there is no 'mob' on their own in reality, and there are individuals and circles of power running the 'mob'. If these change, there are reforms, for example.

There are great people, but one has to do some research and find them, and focus on themselves becoming better. Great people don't just happen, they make themselves, so you can make yourself one by conscious effort and correct habits, by fighting with inferior elements in ourselves, we grow better. The glory is that after a point this becomes permanent, and one changes completely, at least where most issues are concerned.

Lastly, if people still engage in behavior and transferring it in the groups, or attempt, well, this deals nothing on our doctrine, or their race or their people even. Its their own stuck brain, that wants to destroy or halt any progress in general, for themselves, others, and their people and the world at large.

In short, there is no space for that here. This is not a 'group' issue for here (unless for healthy conversation and support, or a normal rant).

By understanding yourself, the greatness of your own people and past civilizations, and applying the spiritual forces to become better yourself, you understand quickly why we are as we are here, nature's intention, and how this is the surest way for individual and mass success. In a sense, yes, we are Elite and 'Chosen', but we make ourselves as such. Therefore we have to act accordingly, and not in the ways of the mob.

To love and have pride about your Race is easy, and supported by good focus, to hate everything including yourself is stressful and hard.

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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:46 am

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I love and respect my race. But I have more respect for any non-White who does work for Satan, than for the whitest white person who is willingly a brainwashed deluded idiot.
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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:26 am

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Lydia wrote:
I love and respect my race. But I have more respect for any non-White who does work for Satan, than for the whitest white person who is willingly a brainwashed deluded idiot.

A Nazi is better than any Goy. During WWII Hitler allied with the Arabs, because they are a strong people. Look at what Islam and these Jewish curses have done in just 100 years.

Look at the Ottoman Empire. During WWI they allied with Germany, during WW2 they sat out until the end... Regardless they didn't fight the reich, and Hitler needed a strong Turkey/Arab identity. But why did Hitler want a strong Arab/Muslim(?) middle east/africa???? WHY????

Because we don't want them in Europe!!! Go Home and live with your people and quit being a xenophobe.... Nazism applies to most races, being white doesn't make you a Nazi. It's what you do and how you live that makes you a nazi. Whatever connations that may apply.

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:43 pm

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I find nothing wrong with being proud to be white in the slightest. The blood of Satan himself is within us. I have great love for my race, our origins and our natural born capabilities, even if a good majority of us are blind idiots. Non-white races too have the blood of a god within them, being fully aware and proud of that in itself brings you far above any other average human you come across in every-day life.

And then there's the jews. The excrement of humanity and this very planet. Personally I don't believe we should waste our time being bothered about such things as negativity or just plain stupidity you see amongst your own people. The real problem is the root of it's cause, the enemy. And THAT is where our attention should be.
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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:00 pm

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We can't stop being xenophobic because of force integration and a lack of knowledge. I recently had a conversation and the conclusion was, " screw my people." This is correct is it not. A foundation leads and paves the way for the lot but without it, your looking at a demoralizing bunch who simply don't care. It's so easy not to care. Really really easy.

Giving up on life and obligation is easy. There's nothing to do or look forward to. The prime of our days are watching the sky or investing all our time in leisure to escape all the pitfalls and hazards or normal social life. Plastic men watching bottled women as they pray to get a quick sip. Just a little taste is all we need to escape for a brief second. And who knows, maybe we can try that new opium drug that's 50x to a 100x worse than the juice. And it kills us quicker so no one has to worry about the 300+ deaths in the past 4 months.

They brought out a new drug that's extremely more potent. It's sad. And this is yet another reason to pursue.


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Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:36 am
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The two types of people who tell me its wrong to have normal esteem in my heritage and ancestors, who I am a genetic reincarnation of and they are part of me and I them.....

Are either worthless kikes, who themselves are the most violently racist people on earth and have their own racist state in the middle east with racist jew patrol's that beat up Arabs and their state force sterilization of Blacks. And makes foreign workers sign legal contracts swearing to not mix with jews will in Israel. And the only reason racist jews push anti-racialism for Whites, is because jews are racist and their race religion of the Torah tells them to exterminate the White race.

And the other is toxic Shabbos goyim who were dog trained in their opinion from the first category, the kikes.

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