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Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:57 pm
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This is quite a subject.

Notably, women in most places of the world are hated or degraded in some way. Because why? Some Abrahamic cancer religions, mainly. Such hate never existed in times before these jewish created hoaxes that just attack women out of nowhere. Mind you, the jewish women are really uplifted and taken care of, but of course, this doesn't have to do with the women of the 'goy'.

The enemy is behind this, and this is a very well thought and executed thing they are doing. It's not coincidence.

Before I point that stuff out, let's not forget these are general and not exceptions. There are always exceptions in life in general, but we all fill some categories. There is no human that doesn't breathe, for example.

Let's not lie to ourselves. In the west, 'woman hating' is virtually non existent. In most ways, women are now superior to men, they have become an object of worship in many ways. There are are no burkas, there is no stoning, and hardly any punishment even if someone engages in the most corrupted behaviors, or any other such things.

Women have equal, if not more rights to men. Women also need a different handling than men, obviously. There is no real question of 'equality', as genders are totally different, and then individuals are also different too. The calls of 'equality' call for when people are assimilated, and they are all the same. Women are also forced to act like men in many ways, today, and this is to make them lose their femininity, which is essentially a sense of power for women.

For these women who just want to feel important over just being 'women' this isn't a point we should be focusing.

It's interesting how feminists and others speak of equality and other crap, but all the basis is around how one is to be glorified because they possess a vagina, or scorned if they don't. Essentially this is low level advocacy as still this just revolts around genitals and nothing else.

There is no real judgement of quality of a person, so many lowlife personas go into these groups to advocate about them being corrupt etc, using their gender as a shield to protect their so called 'rights' to degeneracy.

Men also did the same crap for decades, by justifying cheating and abnormal behavior towards society and women, over the fact that "God is a man" and other trivial justifications. So there is no 'wrong gender' on that one, just suckers who hide the fact that they suck. We have to look beyond genders, in order to understand where genders actually fall.

I notice how women have zero to no idea what lies in other places in the world, in contrast to the "west" where they claim they are imaginably 'suppressed and enslaved'.

If anything the female element in the west has went extremely rampant, to the point it has actually now overcome and suppressed the male element in society. This has reached the point where many men become sissified in order to enjoy the benefits of welfare, protection, and soft cuddling that cucked society provides to all sorts of beaten and effeminate individuals.

Typically, the jews divide a nation or a country into all sorts of teams. The hamburger lovers vs the bacon lovers, the gamers vs the incessant masturbators, the women vs the men, the lovers of dogs vs the lovers of cats. This is all nonsense, and there is no reason for any such strife. Other than jewish profit, and for people to fill their boring lives with something to waste time on.

And they put all these groups in endless strife a warfare to bring civilization down over nonsense. They dig everything imaginable to find problems, and become the 'leaders' in solving these non-existant and imaginative problems that do not exist and many of which have been corrected long ago. So therefore by fighting these problems, the stupid idiots who engage in this, they create them in society.

This is like doctors and how they invented the fictitious ADHD. Now it's 'real' because they caused it.

Women can be of masculine polarity, or feminine polarity. This goes in both males and females. Essentially, not all women act 'feminine', and not all men act 'masculine'. However our genders do matter, and they matter a lot. To lie otherwise is to deny reality. If you believe you are a butterfly, you are simply NOT a butterfly. You have a biological gender, but that doesn't always define your polarity.

However I notice the jews are mixing deplorable and subhuman behavior, and tying this into genders, or anything else in particular, to keep people oblivious of the spiritual reasons behind such behavior. For example, a person is a rotten character that is a backstabber, cheater, or a disgusting personality. And if the victim is the man from a woman of that typefor example, they say "Oh that's the nature of women, them bitches".

In the reverse situation, they tell the woman that "oh its the men, they are useless pigs". They just overly generalize and make rules that they push to society, which people accept blindly because of their subjective personal experience, therefore, making them real.

This facilitates incessant warfare, and replicates the lies of the Torah which have everyone as an evil, goyim cattle by birth, and society in a state of general 'sin' and chaos.

Now *ALL* of human life on the planet, does have a mother. The fact we exist has to do with the fact we have a mother.

To hate 'women', is pushed so much in men and in societies, because this is hating the principle of growth, spirituality, beauty and high civilization. All these things fall under the female element, which is the live giving element of growth, nurturing and empowerment.

To hate 'women' also acts in a way as to make one manifest the exact conditions that will make them hate women, as this is a pattern playing. One thinks all women are sluts, and they are going to find a lot of proof about it, as like attracts like.

Truth be told, many people are low quality people outside nowadays. That doesn't necessarily involve gender, however. It's just that genders manifest stupidity and low quality in a particular way, and damage society in different ways.

For example bad men damage society by not defending it and by not creating the necessary boundaries that are required so that any freedom can exist (such as borders). Women of bad quality just destroy a civilization by trying to 'bring in' all sorts of decaying influences to 'nurture them' or 'give them life', or babies, whatever.

The problem lies not in genders, but in that neither of the genders does its job anymore. And this is a spiritual problem.

The general imbalances in the souls of people do manifest themselves as unstable social conditions.

There is no point in hating men, women, or anything else. There is only a point in hating the jews who have created these programs that they call 'religions' through which they have attempted to overthrow nature, spirituality, and the source of human advancement at the soul level. Which manifests balance in the person and society.

Therefore bringing everything into a proportionate existence. One just needs to see at the health of the ancient world to understand. Women were women, and men were men. That doesn't include sexual choices or polarity. It's just that genders were where they should be by nature. The rest of the things flew on their own harmoniously. All this comes from living in spiritual balance and sanity, and in accordance to nature.

It's a true point that in the general lines, men have to be strong, and this simply attracts women in a magnetic way. In the same way, when women act feminine, this simply magnetizes men like insects to the light. Men are the masculine element, the element which creates boundaries in society, in which the women can be free. Women are the feminine element that gives quality and purpose and life to a civilization.

And unbeknownst to modern women, both genders thirst for the above, even if one finds themselves lesbian or in any other sexual orientation.

As for these 'women' who cry endless feminist tears, we can see that they infact do hate other women and their own 'gender comrades'. They want society to open up to a savagery that will rob them of ALL female rights, and wreck femininity to destruction forever, turning free countries into a Saudi Arabia, with women no less than cattle.

I have never met a feminist that never hated women. It's mostly evil women that are feminists, not only to other women, and to femininity and all it means, but society at large. The deep levels of the feminist movement are nothing but hardcore terrorism, aimed to destroy society. By their incessant crying and conjuring of ghosts that never existed, these ghosts will exist, and they will cost the freedom of other women who do in fact entirely deserve it.

If there are no men, these boundaries don't exist, and the female element reeks all over the place. It's men that guard the borders and fight, but it's women that give life and beauty to a civilization.

However lastly, let's not forget the bottom of it. If there are problems, it's essentially not 'beginning' with any gender: it begins with spiritual corruption, If the balance of an atom is overthrown, problems come anyway, it doesn't matter from where.

Which starts at a very definitive beginning. No Pagan faith was as sickening as the faiths of the jews today, that have destabilized society as a whole.

Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:24 pm

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Both man and women have Male and female sides. The jews attack the Female aspect of everything.
The left hand is controled by the right side of the brain(female)-this is side is responsible to things like questionning authority and feeling how and when things are wrong despite what others say, etc, so we here are in the left hand path
Women usually have the female side predominant and Men the opposite. So their religions want women to be obedient and submissive to the left brainned man, who also have their right side shutted down by their programs.

The way I see it, the jew is still attacking the female side of goys with feminists and all by turning women into left brainned maniacs.

Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:06 pm

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I think a lot of men eschew their natural sex roles because they feel (not without cause) that it is a pointless act. To be a man in today's society is to be perpetually inadequate. Men slave away to support themselves and their partners, often working 50-70 hours a week, and than if the woman wants to split, she'll get paid alimony simply for existing. Men make up the vast majority of combat deaths and work-related deaths in the West, and almost no one cares. They also make up the majority of homeless people and suicides.

If someone is an average or below-average looking man in society, even if they are a hard-working, responsible individual, they will likely have trouble finding a decent relationship, as even a 300lb feminist INSISTS on her man being 6'5 and buff, with a high-status job as well.

It is interesting to note that the international community went up in a tizzy a few months ago when it was revealed that a woman in Japan worked herself to death in the advertising industry. Funny, I can't seem to remember these same individuals caring when so many Japanese men were working themselves to death.
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Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:10 pm
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What I notice in the pro White realm is this promotion of the ideal that women should be in the kitchen and not in the pro White movement. This simply diminishes the amount of active members for the racial struggle drastically. Women are an important factor, I noticed this fellow named beardson went on a rant against Women in the movement. What went right over his head was the power of having pro White Women active in the media context. Dudes will line up around the block to listen with zen like concentration to a pretty White Women and give all kinds of cash to them. There is a reason they use pretty women to sell products here..... His jellyness got in the way of understanding a important reality that can be turned into a epic strategy of winz.

Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:46 pm

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It really is hard to find someone who understands these things.

Most people are too into their Social media groups, or Drama, etc. . . Women complain about "Unfair pay" or "making 70~ cents vs a man making $1 at a job". And yet, that man has a 13-17% higher chance of dying at his workplace. Or that that man is providing for a full family, and himself.

And then there are people like my father and step mom. They both work, they seem to understand each other and their struggles, and they work together to achieve their goals. (Even though dad can be rude at times)

Society as a whole seems to gravitate towards what catches their attention in the most sensational way. The gender part of it all though is what really sets people off. 1000 Men to the General public is a small number, but when 1 Woman dies there's panic! I always have, and always will treat a lady with respect. But there is no reason to not value a man as well, I myself am a man infact ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And finally, the "6 foot standard" some women have for men is bullshit. I may be 2 inches off, but I bet I can pick that guy up and body slam him. Also, his height may be attributed to eating TONS of meat from hormone fed animals. Which is quite the trend for the average guy here, and I'm certain my lack of that trend is why the guys around me seems like giants.

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:33 am

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Thanks for this!

I have heard some of my friends argue that being gay is unnatural and defective because life is about making children and gays dont bring children.

I argue that gays are indeed natural and that not everyone should make babies, and that since gays dont make babies they contribute to a society in ways a heterosexual or a bisexual person cant. But honestly I pulled this argument from my ass without doing any research so I really would like to hear other opinions regarding this matter.

I have read somewhere that in Rome, almost everyone had a gay lover because a gay lover wouldnt do any harm to the marriage, and I guess this would also mean that almost everyone is bisexual?

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:13 am

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Both the programs of Abrahamic religions where a female is treated like crap and feminism as marxist movement where females are taught that men are source of their problems came from the same (((mind)))

In the Reich the male/female relationship was on the pinnacle before and after these filthy movements that we are supposed to take as something good since the Daily Jew tells us so.

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:15 pm

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Aphrodite666 wrote:
Thanks for this!

I have heard some of my friends argue that being gay is unnatural and defective because life is about making children and gays dont bring children.

I argue that gays are indeed natural and that not everyone should make babies, and that since gays dont make babies they contribute to a society in ways a heterosexual or a bisexual person cant. But honestly I pulled this argument from my ass without doing any research so I really would like to hear other opinions regarding this matter.

I have read somewhere that in Rome, almost everyone had a gay lover because a gay lover wouldnt do any harm to the marriage, and I guess this would also mean that almost everyone is bisexual?

Tell your friends about bonobo monkeys ,if same sex intercourse is unnatural why are bonobo monkey ( the genetically closest to us ) completely bisexual?

Stupid humans with their tiny shitty mind
Just see what they want to see and ignore evidences,
Thanks to the humanoid parassite alien commonly known as jew

many other animals( surprisingly even non-mammals) show somehow homosexual behavior

But hey, who fucking cares about nature , after all only jew knows what's natural ,indeed you see how these wise beings mutilate their sons's genitals with pride ,
Mmh So natural ,doesn't it?

I suppose those stupid goyims who mutilate purposely their penis or their sons penis
Whom are that proud to know what's natural or isn't,
are geniuses lol :lol:

Just believe it goy


Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:46 pm

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Lovin this thread!

@Aphrodite666 I've heard that there were ceremonies that largely involved homosexual sex. A somewhat of an orgy fest and a big feast lol. But that's up for debate.

To quote Plato's The Republic (yet again), there was a chapter dedicated entirely to the equality of women.

In a short Summary, they argued, that there are no tasks that either sex specializes in, both can do the same.
But both sexes have their own strengths, (in a nutshell) Women are spiritually stronger since they are the life givers, wider hips, and breasts for nourishment etc. While men, are physically stronger due to testosterone, and bigger/wider muscles.
The biggest thing they stressed was, it really comes down to individuality. One woman may be eager to train for war, another may not. One woman may yearn to learn, while another may only be interested in beauty. The same ideal applies to men, it all comes down to who the individual is. But no matter who the individual each receives the same treatment to meet the standards of their calling.

I'll probly post some excerpts here once I find the book, lol
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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:36 pm

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Aphrodite666 wrote:
Thanks for this!

I have heard some of my friends argue that being gay is unnatural and defective because life is about making children and gays dont bring children.

I argue that gays are indeed natural and that not everyone should make babies, and that since gays dont make babies they contribute to a society in ways a heterosexual or a bisexual person cant. But honestly I pulled this argument from my ass without doing any research so I really would like to hear other opinions regarding this matter.

For something you pulled out of your ass, you are pretty spot on. Our HP's long ago wrote an elaborate reply that elucidates in detail essentially what you had theorized, right here:

So in case you find yourself in a similar situation again, study this site:
This one too, put together by HP Carlson:

Aphrodite666 wrote:
I have read somewhere that in Rome, almost everyone had a gay lover because a gay lover wouldnt do any harm to the marriage, and I guess this would also mean that almost everyone is bisexual?

I don't know about Rome, but I do remember reading on HP Carlson's site that Carl Jung had said that society is bisexually repressed. Which honestly makes sense.
In a world plagued with evil and lies, the truth is found in what we are told is most evil of all lies.

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Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:18 pm

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I think Cobra post and Lion's comment both got it right. To Mageson point, I think people take what is generally a true stereotype about women, and they turn it into some fanatical hardline thing.

Like wtf. Just because many women like baking or something doesn't mean we have to enforce it at gunpoint like communists that all should do this.

My grandfather was 1 of 13 children. People reproducing at a healthy rate is literally like 7 or more kids per family. A population will die if they produce less than like 3.3 kids per family if I recall.

Just think. Each baby puts a women out of comission, depending, for like 9 months to even a couple years. It depends how big they get during prego, and how long they want to be super close to the child, how long it takes to recover, any complications etc.

Multiply that times 7 kids or however many and soon the women is basically at home for like 20 years. So this gives rise to many homemaker type things and often true generalizations about the woman's role. I know also that my grandfather's mother still stayed at home but had side jobs and made money. She wasn't this "opressed" woman with no independent. She was not a victim of some scary straight male patriarc. She was actually a hero to the family.

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:46 pm

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The 13th sinner

This link....   .... is something I've never found browsing all across JoS and GBLT thule. I save for a later thread, but we are missing pieces of the JoS and I couldn't find that page from GBLT THULE WEBSITE.

Regarding that link I HAVE A QUESTION!!! I need help with. Am I actually heterosexual?! My entire life I have spent trying to advance, even before knowing Satan. I look like, oh he is cool or a jock, but no. I am and always was with the nerds lol. 

My hobbies as a child included athletics, but my drug was learning and advancing. I watched nothing but documentaries, and read encyclopedias, and took machines apart, and rebuilt them. I used every free second to learning when the internet came. I have spent 1000's of hours studying. More than the average person even dreams. I took advanced music classes at recomendation.

And with time I daydreamed of improving the world. Of creating wonderful things for myself and others. And when I mature and saw the world's sorry state, I dreamed of finding the answers. I continued to advance, to look for answers to my own problems, but I could never forget the world's problems. And I saw prophetic terrible things headed towards us.

And false savior and solutions kept letting me down. I will not piece together for you my entire journey. But it came a day I prayed to god. I before was christian, then atheist, then agnostic, then agnostic buddhist.

 So I prayed to whatever God or high being existed. I said "there is nobody with eyes to even see the problems. The few that see them don't even want to do anything. I dont care if I am the only one, I will do it myself and help you save the world. I don't care if I die, I will stop this if you are a good god and also care and need help."  And months later I was lead to the JOS by the powers. I have no names of who led me.

Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:15 am

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Later in life, I saw how bad things got in the world. I said to myself, "I will lead a resistance if certain lines get crossed. Even if it is only a few of us. I'd rather be killed a free man than sent to a communist camp."  Curiously I have a distant relative in history that did die in a battle that none survived, and they fought for whites.

Now this does not sound like the story of some lower level person only meant for producing children. Not according to the information by MAGESON on that website. This sounds like the story of someone at soul level geared to produce higher things for others/society. My inclinations seem to be geared for higher things, which are stated to be duty of the 3rd sex.

I have even have had people, like when I first meet them at work, or you make new friends, think I was gay. It hurt me to ask, but I even said to them or their friends, why did you think I was gay. I am very blunt and candid and they know they can be with me too. Even then, they say to me they don't know, or they couldn't put the finger on it. I show no flamboyant or anything. I've never been with a man. There is nothing to give an "I'm gay vibe" unless they perceive something on the finer levels.

Now, I truly don't dream of men at this point. I've always admired the female form, and desired that....yoni we shall say. And I want to have kids. So if I was 3rd sex I at least would primarily like women I'd say. And also I don't see any reason for love with a man. Both genders have..holes... and women have the one I desire. So if I ever hypothetically in the future have a non hetero inclination it would be like, such a small desire that I would never even go out of my way for it. Like, I really don't want to mount any men, and if I ever wanted my rear to recieve attention I could just have a woman do that on the off chance I ever wanted it, and go back to my yoni loving modus operandi.

I even have a HUGE sex drive lately from some chakra work. So I think natural inclination will show some with that energy rush. And I feel like making love to 20 women. Not a hint of like for dudes.

BUUUUT, I know how destructive my extreme christian upbringing can be. It may have buried some things. I was brainwashed since like age 4. So I am confused because I show natural traits of 3rd sex in some things thru time, but sex drive doesn't show it, but I could still have Christian damages.

So yeah I am open that maybe I am 3rd sex but heavily damged. I juse don't know what to think.

Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:55 am

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Believe me you would know if you were bisexual ,
But I think if one doesn't feel any feeling of that
After meditation and meditation
then he/she hasn't repressed anything and is almost completely heterosexual.

the point is don't overstress your self about being someone you aren't

You can be creative and this doesn't mean you're bisexual or homosexual, just mean you're
Creative .

meditation helped me realize that I'm not homosexual but bisexual instead
And years of hate towards heterosexuality and average heterosexuals,
Made me repress a slight sexual attraction to women

I was so angry with those degenerate heterosexuals that
I thought I'd rater die than be a piece of shit like one of them

Now I'm still angry with those pieces of shit but
At least I know that feeling something towards women doesn't make me like one of those

Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:07 am

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Talking about men protecting the women...
I had met a feminist recently (for the first time in my life! :lol: ) and at some point, she was telling me her feministic worldview and she says "but why would men protect me? Did I ask for their protection?" and I'm like holy shit, girl.... like holy shit.

On the one hand, it's just crazy how retarded these people are... It makes for a laugh.
On the other, it is very... well, 'dangerous' to say the least... the point a human being can reach. Being indoctrinated by the jews so hard, and having their own complexes, problems with their own gender and themselves... and look at what they believe and support with passion!

It is dangerous, when such a poisonous viewpoint becomes the "norm".

And yes, there are also women fighters. Each woman, and each man, are individuals, but the majority of them does shape a community, right?
I love the thought of a man protecting me and our children, and me being always next to him, supporting him, giving him the kind of love that can complete him as a person.

Nevertheless, I do become a bit confused, in regards to the "genders"...
I remember I had read somewhere (either in the forums, or sermons) that "genders do not exist". I understand we're not talking about the biology of the human, but about their attitude/personality/traits...
But, when someone comes and tells you "alright, if genders don't exist, if everyone is unique, why is the norm for men to fight and not for women?" how do you reply back?
Because for me... I believe it's the "norm" for the majority of men to fight (protect) and for the majority of women to create, to nurture.
But, artists men (for example), I believe are an exception to this (not all of them, but some of them perhaps).
The same for men who have more feminine energies... The same for women who have more masculine energies...

But it is a norm for the majority of man to fight and protect, and for women to create, to nurture, is it not?

I must confess I have become a bit confused, as to the point that we are ourselves, and to the point that, we form a community through what is expected of us.
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Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:14 pm

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You answered your own question as to whether your not you're hetero or homosexual. Calm down, you're worrying over nothing.

What HP Don wrote is essentially the metaphysical reason the 3rd sex as a phenomena exist in Humanity, which descends down upon the non-hetero population here in physical reality as a generalization of their purpose/nature and an ideal for them to know of and follow, not some absolute rigid law that they are robotically programmed to fulfill by the forces of nature without exception.

Think for a second, you have a drive to learn, advance, and fight the jewish evils of the world and uplift it back to a golden, who rings a bell when we think of such things? Oh yeah...ADOLF HITLER.

Was Hitler gay? My telepathy may not be developed yet, but I can still hear Eva Braun saying no.

Not all heterosexuals are cut out as parents, and to say that all the highest drives and greatest talents are exclusively and unforgivingly reserved for the third sex is just silly. You are you. No need to have an existential crisis as soon as you learn something new. You can go as far as you are willing to push yourself, and you have your personal talents to help carry you. However, the reality is that we have genetically ordained vocations that we need to be mindful of and respect, both for ourselves and the greater good. Plus following through with them gives us a natural sense of fulfillment.

As for the link I posted, it was put together by one of our members. I don't think its actually linked by the GBLT Thule site, I just knew it off the top of my head. And now you do too, so be sure to bookmark its homepage so you can show others if the need ever arises.
In a world plagued with evil and lies, the truth is found in what we are told is most evil of all lies.

Fuckin' Kikes.

Post Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:17 am

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From Mageson

"Every citizen of the organic Nation has vital duties and talents to perform for the greater good of the society. As ordained by nature."

How do I find out what these are?

" Non-Heterosexual peoples energy goes into guiding and protecting the nation full time and helping to educate the generations in the temples [university/school centers of the day] as this was the duty of the Priesthoods and required 16 hours a day attention same with being in the role of state governers, both these roles required a life time of special training that gives no time for parenting. A nation to also survive and thrive needs a head."

Now this 16 hours a day talk about the priesthood/universities. Isn't that what we are doing? Growing the spiritual leadership? I know I commit 2 hours easily when my life lines up to allow me. Why does my life progression of spending these insane hours studying and advancing, even before I knew Satan, sound exactly like the above. Which Mageson says if for non hetero? And why have I been fascinated with the big picture all my life, and the secrets, and advancment, and the figuratively magickal aspects?

Again it confuses me that nature would create me with a split soul. A huge drive to both foster others, to advance them and myself, to become the best, while also give me a huge drive to create a family. This contradicts the website that is linked. It says nature divides our roles so all bases are covered. It says we are geared to fully go for one or the other. Why do I have the drive to cover many bases and do both roles?

Is this a rare thing that I possess? Is a new evolution in nature? Was I just born to raise hell and kick ass at all levels? How will I find time and energy to meet all these goals?

I again believe my many wives dream helps answer some, maybe not all. Much can be deligated, and with me and several wives the burden on us all is reduced and spread out.

As for being bisexual. Idk. I am still not living alone, and in christian fundamentalist territory where they believe in no sex before marriage in my family. This means I am sexually not as active as many because it's logistics is hard to overcome. So I guess I will at some point defeat the sexual repression, and get a place to live alone and then really I can go down my path and see what I am sexually. I am stunted development in this area. Anything "gay" was told to me for years that it's evil and grotesque. So i haven't really bloomed into my own yet to even know, and find things for myself.

I just freak out because if there is ANOTHER aspect of my being that was corrupted and held down by Christians I might send fire elements to burn churches on a sunday. Still I believe the answer will be hetero.

Post Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:35 am

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Yagami your name sounds asian. If you are white I would protect you! :D

Post Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:03 pm

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So I am not the only one confused by that?

Good to know at least..

I have felt like there were 2 choices that I could pick from.. Like either fight in this world or become a wife. Well if I read it like this Im put off by the latter though.
Anyway Id have picked to do both. First make the world better have kids later some day..

There is a problem in how much one can do in a day but that does not mean we cant make our lives fullfilling and worthwhile.

It might just very well be in the energetic preference to choose with whom you would want to be.. Although I could be very wrong there.

People are just disgusting these days. Honestly I look up to the older ones simply because most of em dont need to paint their faces with crap and go out and smoke cigarettes although it doesnt mean that they never did but their attitude seems healthier than the onces who just got out of high school.

Exceptions there of course.

Post Mon May 01, 2017 12:06 am

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So I thought about my astro reading. Apparently I am a walking bass ackwords contradiction lol. It says essentially I am geared to both family life, career and spiritual and high level persuits. I guess what Mageson wrote is not true 100% of the time. Still it's odd territory to be in. Most do not do this, and I'm kinda on my own as to how to swing this. Kick ass I shall.

Roswitha I agree. There is something special about older folks. I even prefer friends that are like 40,50 on up. They are many times more sane and less brainwashed. Maybe I will add an old hen to my roost of wives. Somebody to bring the younger dumber wives back down to earth/reality. If she is like 20 years older I don't care, she gets like 3 points hotter if she can cook me a hearty meal XD.

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Maybe you need to start looking at women as actual human beings if you are to have success with them first. This is the same behavior many people have in general about women, and for all types I know, these are the most unsuccessful with women in the long run. Women simply reject them in many ways. Its part of modern agenda to just dehumanize women to establish 'control', but even if this is 'achieved' rarely so it lasts. This involves breaking others down to the point that they are enslaved basically, like a jewish pimp.

As planets go round and round, and if you treat people that way, they will erupt. These 'harem' things never work in reality, at least flawlessly.

Even harems never had to do with marriage, only sexual relations. One wife was the actual wife. So it wasn't even a harem, it was more like an allowance for someone to have extra children and leave it at that. Not saying in polygamy but in general most people see polygamy as owning some women like cattle. Even a cyborg would at some point object...

Who will be loyal to you at all times, say nothing and all that. Even if women act like that, in a hypothetical scenario of such a video game, where one has 5 GF's and none has a period, none has a disagreement, and such.

The characters of women who would go down into this, like 5 on 1, and completely ego-less and obedient, are either borgs, or women that you can't put your trust into most of the time, for prolonged periods of time. You are thinking all 'muh dick' in regards to this situation.

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So you are saying that if I am realistic I can only expect to have myself 1 Lilith counterpart that is loyal and the rest are just looser connections I have children with? It's all very interesting. I know the SS allowed multiple wives and some gods do as well. If you decide to ever do a full sermon on this, and how it best works, I would be all ears.

The thing is, if the other wives are free to have all kinds of other men in their lives, I could easily end up taking care of children that are not even my own. It even says men are generally in charge of boundaries, borders etc, and I believe this will apply to the family as well. I do not wish for slave robor like wives.

Are you saying they will go haywire if the wives are not allowed to go with other lovers besides myself? Why does this not occur in the situation that it's just one man and one wife?

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Also many herd animals have a pack made exclusively of females with one male in the mix with breeding rights. Other males literally get a beat down for attempting to breed with the females.

So maybe nature does allow for a harem for men. Of course we are not any other animal. We are not cows for example so maybe I'm wrong.

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Also many herd animals have a pack made exclusively of females with one male in the mix with breeding rights. Other males literally get a beat down for attempting to breed with the females.

So maybe nature does allow for a harem for men. Of course we are not any other animal. We are not cows for example so maybe I'm wrong.

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