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Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:31 pm
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Now many people have forgotten the Promise of the Ancient Pagan religions. It's only the brave that live forever and keep existing. Now that's a very simple statement to carry in it a deeper, metaphysical Truth.

Most people in the world now, cower and cuck when it is for them to believe things as we do, accepts Truths as we do, let alone fight and criticize as we do. These people are sheltered, enslaved souls.

An enslaved soul, that is distant from Truth and Life, lives in no advancement, and no adventure. The spirit of life is simply not present. Many people always say that they are 'dead' and feeling dead, and that is the situation with heightened depression. They live a totally safe and sheltered life, away from straining their mind in the slightest, and away from challenge, 'fight' and advancement.

The soul is therefore stagnant, and depressed. In extreme cases, their parasitic beliefs totally rob them alltogether of what has remained of their 'soul'.

Only the brave make it into "Valhalla" or Soul immortality. When one strives, fights, and lives their existence to advance, the soul is filled with vitality, vigor and life. Therefore, it attains life. When one lives as a cattle and a slave, one is confined by a chain all their life, and their spirit is in atrophy.

Fighting doesn't necessarily have to be sword and bloodshed. But heroic acts. After all what are heroic acts, but things that heroes do, and what are heroes? People that have advanced a lot in some areas and they do things that many people are 'afraid' to do. Many people are afraid to learn, to advance, to meditate, to study, to inform themselves, what have you.

It's better to live one's life in the adventure of advancement, even with it's pitfalls, battles, and the disappointment of the heights (when one sees how society may have sunk, for example) but at the same time this brings joy too, which many do not seem to focus on.

The sheltered animals are spitefully attacked as this is simply NOT the nature of humans, to live enslaved under jews, never be spiritual, and simply be cattle all their life. Humanity is NOT made for cattle, and those who follow the life of the total cattle, will be crowned with depression and dissipation.

The enemy always says they will kill you, give you punishments, or destroy you unless you comply, or persecute you. But people are already dead who are under their grip. They are just temporarily existing.

Many people say stuff like that they don't do nothing because for their 'wellbeing' or because of their 'life'. They are trying to protect something which isn't even existing. There is essentially nothing further to lose than what is already lost, which for them is everything basically. It's not battle that kills them, but their denial to do anything about these things. This is the most certain death of all.

However their compliance is what will most DEFINITELY kill them in the deepest level. Many people out there deny the spiritual understanding, and the facts, and they think that their soul doesn't remember, or doesn't know. All the life is lived in running from their own self, their self knowledge, and the 'fear' they falsely believe it brings to self-discover.

The more this process is delayed and scorned upon, the more impossible it becomes, and the most grave one's situation. This has manifested in the planet, which these idiotic lifeforms are killing right now, aside with their slave masters. Imagine: A whole planet is dying because of jewish and 'goyim' vanity. That's insane.

Fight doesn't have to be killing, but the consistent fight to self-overcome and become better. Peace is not achieved by one bowing down and cucking, it's achieved as a crown to people who become masters of their own self and learn to control their inner world. Only power leads to peace, the rest is crap.

Also, power does breed LESS problems than weakness. The weaker the person and their character, the more prone one is to corrupted behavior, hateful of other people, and is a bio-hazard to civilization. One person feels weak in themselves, they project this, they put others down, for example. One person feels weak or afraid about their future, they become criminals.

People are destroying the planet because they are weak: too weak to co-operate, to weak to face their position in life, too weak to make anything better, too weak to understand, to weak to organize, the list goes on.

The only Promise of Pagan religions is that those who live bravely, they will live. Those who do not, they will die. This is a metaphysical truth that everyone in their own standards has to face, and help themselves grow, not and for all eternity.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:52 pm
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True, the truth of the ancient mythos is you save your own soul by spiritualized self overcoming. The word Hero is from Helios the sun, the perfected soul. All the tales of the Gods fighting the titans and Asura's is the inner battle to transform he soul. The Devil's animal is the ancient shamanic, Pagan totem animal of spirit..... Which is why the xians hate it so much in the S.American culture. Like they hate the serpent.

Thatz why......


Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:35 am

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HP Mageson666 wrote:
The word Hero is from Helios the sun, the perfected soul.

Do you think the word "holy" is also from Helios? In xianity, "holy" means "godly", and the point of existence is to become a God and continue on going further and further; "God" also is a codeword for the self and also for the Chakras...
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Post Thu May 04, 2017 6:35 am

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Lol you are a legend mr.sloth ...a legend indeed

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