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The Jews and Their Human Tools

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Post Wed Apr 26, 2017 1:35 am
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Many people do not seem to quite understand the nature of the Jews.

Like Blacks who are made to be athletically great, or Asians who have a high logical IQ, and Whites who have a work ethic, or whatever.

To understand the Jew one has to understand the advanced parasites in nature. Parasites are weak, damning and very useless in nature. At the same time, they develop extremely intelligent mechanisms to compensate for their weakness, uselessness and inferiority.

The Jews have no quality for survival except of effeminate brutality, and confusion. While all Gentiles show self sacrifice and heroism potentially, the Jew never did in history, ever.

There are certain species out there that have one speciality, to play mind tricks with their victims. Indeed there are species of animals, birds or butterflies even that have mastered the acts of illusion in order to live. This is lying in humans. None are as advanced as an actual parasite though. Now imagine if we take this, and advance it millions of years. That would be dangerous, and its abilities would be extremely uplifted. This is approximately what the parasites of the enemy are.

The Jew is a very advanced liar, who has after thousands of years studied throughly the mind of their hosts. It baffles Gentiles to see Jews like Trump tell them lies, pull psyops and do anything else abominable straight in their face, but the Jews are an alien species to all others in earth, and therefore it's of no concern to them what they do, or how you take it. Indeed practices that to us seem abnormal, are really normal for Jews.

The power of Jews is in lying, and manipulating their hosts, to rally them in battle within one another. Like all parasites, the largest deal is about going unnoticed, unknown, and unaffected. Notice how much the Jews want to hide themselves, more than all other races on the planet.

Normal people take pride in their existence and they seek to maintain it, the Jew being he polar reverse, wants to be hidden, assimilated, but separate. As Rabbi Laitman said the aliens made the Jews with human appearance so they could infiltrate the earth species, which in the Zohar are Satan's seed and creation.

With the rising of infamy in what the Jew is doing to the world, came at the same exact time the monstrous speed of pushing race mixing, implanted consciousness in robots, plastic surgery, and anything else that can mask identities, and make the Jew able to operate from a distance. This is not historical happening, science, luck or coincidence. This is the powers who rule the world, which as its known today, are Jews.

Essentially the issue with all of this, is that race be made irrelevant, because this leaves the Jew invisible, and since they are a parasite, INVINCIBLE. There is no limit to the control they can exact, and to their power, if they cannot even be noticed, and always, like an unrecognized illness, the body parts of their hosts are called responsible, instead of them.

They say Whites did slavery, but Jews did it through White lands they had taken over, but mostly Jews in person of course. They say Blacks are stupid, but it's Jews from within and outside that keep them stupid, by infiltrating their communities, pushing gangster culture, or destroying Africa by distance through the stock market. They go as far as to state Asians are communists by design, but it's them that created and murderously imposed communism to Asia, based on hundreds of millions of victims. They say it's Arabs that are uncivilized and brutal, but it was them that created Islam to bring any pre existing quality into prominence.

This is perfect, as they are always invisible, they always stir people and races one another, and when the death is said and done, they loot things for themselves, and become rich by not working, and by profiting through misery and death of anyone involved.

"Globalism" only happened because the Jews want to assimilate and mix anyone into the same clump, and to control it. This is their plan, as they work by RACE. In a world of an incoherent clump of shit, those who are less incoherent, will be able to rule those below. Let's not forget most people aren't even aware Jews exist, or take the matter seriously.

But why? Because Jewish intelligentsia and academia told them that race is irrelevant, doesn't exist, and all other myths that serve the ancient agenda of the Jews, from thousands of years beforehand, until now, and to all time.

Notice the contradiction? The Jews allow racism everywhere to flourish, and they push it incessantly. Unless it involves them. This is when the alarm goes on.

Lastly, there are certain brain parasites, that make the host feel powerful and better, while they basically eat their brain alive, which eventually kills them. This is how the mental poison of the Jews work. People feel good by it, in extreme cases, they say it's fine, progressive, a good thing, whatever. Because it makes them feel entitled, or it has looting involved, they let the Jews live and thrive, or help them. On payday comes judgement day, and the loyal slaves of Jews will be exterminated by the Jews themselves.

I write this for invaders of the civilized world, and others who help the Jews, from all creeds. These fools prey on the good heart and limits of the hosts: NOT by the grace or mercy of Jews, for there is no such a thing. The Jews pretend to give gifts and things, which are stolen and scammed off of people. When people find out what is going on, these beings who abet them or receive, will be equally butchered by the angry masses who will want justice.

Additionally, they will be the first to die. Let's not forget the saying of the American Communist party
Leader, that Negroes are useful for shock troops for the front in the upcoming revolution. The same goes for cuckolded Whites, stupid pro immigration sheltered cheating housewives, slimy armpit feminists, and all these socket groups put in the front like Islamics, all in line to defense of Jewish interest so that the Jew will escape safe with their crimes.

Collaboration with Jews will just have you killed first in the state of confusion, and savagery that will be the result of what Jews are pulling right now. This isn't because of our evil, but because of your own collaboration with the Jews who put you in this position: a punching bag to deflect their criminal motive said upon. Like a shield, that will be met with collision damage and break, this is how the Jew does use these people under them who are deceived to defend them. If all the wars of the era of Jewish domination do not show this, then people are dumb.

Those who do not collaborate and are decent human beings will not even find themselves in this position. And therefore have absolutely NOTHING to worry about, as unlike Jews, we Gentiles who want good for the world, will treat people justly where this is met. We do not have axes and shields, we are an army of Gentiles with dignity, and not an army of soulless degenerates and fools.

The worst damage you can do to the enemy at this point is education, revealing them, and the most powerful of all, spiritual warfare. Jews want to deal with us by outbreeding out, killing us, and axing us, nuke us, all this because we have the Truth. This is because we have done nothing in particular to harm anyone, so at best false charges are generated to misdirect crimes already committed by Jews on us. This should show who is guilty and who isn't.

So we are in the good position as all we need to do is educate, reveal them, and fight spiritually.

Let history and the people who have found out just what they did take their toil in human history as it has happened with other slaver orders before. Axe and death, and persecution, these can be survived, even atomic bombs, but what cannot survived is the assault of truth against lies. When the veil is lifted, it's done once and for all.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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It is said the Jews use Reverse Psychology. Such as "the establishment hate Trump". This tactic sets Gentiles up to support Trump more, AND,,,,, all along the Jews have been using him to continue their agenda. Like playing both sides against the middle. They use this tool well with Trump.

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