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If Hitler Won: How the World Would Have Been?

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If Hitler Won: How the World Would Have Been?

Satan wanted this written as this is of utmost importance to Him and the Powers of Hell for us to know. This is for all of us to be aware about.

Like Satan and anything good in this world, of the few things that have remained for Gentiles that is. The enemy constantly uses fear-mongering, lying and terror to keep us away from things. Those who take the brave step to go towards Satan do however understand and find solace in Truth.

YES, there are still beautiful and honest things in this world, and Satan and the Gods are of the things that have remained in this wasteland.

But this wasn't always a wasteland...And this is what I want to bring into everyone's attention by this post.

Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists came in the world at a time where the enemy was planning complete, communist world take-over. As many people know, Humanity was beat to it's death. The two world wars were the bloodiest in Human history, and no continent has had peace from the expansionist hunger of the jewish bankers who started diligent work since the 1300. Of course, we had the Vatican, and when the National Socialists came, the Jews were at their most powerful, than ever before.

If one checks in history they see Hitler's time was by far the hardest, and the cauldron of jewish crap was exploding. These were dangerous, and ugly times, and for many centuries there was extreme ruthlessness on the planet in general. Civilization wasn't going far, and still, there is only material advancement without any spiritual understanding. The jews put a tombstone on that.

Many people are afraid of nonsensical things that deal with Hitler. This is partly because most people have no understanding about this Man, and they never made any research or try to mentally and spiritually comprehend the situation.

Hitler was far from a bloodthirsty, dictator. Hitler was a civilizer Godlike person. Real civilization, not crap. Like Egypt and other places where humanity finally understood that in reality, HUMANITY IS GOD. He attempted to help us reach the next level of civilization. That of the end of debt, impoverishment, disease, and many other things. The jews have lied about the methods he wanted to follow, and projected all their lies to them.

To start from the Racial matter, Hitler had no race hate, and no qualms. Hitler was of the few honest politicians in the last two thousand years history. Hitler never lied, neither to his people, or anyone else. Hitler was honest, and Truthful. He understood that at the present situation of the world, the only way to go forward is by establishing a correct base in Germany. This was the only thing that could happen at the time.

Many people falsely assume many things which I will deal with in that post. I would like first to quickly touch on the racial issue. One didn't have to be the 'cleanest of the clean' in regards to blood, in order to be a National socialist. All these models are entirely false as projected by false historians. One looks at Nazi high command and they don't see blue eyed blonde vikings, do they?

This is because one rises in the ranks by merit, work and their diligence, plus honor. Your fake joo propaganda "blonde" criteria on it's own meant nothing, at all in most cases. What's important is doing what is right. And to understand the larger picture of preserving one's racial existence.

In the same way we have to hold a larger vision however, Race was to be preserved and steps taken so that human races didn't go extinct.

Let's not forget the case of animals today. We have made so many go extinct because of plain (((GREED))) and (((STUPIDITY))). The same is the case of Gentiles, there is no need for the creations of the Gods to extinct. Unless a jewish golum sees a (((NEED))) for it.

Second off, Hitler is always portrayed as an inhuman person that would do all sorts of negative and ugly things to people. All of which by another jewish coincidence have happened to all people in the Gulags. As we all know, the holocaust was yet another lie, and whatever the jews did, they projected on the National Socialists. It was easy that way, and victors write history.

Hitler or National Socialism would never interfere with people's sexual selections (unless its pedophillia- that is a crime), or any other preference. We have to also not forget, this was all 70 years earlier. Planets come, Aeons change, time goes on, and Humanity advances. Many people are uselessly afraid by things and lies written by the enemy, such as that they would sterilize people, kill the unfit, and all that bullshit. Many people who are too afraid or too lied about, cannot make the crossing to see that the world we live today is exactly the world the jews blamed Hitler for wanting to make.

The jews always project. A world of mass surveillence? This happens already. We are being spied and monitored, 24/7- asleep and awake, day and night. All our life. A world of numbers? We are numbered already like cattle, and the jews conversation about microchipping us as well. Now there are other more specific incidents, such as Government terror. The jews make a big deal about them being 0,00001% and them being terrorists, they have to face situations in the Nazi Government.

But don't Gentiles face the same under Jewish Governments? Of course, we will NOT know about this, as this is all going under the radar. Its nothing new.

The jews exaggerated this because Hitler, the "Goyim", attacked "Them the Humans". As thus, Hitler was against "Humanity". Let's not forget who the jews mean when they say HUMANITY. Only the jews are considered Human as far as people on the world go.

Then we have the other thing the jews lie about, in regards to torture of prisoners and many other things. One just needs to see what they do to prisoners in Palestine, which are treated lower than swine. Not long ago, 1500 people started a food denial protest because they are treated in the most subhuman conditions. People in prison are treated in a savage manner. If people in Israel see free citizens of the world as cattle, what do you think they do to prisoners?

We have some strange shit about how Hitler started "WAR" and wanted to "EXPAND". Expand from what? Let's not forget that Germany has been reeked of its territories by the jewish bankers since WW1. Hitler retrieved these. And the jews started war on him because of this exact thing. They did not like that Gentiles reacted to their slavery plan.

Another thing that people need to stop worrying is issues pertaining weakness, power and health and all these issues. Some of the most terrible lies is that the Nazis were intolerable of people who were ill, or sick, or had other health issues. This is a flat out lie. Most people would be healed, from any and all diseases and taken care of. Unlike now, where one has to pay infinite amounts of money to have the simplest surgeries, in NS world they would have these for free.

There is no reason to charge for freaking HEALTH CARE of ones OWN PEOPLE. Hitler wanted a world empty of hospitals in the long run, and the complete healing of the physical bodies of humanity. It's tragic for someone to be mentally sane and great, and to have someone trapped in a body that is incapable to exist. This is what the enemy does with many people, and in many countries, euthanasia is dead, so patients have to just stay there, every day, and live a life of nonsense. Let's not forget the health sector in NS Germany was the most advanced worldwide at this point.

There are people who are totally beyond cure and have issues so severe, that their treatment of millions could feed so many other people. I know of families like that myself, and they WISH their people were to die. Sane and healthier people have their whole life stolen from them because of this, such as the birth of a mentally incapacitated child.

The only thing there is a problem with, was BIRTH deficiencies and genetic disorders. Don't all mothers go and take tests anyway for their babies, though...Yes...And that's what the National Socialists wanted to, as well. The enemy makes monstrous difference of things already happening, which is to terrorize the people only. So what's bad about Nazis doing it? The fact that they help the babies of the enemy of the jews, that's all. The jews therefore make mockery and evil out of this.

When jews all sorts of atrocious things to test babies, such as cut their genitals and other crap. To make them 'strong'. That's considered really humane now isn't it...I also read to where Rabbis anally rape their children and kids to incite obedience to them. Perfectly fine isn't it? IT's the Nazis who did evil because...They wanted to make a test to avoid mothers giving birth to kids with down syndrome. Yes...Sounds legit.

One's life or one's family, are all dragged down in destruction from people like that. Inheritances created by pain and blood, are wasted on treatment of such cases. And where does the money go? To jews. This is why the jews are "PHILANTHROPISTS". Because they make profit. A hospital is great and happy when there are ill people to prescribe them drugs, and destroy them. This is happening in the USA and has reached a point of pestilence. Children as young as 5 are diagnosed with imaginary diseases because of "PHILANTHROPIST" jewish doctors. Philanthropically speaking, take 500$ a month in prescriptions for fictitious ADHD, Goyim.

All the west does right now for people in other places of the planet that lack civilization, is try to bring them in the (((West))) to collapse it, due to jewish planning. There is no philanthropy on it, its hostility and hatred and the attempt to destroy all civilizations in one melting pot.

Hitler's policy was clear: let people learn how to FISH (NOT crap integration kike policies etc). Hitler wouldn't be giving fish to people, but fishpoles. -> Fishpoles create independence, Hitler didn't want enslaved civilizations on his feet as many jews claim. All the East knows that. Hitler was a real civilizer that understood the importance of all people living within their own and developing their own civilization, without interference by others in a useless manner. This is why Hitler concerned himself in Germany and in having friendly co-operation with all those who wanted to be friendly civilizations. Such as most people anyway. This is why the East loved Hitler. He would never threaten their civilizations.

Let's face it, not only the God of the jews, the SHEKEL was dead and powerless in Germany, but so were all their other weapons such as lying, hunger, fear of war, and many other things. These people lived 12 years of Freedom, and the world can never steal it from them or the Souls that lived in that era. The jews never forgot them on this, and still nowadays they want to kill them.

I want you to listen with your heart and imagine a different world, not the one we know and have lived in today. A world where your people and you live in unity, and all with a same vision. You are in no fear of hunger, and you can follow your path, everywhere you go. Everyday you wake up and more amazing things have happened, which you were a part of.

Small or big, whomever you are, you can find love, affection and friendship in others. You have a life of prospect, and people are actually united. You don't see strangers in streets, just people you don't know. There are no alleys where you can be robbed, knifed and killed. To exist is a fight of advancement, but not without happiness. Even those whose spirit is more heavy, is uplifted by this general condition. Most causes of depression up to this point have banished, especially the (((Alien))) ones. You can actually follow your Dharma and advance as an entity...

Is it hard to understand why the Jews wanted these people dead, and very fast? What if this was the new WORLDWIDE STANDARD? Where the fuck jews would be today?

Look at how many of our own people can HARDLY meditate nowadays. Curses fly from all directions, people have to struggle for bread, and the jews kill goyim everyday like flies, emotionally, spiritually and in many other ways. People are walking dead, isolated, alone and broken out there. The jews always promise crap utopia, and it always turns into disaster. In the few places that have peace and prosperity, the jews are actively working to break this down. Of course we are talking only about MATERIAL prosperity, as this world has no spiritual prosperity at all. People are dead shells outside.

If we raise the lid of this world we will explode with pedophilia, torture of animals, lies, deception, enmity and hatred in all freaking directions. Now is that an environment that one loves to live? Let alone this whole thing will escalate. Let's not mention Islam and Christianity and all the rest of the things. Even if someone lives in a "GOOD" Condition now, it's only material. Most people are totally bleeding out there...The majority of people nowadays are on freaking happy pills...

And because this decay and rot is becoming forced, we have to build a framework to counteract this. This thing is going to climax badly, and it has again.

Imagine for a second, that Tesla, another God in the flesh was actually in the USA. And they left him die depraved of food in a goddamn hotel room. What kind of excrement are we talking about? Only a fucktard reptilian would do such a thing to such a man.

Tesla had no evil in him, not even the slightest tinge. If he did, he would have nuked the planet, because it's well known he was able to develop a specific beam machine that could actually do this too. These great people weren't evil, but this kike system attacked them, spat on their graves, and attacked their spirit in one way or another every single day.

Imagine if Tesla was in Germany and was allowed to experiment freely. Tesla even now changed the planet, imagine what he would have done if the 'torah' was destroyed and flattened, same as all the rules it imposes on existence. The days of paying electricity or phone bills would have been done with by 1960.

Where would we be today as Races and as Humanity at large? And leave the bullshit aside- nobody would harm any other race because there was no need. Contrary to popular kike, ((("Power"))) thirsty belief, Hitler didn't want to take the whole planet either. There are better things to do than uselessly trying to enslave a planet such as the jews do.

Nobody is in need of slaves and parasites who knows the power of their Race. This is why they told us to take care, understand, and comprehend our own Races and their metaphysical importance. Hitler showed this to everyone.

Most people forget the most important goal of Hitler, was spiritual worldwide re-awakening. The basis, the beginning, and the end of this is all spiritual, and Hitler wanted to restore the Ancient knowledge and wisdom known to all Gentiles. Hitler's goal was to eradicate the spirit of jewish world domination, but that was only secondary to his mission in saving humanity from jewish domination.

In Hitler's world, we would focus on permanent cures for all people, and after science would have advanced, we would master disease permanently as the Gods have. Gods do not get mortally ill. This is part of it. The Gods can be befallen by nothing. Now the jews sell the same false dream, but we all know they have different motivations that are proven by thousands of years of their work.

They want to heal their own race by extreme aliments and curses. But they will ultimately fail. They hoard billions of shekels into healing old rabbis, and meanwhile others are dying in the streets from hunger. Ironic. And all this money is scammed off Gentile Nations as that race never worked a living for themselves.

There is also the other thing in regards to how Hitler would do "ANYTHING" to "WIN THE WAR". However, the good guys of the jews who blamed him, it was THEM that dropped the Atomic Bomb.

Many people don't know the real Hitler. Hitler started as yet another person, seeing around him decay, pain and misery. He found out the reason of this and went to stop it. He fought honorably, he never had below the table exchanges, and he was a divine person with moral sound character. Most people watch all the cruelty and destruction going in the world and they do nothing. Others fight. Like us today, it was these people.

Hitler also fought in the war so he knew firsthand what it means to see corpses, dead bodies, and the misery brought by war. He was a vegetarian and an animal lover, who wanted equal rights for Animals as living beings. Many people will think this is surreal, but the good side of Hitler didn't know any bounds.

It is in fact shocking when one sees what they did to this man, who in the end, proved one of the mightiest men in history, but at the same time proved the most innocent and the most merciful. Sometimes we wish today Hitler was the monstrosity the enemy portrays him to be, so that he would have won, however, he was NOT. If he fell in the equal level of the jews, he would have defeated them.

How could a man that fought for the poor and the homeless people in the streets, who went to fight for his people when he was a nobody, and devoted his life into fighting to elevate all the people around him, be the monstrosity these jews claimed him to be? Is that the behavior of the monstrosity? Would a person that felt the pain and the hunger HIMSELF, be unaccepting and unforgiving to our own weaknesses and hunger?

Hitler was one of the few leaders in history that didn't come from a ruling class, an elite, or a higher up order. He came from the poor neighborhoods, and he saw the pain and lived the hunger for himself.

Hitler wasn't a leader of the gun or the ballot, or the bombs. He was a leader of the Wisdom of the Soul.

Now we are going exactly through what Hitler has told us would go. Again is this because he is a prophet? Mainly, it's because he is a prophet of Truth. He didn't write strange and incomprehensible materials, left on "personal interpretation". He told us straight forward what was going to happen, he did not hide the Truth from the world. Everyday that goes, Hitler is proved further and further right.

For all I know, we would be flying in saucers to other planets now most probably. And our problems wouldn't be that some fools are trying to holocaust the planet with stupid A-bombs, or that jews hardly let people survive and try to replace humanity with artificial intelligence workers so they can rid of the Goyim off. Humanity however needs to see this issue and face it, and see how we lost one great chance.

However Hitler and these people with their fight gave us a SECOND chance we can use to help rebuild civilization. One that without them we would never have, because as jews admit, the Worldwide jewish Empire would have been made by the early 1930's... We would be born in a farm now, in some gulag, and probably already dead.

Let's put the work and power of the Gods here, and generate a better world. We can do this. We have to ensure for those that will come after us they will have better things to worry about, and we can leave a better world in store for them. With the enemy destroyed.

I hope this cleans some doubts and (((FOG))) in regards to where the World would have been right now...

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Absolutely beautiful post High Priest Hoodedcobra666!

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Beautiful post.
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This is a great sermon.

There is one spot where a typographical error changes the meaning of the sentence to the exact opposite of what it was meant to mean:

Hitler didn't want enslaved civilizations on his feet as many jews claim. All the East knows that. Hitler was a real civilizer that understood the importance of all people living within their own and developing their own civilization, with interference by others in a useless manner
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This was really good HP. I must wonder, why did Hitler say the Reich was to last for 1000 years. I want to fight for an eternal reich, not something with an expiration date. I never want to allow the enemy to control as they do now. It is unthinkable to me that what we build will crumble EVER.

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johnson_akemi wrote:
This is a great sermon.

Thank you very much.

johnson_akemi wrote:
There is one spot where a typographical error changes the meaning of the sentence to the exact opposite of what it was meant to mean:

Hitler didn't want enslaved civilizations on his feet as many jews claim. All the East knows that. Hitler was a real civilizer that understood the importance of all people living within their own and developing their own civilization, with interference by others in a useless manner

I appreciate the sharp eye, I meant exactly the reverse of what been written at first. It was evident so I hope the readers understood it right away, that it was a typo. Thanks.

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Thank you for this. Hail Satan!!

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I can summarize how the world would be if Hitler won in only three words: A bloody paradise.
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That's more or less what we're doing is it not?

Learning from the mistakes of the past and building a better, immortal Reich.
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I dreamed about nazis and Hitler several times. Perhaps I didn't see them but I felt their presence and felt they are still working for humanity. I was somewhere underground where there were monumental structures, buildings, statues, vehicles and machines. I remember young boys and girls who knew their job naturally and were working hard. Only they were visible. They were like the next generation from my point of view.

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Dahaarkan, I hope so. I don't know if Hitler used "1000 years" just as a way to show that the government of the NS was planning on a great timescale or if there are factors at play such as the ages we enter and other things that could make our movement dissipate a bit after 1000 years. It's just something I wonder about, as in my country the founders never put some timeline on things. Its like it's assumed the country is expected to go on forever.

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Probably meant to inspire people and make them have faith in the reich, I don't think it's meant in a literal way.
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Brilliant superb read

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The third reich never ended guys. And in more than one way. Some are still alive and fighting to this day. The third reich also implanted that Nazi ideaology which is still alive today.

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Straitshot47 wrote:
The third reich never ended guys. And in more than one way. Some are still alive and fighting to this day. The third reich also implanted that Nazi ideaology which is still alive today.

Yes and thanks to the internet it is spreading worldwide.

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