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Purim, Haman and the Nazis*IMPORTANT*

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Post Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:22 pm

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Purim, Haman and the Nazis - An Incredible Link *EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH*

This jew openly talks about the jewish kabbal in the texts(torah) and the "possible" links to the murder trials of nazi officials due to jewish magic and curses. He exposes his own tribe. As with all parasites of his race he shows his jewish arrogance by stating that the nazis were immoral and that his "people" were the ones to "first articulate", care for the weak and doing good to others which is a bold lie.

Backstory: So, Haman in the bible, a prince of King Xerxes was working to have all the jews put to death, and especially rabbi, Mordecai who was esthers father. As esther had already made her way to the kings palace as queen due to the execution of another rebellious queen. She made it her mission to prevent the reaction of the amelekites lead by Lord Haman towards jews, her "people". And in a turn of events as the "story" goes instead of Mordecai being hung at the gallows, Haman takes his place, and the king puts a stop to the execution of all jews.(Which subliminally means the failure of gentiles to react against jews) the torah is full of such instances and "stories". It really is a book of jewish fantasies and curses nothing more...

This jew really exposes his own soul(torah), and one of the many spells inside the torah. Oddly enough, a "cohencidence" is that esther orders the death of Hamans ten sons and as they are hung, in a following verse, orders their execution again(Note: For continuation and magical workings for jews). As the second statement becomes usable energy, as it is neutral and can be directed towards anything, with the intention of death by hanging as a goal. The jews at the top I believe use this for curses. And it is greatly open for suggestion whether this may have cause the demise of nazis. As 10 National Socialist officials were hung, in the Nazi trials, which this jew in the video states could have been through the use of the torah(book of jewish spells) as this jew admits. He himself being a kike is honoring his "elders". He also draws connections to the jewish number 6, which made me want to post this immediately.

Also quite a "coincidence" that today is Hitlers birthday.

"One day my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right!" - Adolf Hitler

Our RTR's are at work!!!!


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