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The Backstab of "Nationalism" [Part Two]

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Post Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:37 pm
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In short.

"Nationalism" as is understood for around a century now, roughly belongs to the lazy baby boomers of the older generations. Who had it all for free but still they wanted to maintain a false aura of antagonism and enmity against their own race and people, and rejected them over border or financial policies, while they were infact the same beings in blood and spirit.

To increase "Competitiveness". Many also pretended to be "Racist" but they were the first generation to actually have the looting, robbing, and shattering open of their countries happen so easily. Its the first time in human history that Europe is being invaded and nobody has raised a war, an axe, or hammer immediately. At least these people understood that our lands do MATTER. They weren't just Nationalist.

They were much more. They understood blood and soil, not only socio-economic and pseudo-cultural norms and numbers. We could call them proto-National Socialists in many ways.

In many cases, the unconsciously assisted the destroyers. They were going to church and the only thing they looked forward, was the Rabbi Yashua (Jesus Christ) would save their borders. And some jewish politicians were fine because why not. All their problems weren't fought by them, but the system. Nationalism became increasingly nonsense, as Globalism marched forward unimpeded. The Nationalists also ate from the honey cyanide of "Christianity", which guaratneed the jews maintained power, position, and also existence within their countries.

There is no real "RACIAL" element in Nationalism. Just some random bullshit about jewish generated, imaginary, and fairly recent culture. The jews can easily control this by controlling information, public and press. And therefore Nationalism became Christianity and Materialism 2.0. Without any serious physical backround. This we can also call "Conservatism", which was the part of the two sided jewish game of "Conservatism" and "Progression", both of which were owned by jews and have an equal power in working as a dual force in ruining the whole "West".

Many people who either shill or lack knowledge, say that Christianity made the West, we live in Western civilization and should be thankful. One needs to look at the Ancient White people such as in Greece and elsewhere. To realize the real light of civilization again such as philosophy, mathematics, science, architecture and everything else came from these regions. Pagans.

The church destroyed this, plunged us into ten centuries of the darkest of ages the likes of which never found us ever before, and then with its power that has regressed, we rose again. Napoleon Bonaparte was the herald of this change, that of Classical Enlightenment. Which was exactly the opposite of Christianity. And annihilated all it's values.

Christianity moved from being a ruling political power, and was reduced to 'religion'. It always tried to re-grasp power, and given the control of information, occasionally parade as even the "CATALYST" or the "CAUSE" of such evolution. All of which we can easily debunk by looking at their own beliefs. And above all - ACTIONS AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE.

"Nationalists" of the baby boomer, Sunday school, brainwashing generation do not know, or deny these facts. In short, they had no real deep ethics. And were really malleable. Only the spiritually young (has nothing to do with physical age) and fertile White Souls will understand what these things mean, and will be able to transcend past their 'time spectrum' and consciousness as it was malformed by the church. These people are the wise of their generation. However most of these "Nationalists" basically are nothing compared to this.

We "excuse" them for this, and we understand it, but we can never hope to fall in the same rut hole. Why do we excuse them? Because unlike them, we see the jewish parasite and the work it has done on their minds, life, and historical conception. We also know the deeper occult mechanics that have been used against them.

However if there is an attempt on attacking us, subverting the greater needs that have arose now. And trying to impose rabbis and imaginary hatreds within our struggle.

That all they were busy about is having an easy life, being hippies, loving the progressive neo-judaism left, and at the same time maintaining some false positive "Nationalism" to not feel guilty about the fact they no longer had values of worth like their Ancestors. This later become Nationalistic "Liberalism" and other hybrids, that eventually resulted to what we have today. IE, extinction.

The Nationalists of WW1 and prior were closer to National Socialism, that actual "Nationalism". The wise and those who are really interested in our existence have to understands this, same as have to do all other Gentile people who find themselves in other Gentile Races plagued by jewish psy-op programs, religiously or culturally.

Remember: White people have been backstabber betrayed by jewish controlled (((Nationalism))) since forever. The fruit of this betrayal we will readily see again in our times.

The left, the right, the center, and all the sides of the same coin, have always resulted in the furthering of the same agenda.

National Socialism NEVER betrayed White people,or any other people. Never done, NEVER will.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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'Nationalism' will quickly be ripped completely from the enemy's control and bloom into National Socialism just as LaVey (safe) Satanism transformed into Spiritual Satanism. And based on what I am seeing, it will happen at a much quicker rate.

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Thank you for that Cobra Commander. It's so true that the Nationalism we see now is totally corrupted and infested with xtianity. I saw first hand in South Africa when the Jewish backed FW De Klerk got into power. Very strange it was how as soon as he got into power the National Party of South Africa started implementing traitorous plans that has created the poverty, crime, corruption and instability we see there there now. And here in Scotland it's interesting how the Scottish National Party are not putting their Scottish people first. Oh by stating that we need diversity here because we're too white. Passing strict laws where people cannot even mention the Muslim invasion and how they will change the demographic. True Nationalism is about blood and soil. I trust people will start to see these things and I feel my purpose is to generate energy through RTR's to counteract all the false news that is getting pushed. And that aside the magic and psychic energy misdirected for the enemy's wet dreams. The truth will out. Hail Hitler. Hail Satan and the Gods of Duat.

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Frinnis wrote:
'Nationalism' will quickly be ripped completely from the enemy's control and bloom into National Socialism just as LaVey (safe) Satanism transformed into Spiritual Satanism. And based on what I am seeing, it will happen at a much quicker rate.

Exactly Brother this is ongoing as we speak, so our RTR's are the medicine.

"Nationalism" means nothing. "Nationalistic" parties are opening borders, accepting mudslimes, genocide their own people, follow neo-liberal economy that has most people as debt slaves or homeless etc.

Edit: Also, Spiritual Satanism didn't come from LaVeyanism. At all. LaVeyanism is merely atheism...So the deduction here is only correct so far the Nationalist point goes.

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LaVey is not Satanism, though. It's crap.
Triumphus albae gentis suprema lex esto.

Fear is not evil. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger.

I'll do what I want till the end. Cut me down if you want.


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Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Frinnis wrote:
'Nationalism' will quickly be ripped completely from the enemy's control and bloom into National Socialism just as LaVey (safe) Satanism transformed into Spiritual Satanism. And based on what I am seeing, it will happen at a much quicker rate.

Exactly Brother this is ongoing as we speak, so our RTR's are the medicine.

"Nationalism" means nothing. "Nationalistic" parties are opening borders, accepting mudslimes, genocide their own people, follow neo-liberal economy that has most people as debt slaves or homeless etc.

Edit: Also, Spiritual Satanism didn't come from LaVeyanism. At all. LaVeyanism is merely atheism...So the deduction here is only correct so far the Nationalist point goes.

Yeah, the metaphor got muddled a bit. What I meant was that Nationalism and LaVeyanism are stepping stones for people that are spiritually aware enough to see through the jewish programs.

So Nationalism will be a stepping stone for the people to get to National Socialism just as LaVeynism was a stepping stone for a majority of us here that got us to Spiritual Satanism. The, 'Transformation', from one to the other was done by us.

My apologies for the confusion I caused.

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Don't worry, Mercury is retrograde, this can cause some issues sometimes.

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..the Washington Post says the Globalists are here to save us from Nationalism.


Finally, a force that can stop nationalism in the White House: Wealthy elites.

The super-rich members of Trump's Cabinet have hobbled the ethno-nationalists. And that's a good thing.

By Zachary Karabell May 4 at 6:00 AM
Zachary Karabell is the head of global strategy at Envestnet, a financial services firm, and the author of “The Leading Indicators: A Short History of the Numbers That Rule Our World."

The recent dustup over whether the Trump administration should withdraw the United States from the NAFTA accord cast the ongoing power struggle inside the White House in sharp relief. The conflict, often characterized as a duel between Steve Bannon and his ilk (nationalists) and Jared Kushner and his crew (“globalists,” according to Bannon), isn’t necessarily the choice we would want: who would pit wealthy elites against “burn baby burn” nationalists with the fate of the country at stake? But this is the choice we have, and we should breathe a sigh of relief that, for now, the elites are calling (most of) the shots.

The globalists who won this round are, by and large, precisely what their opponents deride them as: urban, wealthy, connected to the web of influence that flows from Wall Street to Washington, and more comfortable with a modified economic status-quo than a Jacobean recasting of society. They include the well-to-do Gary Cohn of the National Economic Council, formerly president of Goldman Sachs; Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, scion of a New York-New Jersey real estate family; and others, such as Dina Powell, also late of Goldman, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Ivanka Trump.

[I worked for Jared Kushner. He’s the wrong businessman to reinvent government.]

Meanwhile, the nationalists headed up by Bannon scorn the current system as corrupt and self-serving, and they scorn the Beltway web of money and power they call the “swamp.” They scoff at expertise as an effete adjunct to the powers that be, and would prefer the broad and undefined brushstrokes of revolution to the hard work of reform. But while that can make for a great stump speech, it doesn’t work so well as governing, and it isn’t designed to.

Thus, the globalists have apparently found it easy to overtake them. Thanks in large part to their influence, the administration made a complete policy reversal on NAFTA between dawn and dusk last week, with reports in the late morning indicating that an executive order pulling the United States out of the deal was in the works, followed by late-night phone conversations in which Trump assured leaders in Canada and Mexico that he intended only to get moving on renegotiating the pact and has no current intention of torpedoing it. Those 12 hours were an apt microcosm of the first 100 days, characterized by threats, leaks, ambiguity and then volte face. That it began the way it did remains troubling; that it ended the way it did indicates that for now, actual policy is being driven not by the red-meat nationalism of Bannon and his acolytes, but instead their nemeses, the wealthy elites.

The administration’s globalists speak the same language as the hundreds of mega-company CEOs who have visited the White House these past 100 days, and they support a modified version of the liberal-internationalist economic order that has dominated Washington for decades. They (including established Republican senators such as Orin Hatch of Utah, Pat Roberts of Kansas and others) might like to see NAFTA modified to reflect, say, rules of origin in a world where products are increasingly made in many countries and not one, but they recoil from the disruption that pulling out would cause. They might agree on corporate tax reform as a means to reduce the incentives of large companies keeping trillions of dollars offshore, but not on a radical overhaul of the tax system. And they do not share a pure zero-sum view of global commerce that sees a gain for someone else as a loss for us.

While these elites are easily caricatured — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) recently dismissed the group as “rich guys making each other richer” — juxtaposed to the nationalists, they appear to have at least some notion of the greater good that entails attention to the complicated lattice of policy. That means not labeling China a currency manipulator, tearing up NAFTA, pulling back from NATO, charging South Korea for missile defense and so on because of an awareness that each radical move would entail a host of radical reactions. When things are going well for you, you tend to be pretty wary of radical shifts with unforeseeable outcomes, which, it turns out, makes for better governance.

Historically, the White House has often been the scene of factions fighting for influence, but it has been some time since the infighting has been this intense and the worldviews so at odds. Franklin Roosevelt’s first years were characterized by bitter internecine battles (especially between Harry Hopkins and Harold Ickes) over who would design and control various relief programs. The acrimony between members of Abraham Lincoln’s war Cabinet was palpable. Yet, even in those cases, the clashes were more over power, influence and personality and less over grand vision.

The opposing currents in the first months of the Trump administration are certainly about power and influence, but they also represent starkly different views of the world and what to do about its problems. The economic nationalists, we now know all too well, indeed see the world as a zero-sum contest for economic gains, with a static pie from which the United States can either take a bigger slice or a smaller one, hence the focus on trade deficits as a simplistic marker of whether we are “winning or losing” at trade.

Trade deficits, however, are a lousy way to assess relative gains. The optics are simple, and the way we calculate GDP reinforces that: Negative trade balances negatively impact GDP. But that points to the limitations of GDP, not to the negative effects of trade. Cheaper Nikes from China, better phones assembled in Shenzhen, Ford assembling cars in Mexico largely for sale in Mexico, all have benefits for Americans that we do a poor job of capturing statistically. Republican senators from Texas, Arizona and elsewhere get that, which is why they were so vehement in their reaction to the possibility of disrupting NAFTA. The nationalists in the White House see only negative numbers, and believe that it means that we are down, and they (whoever they are) are up.

Yet solutions require more than an emotional response: They require expertise, or at least the willingness to look at how each action can trigger unintended consequences and to think through alternatives carefully and deliberately. The current ascendancy of the globalists constitutes a basic recognition by Trump (intuitively and unconsciously perhaps) that economic nationalism is an attitude in search of a policy, and that its only policies are the economic equivalent of starting a nuclear war. Don’t expect Trump to sound any different than he has, but actual economic policy is looking a less radical by the day. That is far cry from the reforms we need, but it is far preferable to the revolution that we do not, and for that we can thank Trump’s wealthy elites.

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