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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:52 pm
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Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades!!

Spiritual Satanism is basically very simple. Go by nature, respect your existence, recognize your physical and material existence, follow the spiritual advancement, and things fall in place. There is no need for extremely complicated or very strange systems that are confusing, or books filled with hundreds of 'commandments'. Truth is just supported by following the upper things. One advances, one slowly starts grasping things further.

Advancement comes essentially from the Soul. The Soul or the meta-genetic component, influences who one is, advances us, and changes us for the better. Spiritual practice is an evolutionary practice. Essentially the end product of such (Let's say as "end" the Magnum Opus) will not mirror the starting product anymore than a stone resembles a beautiful statue. This process is again, nature in a sense.

For this reason, one doesn't have to look down on themselves or feel bad about the fact that we have some stone in us. This is also the potential to become a statue. To be a stone is OK. To not exist is the only real problem, which is where a few people are heading by constantly attacking themselves for being a stone, instead of REFINING this thing.

This is the difference between the fake programs, and Spiritual Satanism. Spiritual Satanism accepts everyone as they are, in the given condition they want to advance. Nobody is scorned or attacked, but everyone must advance instead of destroying themselves or follow eternal sinking. All of us come and exist in different levels, based on our evolution and merit, and personal choice to work. Spiritual advancement has few 'requirements'. Any living being can spiritually advance.

The problem is not in losing fights, but in not fighting. Even lost fights are going to show someone who knows how to take this, as knowledge on how to win later on, for example.

Many people will notice that we are also fighting in a more spiritually literal sense. Essentially our fight is not motivated only by sheer 'anger' or any such useless (((Explanation))), but it's a higher aspiration to become better and remove obstacles that keep us on all levels from going forward.

If someone keeps putting obstacles in our way for no reason other than their admitted hatred for your existence, then you have to re-act to these things.

This is the situation with jews and it has been ongoing for centuries. As Rabbi Laitman stated (this is not a nobody, this is one of the most "important" rabbis of modern times), this is because the jews are from another universe/galaxy on the soul level, and they seek to wreck what is left of humanity and enslave it for their own purposes. To sit with hands crossed spiritually, only makes for certain damnation.

Our existence until a point (Namely the Golden Age) was in its natural state. From what it's known, humanity was in the brink of becoming perfected and Satan wanted to finish his work. The finishing of such takes time, and effort, and this is motivated by two factors the Gods did not 'control'.

One factor is the factor of nature. For example, a baby cannot be born in one day. It needs 9 or in the very least 7 months. In the same way, the human consciousness needs to develop over time, and through conscious work of the person themselves. IN other words, Satan could was NOT supposed do our work for us. This had to do with OUR self realization, only which WE can do as individual Souls.

This is for our existence after all. It would be pointless for everything to be given to us for free. We were already created with superior and advanced abilities by Satan as inherent in our species anyway. On top of this, they gave us spiritual knowledge (to all Gentile Races) so we could advance with it. On *TOP* of all these things and all the teachings and help they left, they also left us these teachings coded in Ancient cultures, so that we would not lose them.

To not over-extend, we all know that the Gods were forced to depart due to war basically. The Gods and many other beings have their own enemies as well. Others flattened, others still persist, the list goes.

It's well known that the whole xian/judaism "Jews Vs Gentiles (pagans)" is nothing but a very simplified, jewish meme. That in fact is basically hiding the only fractal Truth. That the aliens who created the Gentiles are not those who created the jews. And that the jews have other specific purposes to carry on on top of this planet. Part of which is to exterminate and enslave us for their own personal benefit, as whatever lifeforms they are. There are infinite numbers of pages written on this. In what is called as "Jewish Culture".

Remember, culture resembles memory and link to our Gods and Ancestors. The enemy systematically attacks culture and bastardized it with Islam and Xianity, on purpose. To cut the link and the knowledge. And to cut our evolutionary knowledge and ability to connect with our Soul-Family, the Gods. Who guide us even if they physically departed.

To not fight the enemy, means you aren't doing what's best for yourself, the planet, future generations, and everything good. Therefore we are put to fight in an automatic manner, wether we like it or not. The forces of the enemy are ON you, even if you don't accept it, understand it, or even feel it. They are spread over civilization like a plague pretty much. The fight against the enemy is a larger fight of humanity trying to remove a negative element from within its own midst.

As Rabbi Laitman explained to his fellow jews. The jews are essentially an alien lifeform that came into the body of human civilization, in the same way of a cell intrusion. How the jewish soul came in this "Solar system" of ours, was from another galaxy, and through physical bodies created to look as human hybrids.

These hybrids as Rabbi Laitman stated come from all races, in other words, jews come in all colors and appear within all races, but they are all jewish racially at the root. From there they try to take over civilization from WITHIN, and not by external conquest. And like a cancer tries to take it over pretty much. All the humans, us included here, will fall victims into this.

For this to happen, natural order has to be destroyed and assimilated into a new 'order' that will put the alien invading lifeform in the top. This as we can see has came to happen by the suffering of 5.8/6th's of the whole planet, and the rest who do not 'suffer' are basically enslaved completely and suffer in many other ways.

We as Satanic Souls are similar in this case, but we are the antidote and the original caretakers of the larger whole.

We don't fight a war to create lies, just to restore natural order as it were. We are the original and essential spiritual root in humanity. This is why Satanists can come from any Gentile Race.

Only the Satanic Souls can treat this matter on the core, which is something deep and spiritual.

Spiritual Satanism is essentially a name we have nowadays for Souls and their system given by the Gods, that was given to Gentiles to advance themselves, since time 'immemorial' at their core, when Gentiles were created by Satan and the Gods. And help the world and ourselves reach a higher level. While we reincarnate and we exist again and again, the Souls of such devotees to the Gods remain existing in time.

Let's not forget Satan to us means "Eternal Truth" and no else gimmick generated at a (((later time))) do affect or concern us, let alone things meant to defame this being behind this title. Also this being has had a lot of other aliases and titles that we humans have given him, such as Lucifer for example.

Forms change, but essence remains the same. The Soul remembers, so again, it re-draws itself in where it will advance. Also the Gods themselves call the Souls that have befriended them and followed them, in more or less obvious manners. While a Satanist is made in the Soul, Satanism can also be made and generated by spiritual practice. When one advances, the "Satanism" (Truth-ism) in the Soul is brought out.

Not only we have to win the internal battle with ourselves (or better yet the infested parts) but also, the external battle has to be conquered. It's not by a coincidence, that the more one conquers themselves, the better they can deal with external issues as well. Any 'external' issues have to be corrected as well.

Spiritual Satanism is the fight for advancement.

And in a sense to fight is necessary to advance, NOW, more than ever.

We will fight together and until the end and further if necessary.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:00 am

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This is a great post. I wish all ss who have, what feels like, serious issues advancing would shed them and just realize it is pettiness. Whether it be from enemy attacks or inner problems; the more we strive and overcome obstacles, the better we become.

Post Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:26 am

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Cobra Commander always writes great posts and I've learnt a lot from him. Thank you so much for all that you do. Yes we are Satanic and old souls that's why we can see through all of the smoke and mirrors. But of course we still need to advance and we need to prioritise our days with routines to get what needs to be done done. Namely our warfare and meditation to empower ourselves and grow. Hail Satan we will awaken others and begin to restore natural order. Hail Satan forever

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