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MOAB Missle and the Bible

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Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:25 pm
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Many people doubt the subservience and forced servitude of the Gentiles to the Jews.

Basically, the thing is, enslavement is a reality, but if you point at that reality, you have to fight all these (((defense))) mechanisms that the (((free))) people have instilled into them.

It's very easy to seethes is the obvious reality, if someone looks between the lines.

Look for example, how the "revolutionaries" of nothing and crap. The sheltered sleepwalkers. Do have all the time to pretend to revolt about Muh Hillary or things like that. Or because their apple pie fell on the floor.

All crimes committed on a daily basis by the enemy are well accepted, and they go without any serious judgement. The word "racist", "antisemite", or whatever else gets dropped. And like a nuke, eradicates arguements in the mind of meek of mind. Of course, this is no longer working totally. But it's a reality for a lot of dumb people.

On important matters that deal with global peace, security, and Jewish domination moves. Hardly nobody does any criticism. Unless it's positive. Jews want to kill us all, and nobody even dares to mention it as a possibility. Let alone a reality.

Like enslaved "goyim", sit and watch.. This is apparent in what has happened now with North Korea and threats of WW3.

Since it was in the benefit of Jews. Hardly anyone raised an eyelid or even thought against it. Killing for he purposes of the enemy is well accepted. No revolt should be done. Not even a protest. People are peacefully living their lives.

On other trivial matters such as Madonas armpit. People are ready to act and be very active about it. If it comes to do serious things that are of extreme importance to all living life on the planet. They watch Netflix instead.

But what is there to expect from people who read it plainly into the Revelation of the Bible. That the planet NEEDS to be HOLOCAUSTED completely in order for a ficticious, rabbinical thoughform to materialize

Where are my peace protesters? And leftist vegan snowflakes? Nowhere...

Notice how the latest bomb of Trump was named MOAB. This is a biblical name, coming from the nation of Moabites. As with all things of terror and death, the enemy names them after Pagan things. Like their Jewish created ISIS, named after the Egyptian Goddess for blasphemy. To infest these with negative tension and energy. Of course are strikes against the Jewcy ISIL are great.

But they aren't going to solve (((Any))) problem.

So people are saying stuff like "We bombing ISIS" and other things. Without realizing what they are saying. Jews grovel in laughter in how they basically say crap about their own ancestral gods.

Interesting to drop a MOAB missle on probably what would be known as people of a similar lot.

What's next really...

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