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If the internet goes down can I still do RTR?

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in case of World War III destroys the internet can I pick one randomly and do it?

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If the internet goes down you can and should continue doing RTRs. You should have the RTR schedule for the whole year and all of the RTRs themselves saved in case something happens. The dates the jews read their torah verses are around the same times each year and you can use the existing RTR schedule as a guide for what RTRs you should do.

This is the RTR schedule I am referring to: ... glish.html
And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

Reverse Torah Rituals ... ituals.htm

Hail Satan!!

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With me Jews Lose

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Of course you can, you should!
We have been given all the knowledge and the means to counteract against the enemy. JoS is a spiritual marble block, made by our wills, and even if the jews nuke the net we are able to survive and fight wihj the RTRs and much more.
We survived the dark ages in the middle ages, the inquisition, drstruction and war, and arrived here with the Gods backing up our fight. We are destroying the enemy net, not them!
Miliardi di Gentili soffrono ogni giorno sotto l'ebreo. E' nostro dovere come Satanisti diffondere la Verità e recuperarli! Hail Satana!!!

Billions of Gentiles suffer daily under the jew. It is our duty as Satanists spread the Truth and recover them! Hail Satan!!!

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