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What Israel Is Attempting Right Now

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Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:27 pm
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The jews are now taking some very important steps to their agenda.

There are two steps that are taking place right now, or for accurate saying. A few things that will build one upon another.

First of all, the jews with Jewcy Trump, they are trying to instigate fear and worry, and maybe even the event of WW3. A Thermo-Jew-Clear war basically. This is well documented in essays of Rabbis, and many fancy and would love the event. They want 'complete and total retaliation with their enemies'.

The only reason Trump did focus on North Korea is because the autistic garbage communist of Korea, is the only person that will easily launch a nuke with no serious fuss-fuss to it. Trump attempted to pull the tooth of Russia some days ago, and now, he is trying to get to the same thing from the backdoor, towards a far dumber opponent. Russia wasn't stupid to take the bait, and they knew where this led in the first place.

After he tried to start WW3 with an irrelevant target. He just launches a random bomb on (((ISIS))). Funny as it were, and needed, it was gladly irrelevant. A phonecall from his Israeli friends could disband (((ISIS))) faster than all bombs in the world combined. Since they made this socket group anyway. McCain knows. The "Goyim" with the memory of a goldfish forgot what is actually going on.

Notice when Jewcy became really Jewcy like Orange-Jewcy, the Team Toilet Jew approved him as their lord and master again.

Aside from this, as this post is being written, there is a referendum in Turkey going on. On if Turkey will become a full dictatorship or not. Either way this goes (I believe it will be a rigged YES, personally, but we will see, haven't looked into it really) the jews want Turkey to become 'nationalist' and 'dictatorship' at once. Erdogan the dumbass will then start the violations and other things, and the good guys of the globe will want to intervene. In order to break down and destroy Turkey pretty much.

The outcome of that the jews want to be twofold: One, fill completely Europe with savage islamists, two, they want to actually create a puppet state named "Kurdistan". They want to break Turkey in pieces, to create puppet states between them and their Middle-Eastern enemies. And then, misdirect war and other things to these states instead, rather than Israel.

The same thing happened with Assad in Syria. They basically tried to open full scale war on Assad again in 2013, and they will repeat this again. The jews want major destabilization of the whole area in order to find the loopholes to make their expansion. One of which small expansion they already carried, with their so called 'settlements'.

All of the above is being carried on Easter, and after Yom Kippur. As HP Don explained, all of this was numerologically calculated. April 6th the first airstrike, April 16th the end of the Turkish Referrendum, the list goes. All these events do build up one on top of the other.

Many people will think now, wow, they have a lot of power carrying these events. Obviously they do, but anyone in their position would. This is not the work of 'God', its the work of human beings with occult knowledge. It's that simple. Those with occult knowledge, are 'God' themselves. Let's not over-complexify the matters, but there are also aliens with their own agenda involved. They don't like the fact that humanity is understanding about them.

Their ant-farm is potentially under the danger of breaking over, and they are seriously willing to kill enormous amounts of people to stop this from happening. After all, like animals, they will repopulate. The thing that matters to these hostile entities, is that nobody knows what they are doing, until they are too strong for anyone to do anything at all.

Lastly, we, out of all people can do something about it. If this plan is foiled, TTJ will have a very hard time coping with their own attempts to gas everyone in a massive, thermonuclear war.

Notice how the stupid goyim are literally 'loving' this and all are sitting docile in the sight of such events. But when Nationalism and bad 'racists' are rising, they want to play revolutionaries of the poopland.

This is because when it comes to jewish operations, they are programmed like the dogs they are to stay docile, but when it comes to things that threaten the jewtrix (Such as imaginary gassings of the chosen/it was real in my mind incidents), they are taught to revolt like the slaves of the jews that they are.

We are living in a prison planet, but we can change this. We are working for this.


Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:27 pm

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I'm just finally begining to understand my past lives. Us SS our so gifted to be here now. Lots didn't make it, or didn't want to continue the spirtual path to enlightenment. They forgot what they were taught, and it may take them an extra life time to come around but more often than not they will come around. Think how lucky we are to be here. All of us, still fighting the war faught on the eastern front even onto their next life. Because it is natural to hate communists, it is natural to defend yourself against them and their Jewish leaders. We saved Europe from catastrophe, while Hitler, Himmler, Satan, and the Gods showed us the way. Hell, I think we enjoyed it. We probably had smiles on our faces until the very end. Because we were enlightened Super Soldiers the world had never seen before. if you are here now you are SS regardless of what you did in any of your past lives, because being SS even supersedes{sp?} race. It has to do with a mindset and a purpose. We are lucky now to not have to sit in the cold or throw ourselves galantly on the sword. We can save the world from our very own homes and achieve something more than we could in a previous life. Do the RTRs. They won't just save you, they will save humanity. Heil Hitler! Heil Satan!

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:47 pm
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Some mentally deranged idiotic hasbara lifeform, hacked in one of my replies. And put one bizarre link instead of the freaking video on Trump I had put. Which was from YouTube. It took some time before eventually a mod figured out. I was stunned as I had no idea WTF was going on.

My other acct was also attempted to be hacked last week. So I guess some people have been shitting their pants.

Very clever again. WTF. Anything better to do?


This is the video I had posted originally with my reply. Which shows Trump hailing pissrael. And I wrote that he simply speaks like a Torah robot.

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:59 pm
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It is a power point of the jews with it being Sabbath of their Passover.

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:51 pm
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"Hoodedcobra666 is a bad goy, he posts bad things on the Shabbat and the Easter, what does G-d want done about this guy.", asked Rabbi Shimeon in the name of G-D.

"Maybe we can post some random crap link in his reply, that will work, hack some account, that kind of thing.", replied G-D.

"Are you sure this is going to work, G-D?", replied Rabbi Shimeon.

"Maybe that is not what will end it, but that's all we can do Shimeon. These bad goyim are outside of our control. Sad to say but omnipotent as we are, we are doomed. It is anoher Shoah indeed.", replied G-D.

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:08 pm

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I did an RTR after seeing the Jewish sideshow.

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:18 pm

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"Maybe that is not what will end it, but that's all we can do Shimeon. These bad goyim are outside of our control. Sad to say but omnipotent as we are, we are doomed. It is anoher Shoah indeed.", replied G-D.

Growth rarely comes from times of comfort in our lives

Post Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:02 pm
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Oy Vey, fellow Bad Goyim, It seems my prediction was right. Turkey gave full power to Islamist, Erdogan.

Now who could that predict that, oy vey?

"I believez in Electionz, Ezpecially if dey happen in uhm, Islamic countriez. Demokrazy 4 all babes!"

Post Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:09 pm

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The Common Sense Show has a video out about what the Jews are doing right now with the New York Times advocating we use ISIS. Kind of like our 'strong arm' to enforce (OUR ? ) Agenda

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