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Goyim Literally Means Satanic In Judaism

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Post Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:30 pm
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Goyim Literally Means Satanic In Judaism

From a site on jewish Kabala. Goyim means with strange Gods, meaning our Gods, the Demons. In the Zohar, Satan is called the strange God, the Serpent, Samal [Devil-Satan] who is the Father Of the Gentiles. Especially of Amalek which is code in Juadism for the White Race. Its Samal the Jews place in the garden of Edin whom they say Cain is the descendent of the serpent seed line the Goyim came from. Where the Jews came from Eve via Adam who is Yahweh's creation only and thus have a special blood line the Goyim don't. We have Satanic genes and soul.

The reason the Jews use the word Satan is because this was the original title of our Creator God:
In ancient Sumeria:

As Laurence Gardener showed in his book: Genesis Of The Grail Kings that....

"The Serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea[ my note Sumeria] He had been called Shaitan."

That is why the Yezidhi who as their records stated came from the east and were the Chaldean's of ancient Sumeria and Babylon and also part of the Persian Empire. Have always called their head god Shaitan.

In the Jewish writings Samael [Hebrew word for Satan] is called the father of the Aryan race openly. The White race is also called Amalek in the Jewish writings and Samael is stated to be the White race's father here. Here in the Jewish writings we note the Jews heap blasphemy upon Gentiles and Satan. And gives the direct order to exterminate the White Race, along with all Gentiles, it describes the different Goyim but puts the White Race into a special category to be "bolted out" forever as it states below we are the children of Samael/Satan, directly.

Note they call us all beasts of the field, animals.

Judaism is built on the single concept of Genocide all of the Gentiles Races. When the Jews call us Nations they mean in the original Greek meaning: Ethnos, race. Goyim.


The Jewish Zohar volume one, pages 28b to 29a states:

"At that time the mixed multitude shall pass away from the world. The mixed multitude are the impurity which the serpent injected into Eve. From that impurity came forth Cain who killed Abel. For they are the seed of Amalek. Whom it said "thou shalt bolt out the memory of Amalek." Gentiles who are compared to the beasts of the field another from the mazikin [goblins] for the souls of the wicked are literally mazikin [goblins] of the world: and there is impurity from the side of the demons and evil spirits: and there is none so strange among them as Amalek who is the evil serpent "the strange God." He is the cause of all unchastity and murder and his twin soul is the poison of idolatry, the two together being called Samel.... This side of the serpent is accused above all."

"Simple Gematria of L'Goyim = (40) +(10) +(6) + (3) +(30) = 89

On the other hand, we can compute the "complex" Gematria of a word by summing the numeric values of the spelling of each letter of the word. For example, in the case of l'goyim, although its simple Gematria is 89, it's complex Gematria would be computed from the individual Gematriot of its five component letters as follows:

= (30) +(40) (4) = 74
= (3) + (40) + (30) = 73
= (6) + (6) = 12
= (10) + (6) + (4) = 20
= (40) + (40) = 80

Complex Gematria = 259

and this complex Gematria of 259 connects the word l'goyim (the Gentiles) to the word b'zarim ("with strange gods", also with a Gematria of 259), "

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Note Trump's, son in law, Kushner is a Chabad jew, which means he literally believes this kind of stuff......From the leader of the Chabad movement, Rabbi Schneerson below:


Kushner is also tied to the other Elder of Zion, Soros.

Great to know that kike is sitting at Trump's right hand all the time.... Along with representatives of the Rothschild's who are from Chassidim rabbi's and believe the same....Nice people these jews. I just can't understand why everyone who deals with them, hates them.

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So Satan poisoned a jew woman who "god" decided to not drown in a flood and start again with, and "god" waited until there were millions or billions of diseased jews, thanks to the Serpent, who were in-bred, to drown them all...and then start again with a few poisoned, in-bred jews who were a bit less poisoned and a bit less in-bred, presumably. Sadism fails in comparison, and I think I'll go read a Percy Jackson novel about the Ancient civilisations and their Gods or Harry Potter with nearly 0 errors in its entirety...

Do you suppose it's a metaphor - but literal? When the Goyim wake up to the jew, and Nazism/Spiritual Satanism rises again, (Satan poisoning the jew and its plans, but the all-seeing 'god' doesn't know what happens immediately (referencing my other post, quoting from genesis) so has to wait until a lot is happening (flooding a lot later on, instead of eve early on)), the jew then floods the world (of many Goyim; tries to start a war) to kill all the Goyimzes?
If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes...

Shut up and click here

jew: Stupid goyim.

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The Beast in the skies has risen - in time it would come. The lands have begun their schism; all bow to the Fallen One.

May the mighty Mjølnir
nail the bleeding and naked nazarene
upon the Pagan planks
pound in the painful nails now and hang him high and dry

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Enki, means Serpent in Sumerian. This tale of the jews is covering over real events with myth. The jews by the confession of the prominent Rav Laitman, are alien from another world. Their racial cohen gene has reptilian DNA. Were the Sumerian's did state we were made by Enki, Satan. And these are physical ET'S. The Sumerian texts stated ENKI put the secrets of the blood of the Gods into us.

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