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Jews Behind Trying To Censor Utube

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Post Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:17 am
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Jews Behind Trying To Censor Utube

The Jews because they have done and do so many criminal things to everyone else, as the alien soul of Jewishness commands in the Torah and Talmud, naturally have to censor all free forms of media, otherwise they simply can't get away with being Jews to everyone, anymore. So no surprise here is the Jew, Jewing all Utuber's out of years of their own hard work and deserved profit's of their labour with censorship, Jews always hide behind false humanitarian motives and emotionally manipulative, Pavlovian jewbberish. Why are they really doing this....


----------------------------------------------------- ... -soci.html
The advertising boycott related to extremist content on YouTube will cost Alphabet $750 million, an analyst predicted Monday -- and another, Pivotal Analyst (((Brian Wieser))), just doesn't think Google is working quickly enough to solve the problem.

"CMOs were genuinely unaware of the problem and related risks given the range of issues they are charged with managing," Wieser wrote in a research note published Monday. He estimates about a 1% revenue impact this year and next, assuming that the problem is settled soon.

The issue is quickly spreading from Google to Facebook, according to (((Eric Feinberg))), founder of Global Intellectual Property Enforcement Center (Gipec). The former Madison Avenue executive turned tech geek set out several years ago to find ad-supported content linked to terror and hate groups. He co-developed a patent issued in December that relies on deep Web integration to find keywords and coding linked to terrorism and hate speech on sites.



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