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Ultimate Cuck Confession Prayer

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Post Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:00 am
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This prayer has to be recited all day, and its called the Cuck Confession Prayer. One must keep a picture of a jew in front of them, such as Einstein, Rabbi Laitman, Or Rabbi Yehoshua/Jesus Christ. Whatever fits.

With intense feeling and focus, one must fall into their knees on thorns, or amassments of metal pricks, and sign the thing below. One word mistaken, and one has to recite this for twenty times to gain appropriate grace from jews.

Rumors have it that this is a prayer instructed by the reptilian master of Rabbi Laitman, Kek.

"Holy jews recognized in all forms, blessed be
please deem me worthy, one of the 144,000 chosen Israelites like you to be.
My culture I have replaced for yours,
and shilling had I done endless,
in killing my pagan past I have been relentless.
I have killed my own people, and shilled for the jews,
Even in dreams and sleep, all of that, beloved jews, for you.
On every generation and no matter what has occured,
I have never rebelled against the holy jew.
When smitten, I always turn the other cheek,
Filled with guilt and feeling like I am piece of shit, is all I am to be."

*now the initiate has to use a heavy chain and beat themselves in the back 66 times, as the books in the divine Torah and new testament. Then with a loud roar you have to affirmed "I HAVE KILLED 6,000,000 JEWS! I AM A NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!" with a very loud roar, until your lungs are about to break. When you feel these are bleeding, continue to the next part of the prayer.

"All my life has been promoting the holy race of jews in some way.
To exist in other way, no way.
If I fall to this, then I see not another day!
All systems made by jews are divine for me, and respect them all I must by heavenly decree.
I raise the sword, the lies and shilling, my own Ancestral Gods I drive away!
"Die in the Name of Jews you must, you Ancestral prick, in hell you're cast!"
Allah, Rabbi Yeshua also known as Jesus is my lord,
The promise of the jewish bible or quaran my only word.
If I have any reason to exist,
then that's the jewish purpose agreed for me.
I am feeling fine and correct in the identity of the goy,
looted by jewish looters in my own country, divine joy!
Whatever a jewish scientist says is my only factual truth,
all statements otherwise are pseudoscience, lies of imaginative youth.
If I wake up in doubt, I call this doubt as devil,
Warding off this tendency from birth, I have been.
I have no blood, no race, no ancestry and no history,
except of what Professor Bergstein wrote in his book, "Jew History".

*The student must now go to their family albums. IF they see to many clear blooded individuals start burning them, while exclaiming "My whole lot and family is burned, their blood is no more! DEATH TO THEM ALL, LONG LIVE THE JEW!". Then, one has to adopt at least one child of another race, and write all their inheritences to them. Alternatively, you can go in a migrant hotspot and get pregnant here, or ask the residents to give you a full beating. When you are done and bleed heavily, continue.

"Whites is an oppressive social category,
Black Identity can be plausibly argued as real",
said Noel Ignatiev teacher of the Holy Tribe, to this statement I abide.
My thinking is never done on my own, I am a tool,
Stefan Molyneux is my personal thinking jew.
A nazi bigot racist islamophobic I must NEVER be,
So Communism, Feminism, Rabbi Karl Marx is my only kin.
All my days and nights
go in finding ways to destroy the civilization I live in
to turn into a dead shit-stream.
Everyday I look for ways to go extinct,
and I bow down to get the favor of the jew on the stick.
My only purpose to live and serve until the jew reigns supreme,
and of course I am cursed and I hate the fact I'm Satan's seed.
Rabbi Yehoshua/Jesus distance him from me!!!!!!!!!!"

*now you have to write with a giant tatoo on your forehead, "death to everyone, long live the jew" and throw yourselves into the fire. Maybe then you will be excused and your Sins and Transgressions against jews will be atoned. Then, one proceeds in the holy battery of energy, namely the "ONE" and their soul energy is harvested by jews, now and for all eternity.

Post Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:30 am

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I would not be surprised if this was read in front of a church mass and they shouted in agreement when it was finished. There's some people whom are so far deep they'd eat this up with a spoon.
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Post Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:55 am
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Anne Flowers wrote:
I would not be surprised if this was read in front of a church mass and they shouted in agreement when it was finished. There's some people whom are so far deep they'd eat this up with a spoon.

No matter how ultimate the ultimate cuck confession prayer is, it can never be as ultimate as the Hebraic New Testament and Torah, never.

Well, unfortunately what you state is a reality. It sounds like one of these scary, hilarious, tragic movies. Some would actually do the breaks in between. As they already do in a way.

Reminds you of the reasons of why the enemy has to be completely flattened...Oh my. I am sure xians who set themselves on fire aren't at all that far from doing such things. I heard the Catholics also whip themselves on a consistent basis to atone for sin. Lol

Post Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:59 am

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All these jew loving kids do is drink and smoke - then watch some extremely low IQ required television show about murdering random people and coalescing with zombies and then maybe give their opinion on how the jews dindunuffin.
One must focus on the Gods when not destroying the enemy

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