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What Is In A Movie? Krull

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Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:11 am
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What's In A Movie? Krull

Some time things get put into movies by those in the know for different reasons, sometimes to put important information into the public mind. And sometimes certain themes might arise on their own as ancient archetypes and emanations of ancient human genetic and spiritual memoires in the collective unconscious.


Take the movie Krull made in 1983, its about the earth being invaded from space by a obvious reptilian alien called "The Beast" who works to attack and destroy all the human kingdoms to conqueror the planet and enslave the human race, one by one all the great kingdoms fall to the reptilian's power. The Beast, uses its technological and immense psychic powers to attack humanity. From possession of people....xianity, islam, marxism anyone, to (((changelings))) to infiltrate humanity, the changelings are beings which take the appearance of humans but are the evil spirit essence of the Beast, like what Rabbi Laitman stated jews are, and work to bring humanity down and under control of the Beast from within.

Rabbi Laitman: Jews are alien beings that came to earth from another world to conqueror earth:

The Beast steals the Princess at the marriage of her to the Prince, and holds her hostage to capture her power. While trying numerous times to kill the Prince. The movie reveals the Beast does this because both of them united are the only thing which can defeat the Beast. The Princess is Shakti the spiritual power of humanity the Beast tries to bend to its will to enslave the earth. And the Prince is Shiva the thinking mind the beast tries to destroy.

The Reptilian Beast is only destroyed when the Prince and Princess unite and finish the wedding rite, as the movie states their power together destroys the Reptilian Beast and sets the earth free. They destroy the Beast by the fire of their Shakti, the Princess holds the flame and the Prince directs it to destroy the Beast. Shakti is the power that Shiva directs.

This movie showed something strong. The conventional methods of fighting were all defeated by the Beast, it was only spiritual power and those who had knowledge of it that were able to defeat the Beast. This is what the Beast most feared and worked to destroy in the allegory of the Prince and Princess. The enemy has worked to keep humanity spiritually and mentality weak by dividing the male and female element of our souls to keep our spiritual power repressed. This is why they always attack, remove and corrupt spiritual knowledge.

It was only when the Prince and Princess united when Shakti and Shiva united that the Beast was destroyed. This showed this as the alchemical wedding the ancient symbol of the union of the soul, the raising of the kundalini serpent of Satan. Its not just Satan the Reptilian enemy fears the most its the power of Satan that dwells inside us in our very souls. The enemy states in their Talmud the Goyim all have Satanic Souls, because they remember this and its the power of Satan within us that terrifies them the most.

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I believe the never ending story is a fine example of heresy, its full of spiritual themes and messages. I plan on watching it, i came across while reading about the cathars.

Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:34 am

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Just finished reading this. The allegory here is blatant! I wonder what impact this has on someone's counciousceness.

Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:09 pm
Hail Satan!

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:11 pm
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