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So Who Said Satan is Evil...?

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Post Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:49 pm
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Everywhere in our infested culture nowadays, we keep hearing and its drummed into everyone that, Satan is somehow "Evil". From jews, be it in the opposing side, or in the jewish infested "Satanism", they always shout it loud, that "Satan" is "Evil".

Satan is basically the spiritual Hitler in a sense. No matter what evil happens, Satan is always blamed, in the same way and imagery that Hitler is always blamed. At some other age and time, it was something else. Rumors, hearsay, no evidence, and just 'feelings' that are easily manipulated by mass media, television, and the staggering global jewish control of literature.

Their faithful servants who read their literature, also agree. "Satan is Evil". Thus says the jewish culture, because according to jews, this entity and some others, don't want the Jewish plans to succeed and they are at war with them. The mass term for jews is "Jehova", their racial hive, and "Satan" is the one who opposes them and seeks to destroy them. "Satan" is the obstacle between them, and their apocalyptic globalist society, where everything is enslaved, equalized, and flattened in "God's" name.

Still some Gentiles who read these texts, watch netflix, or some jewish, hollywood movie, they say: "Oh, Satan is Evil". When evidence is required, there is none. Experience, neither. What is just provided is what the bible, a book created a couple of years ago, was stated.

At best, they have the opinion of a demented christian, so brainwashed by the program that they believed in, that they say "Satan is chasing them". Most of the times, the so called 'Christian' fellow is also tyrannized by mental disease, or one can plainly see that they are of a susceptible nature.

At other times, a person with strikingly the facial features of a psychopath, or a person of the jewish tribe, does a few murders, and of course, to evade prison, blames an Indian Totem, some Hindu God, mental illness, or the jewish favorite: "Satan". Satan is by far the most marketing and judge friendly solution. The poor jew, never wanted to kill anyone, but who the "Dark Lord" instructed.

Might result in softed judgement to show that you have feel a victim of the bad guy, and you indeed yourself were a good guy. In prison, if you bow to Jehova enough, you might get our faster, too. Because as we know, that's what good guys do.

Even when the Vatican enslaves, murders, and when jews wipe out nations, or when the Illuminati and Freemasons of Adam Weisthaupt, do murder, enforce globalism, or financially enslave countries, even if inside their own material they claim it openly all this is done for "Jehova" and to facilitate the return of their beloved "Jesus" who is their master, somehow, all of this is discredited: Satan again becomes the scapegoat. Always, no matter what happens, no matter how obvious, no matter how hidden, the jews will tell us its Satan's fault.

This is no different from how Hitler is blamed, after he has been absent from this world for over 70 years, for all the perils of Humanity. Someone falls of the staircase, didn't you know Hitler pushed you down? Hitler, the ultimate scapegoat. He who the jewish world has renounced. According to some jews, Hitler was also the Anti-Christ. He committed fantastical crimes such as gassing 6,000,000,000,000 jews. There is no need for any proof. Like Satan, Hitler, and other beings of importance, please, don't do any research: Take what the jews said as fact, and move on.

One opens the bible, and all the things that "Satan" is by imagination blamed, are done for Jehova (the "good" God) and for his "Son", jewsus christ). Satan is the supposed receiver of blood sacrifice, but every Sunday at the church, people are "Drinking the flesh and blood" of an imaginary, stolen from Pagan, fictitious Rabbi.

Satan is the supposed bringer of death and destruction, but well, in the "New Testament", and its "Prophecies" that were inspired from "God", 2/3 of Human population has to die off the planet, because of disobedience to "God". And roast in eternal hellfire. The "Good God" also carries full blown genocide against the enemy tribes of the jews. Of course, all done in perfect good "Will".

The jewish bible, filled with lies, pseudepigraphal history, on one hand, claims that "Satan" is some sort of "underbog" to jews. On the other hand, this supposed "Underbog" is revealed to have existed long before the jewish race even came to be, and even in the same ficticious book, he seeks to eliminate them.

The Demons that appear in the bible, by a huge coincidence, do also point out to the most important deities of the Pantheons that the jews have hated, and desecrated. "Satan" comes from Satyan, the Sanskrit word of Eternal Truth. Apollyon comes from Appolon, the Greek God of the Sun, Music, and Light. The throne of Satan in Pergamus, is actually the throne of Zeus, head of the Greek Pathneon. Of course, these are "Demons" who are seeking a final reckoning. Quite a coincidence, right?

Some random entities called "Angels", that come from nowhere and have no historical basis, are suddenly called 'real' and believe to be as such. While Gods and Demons who existed tens of thousands of years prior, are dismmised.

Somehow, some Gentiles also claim that the jews are themselves the "Satanists". Based on some quote in the bible, where Rabbi Yashua (Also known as Jesus) mocks his own that they have lost their path and they are called by the degoratory term "Synagogue of Satan"- that is, of opposing the larger jewish interest. Because well, Satan here too is against Jewish interest as the primal source of fuckups for the jew.

Every institution the jews have owned, from Hollywood, to the Church, to many other places, even some artificial created groups that push "Satanism", do infact mock Satan, and always force him into the reverse-christian standards. Never had this figure had any research done for them, unless we did it. Uncovering the Truth for everyone to see.

Of course, we are being demonized, attacked, and driven away from the spotlight as much as possible, while the "Jews" play both their "good and evil" game against the unsuspecting middle.

The Gods that everyone worshipped, suddenly end up to be hated, despised, and replaced with ficticious entities. Satan gives knowledge, understanding and the ability of consciousness to people. But somehow, he ends up being the evil one all along. Some plural entities that wanted humanity to stay completely ignorant, were unhappy with it and waged war at him.

The jews admit themselves of being in a COVENANT with these entities as well. Isn't that a bit suspicious too? What entities are they? Wasn't "God" a sole person? Why is "Elohim" in the original, jewish text, plural. Why does "God" need to "Descend down and look at Adam" or "searches for him in the garden", anyway?

Then, we have the other arguement. That Satan was, somehow, created by the jews. The same thing the jews claim for the Myth of the Garden of Eden (Stolen from the Sumerian Myth of Creation), the Bible, Morality, Ethics, even Science, and whatever else Humanity has ever created.

Egypt, Greece, Rome, Sumer, Akkad, Hindus all of these were idiots and did nothing at all. Therefore, wherever jews ruled with christianity or islam (Their Abrahamic Programs) they have wiped out and destroyed all evidence, because well, it didn't matter at all. According to jews their existence was really trivial and meant nothing at all, anyway. They were just a preparation for the mighty jew to show up in the scene, to steal their culture, and let us know how THEY created everything.

They also claim they made the universe. After all, "JHVH", their blueprint for their own race parading as a "God", claims it made EVERYTHING.

Didn't you know that the jews made the universe, and everything in it? Because well, that's what they state. Didn't you know the world only began around 5500 to 6000 years ago? The jews claim this too. It must be real, same as anything else the jews have claimed. All the creation is the creation of some jew, and all creation conspires and revolves around the jews of course. Because the jew is the real, and only, son of 'god' as well.

The whole world must be standing on their toes, work and toil for the jews, because they should be expecting a fictitious rabbi of rabbis, to appear. Otherwise, be prepared to die in eternal fire and anguish.

But isn't all the above dillemas and crap, coming from analyzing the jewish gimmick? That always try to shroud ANY perception about Satan, with something negative. Why should we listen the opinion of a racial minority, that sucks baby penis, and is responsible for so much murder and corruption on the world, let alone other things?

Who is STUPID enough to take their opinion and lies as factual?

How come though, Satan is evil? What is the so called 'experience' of anyone that speaks such about Satan? Have they met him, spoken to him? Has Satan ever spoke for himself but recently? Why are all our Pagan Gods and deities suddenly, "Demons".

Why do we "Exorcise" our own Gods, who were said to have created sciences, art, civilization, the art of warfare and survival, and everything else that Humanity enjoys and has to show as an achievement, today?

In a final analysis, nobody that says an opinion about Satan, has anything found about him, that doesn't come from a jewish source, is not a jewish lie, or is biased. If anyone is interested in speaking about Satan, and is non-jewish, one can do some research and inquiry for themselves. Otherwise, one is proclaimed and open enemy, who speaks on Satan only on unfounded, jewish views and modes of thinking, that were inspired by them.

What People who seek Satan/Lucifer, will find, if they look at him with serious inquiry, may be surprising for the best for everyone.

Isn't it the time for those interested, to seek Satan on their own, without lenses or fake expectations?

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Post Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:22 am

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It is indeed a grand marketing scheme that is continuously pounded from birth all the way into death. Those whom are still manipulated by such tactics are comparable to an individual whom chooses to keep their eyes shut. If they even begin to open their eyes they become blinded by the light, which usually ends up in their fellow individuals scorning them for their "stupid" actions. (Allegory of the Cave - Plato, in a broad nutshell)

I've tried....
Satan is an anagram for Satan
"god" has murdered more people than Satan is his own book
Satan predates all religions
If your "god" will forgive you for anything why not ask Satan's side of the story? You can go back.
Do you know anything about Satan that doesn't involve a source not directly from him?
We wouldn't have knowledge if it wasn't for Satan, it says it in the bible.

All to no avail, this marketing scheme runs so deep that even an Atheist will still blindly consider Satan evil...

I've met some individuals whom were or still are serious drug addicts and have told me they've seen the devil, demons, or the "faces of evil". It's all so silly, yet sad.
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Post Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:22 am

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It's funny how the christian leaders today keep saying that the "end is near". Some even say that what is about to happen will be "far worse than any hollywood movie, for those that are not saved, for Satan's wrath will be upon them".
And all of that christian psychic energy (and gentiles) being poured into that thought form (created by jews) to feed this negativity. Then blame in on Satan.
Will there be any new RTRs to reverse this jewish created thought form pattern they put on Satan? Something that will reverse the negative label that the jews put on Satan. And to cause the truth to be seen in the hearts and minds of gentiles (and everyone).

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