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To Outbreed and Genocide Europeans - Erdogan (TurkishPM)

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Erdogan playing the passive aggressive, kike victim, who wants to obliterate and wipe out Europe. Through Jihad and the spread of Pisslamism. Is actually urging his fellows to procreate like rabbits in Europe to wipe out the native populations. Supposedly on the pretext of that they are being 'wronged'.

So 'wronged' they are living in the world's most developed countries, in contrast to his shitty created "Turkey". And get free stuff, such as pensions, and many other things. Aside with millions of Islamic, ISIS terrorists and other invaders whom Erdogan pushes through the Greco-Italian European borders. Using the jew-talk of trying to play the 'wronged'.

An amount of Turkish people have actually assimilated to an extent in Europe. For better or for worse. Many do in fact hate Erdogan because they know he is a deceiver and Pisslamist. They however want them to be radicalized. In Germany there are millions of Turks. Now how many will turn and be with "Europe" and how many will focus the larger wave of Islamism that the jews are trying to bring. That's another question. Erdogan hopes its most of them. And judging from history, it will be most, most probably.

He is basically urging them to replace the native European population by out-breeding and trying to get up in the top of the social ladder. So they can steal Europe from within, with elections, and with Europe being unable to in anyway vote themselves out. Since half of the population will be invaders, browns, and pisslamics which will later be radicalized if they are not already.

The cuckolds and excrement of the European Jew-nion have been welcoming this for decades, with ignorance that is done on purpose. Becuase the goal of the European Jewnion was to break the pan-European bonds for European states, by creating a superstate that would abuse all states and make the European people into a complete mixed race.

The jews created the European Jew-nion to hijack any possible unification between European Whites, and completely destroy European relations forever. If they would succeed, they would create a USSR that governs upon race-mixed cattle, with jews on the top. This goal is the "Fulfillment of Europe" or the "Kallergi Plan". Outbreeding is a way to do this directly as well.

Therefore, to bring life in Europe one needs to be a super comfortable thousands a month, casher. While immigrants and other invaders get triple and four digits a month to sit and look at the sun. And feed their five or more children. This is deliberate. Of course, this is European, tax payer, worked and toiled for, money.


From the News: ... 09--1.html

"From here I say to my citizens, I say to my brothers and sisters in Europe... Educate your children at better schools, make sure your family live in better areas, drive in the best cars, live in the best houses," said Erdogan.

"Have five children, not three. You are Europe's future."

If you do not understand or know about the situation. Learn from here:

Crypto Jew Erdogan, Islamism and the 'Coup'

Turkey: Head of the Islamic (((Caliphate)))
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Under our feet, that's where their plans will succeed. Telling such things outright, just testify how desperate they are. It's a double edged sword, which will be forced in their hearts, alien filth.
Imagine our beloved gods by our side, imagine our glorious planet earth spiritually alive, imagine our races proud and noble, imagine a world enlightened.

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