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Surge Of Untraceable Alleged Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes In The Media


Laird M Wilcox a researcher and author put out a book:Crying wolf: Hate crimes hoaxes in America


In which listed numerous examples of fake hate crimes done by Jews, for their own agenda. Here are some cases from the book:

Chicago-area case of anti-Semitic vandalism in a West Rogers Park townhouse
was originally thought by police to be a hate crime. On 5 February 1994,
however, police had arrested Shazz Steele, 17, and his 14-year-old girlfriend.
The two were charged with the vandalism and with burglarizing the same house.
Belmont area Police Sgt. Rick Batrich said that the youth, who apparently knew
the owner of the townhouse and that the two painted the graffiti to link the
burglary with the other unsolved anti-Semitic incidents in the area. "They did
this to throw some attention off themselves," he said.
It was one of the worst anti-Semitic cemetery desecrations in recent memory. Los
Angeles County sheriff’s investigators initially believed that the June 1991
incident at Home of Peace Cemetery in East Los Angeles, one of the oldest Jewish
cemeteries in the area, may have been a hate crime. According to news reports,
"More than 24 tombstones were knocked over and Nazi swastikas, Ku Klux Klan
’KKKs’ and devil worship slogans were painted on some walls and tombs."
Within days the case was solved. The owner of C.D.T.A. Security, Roger Ricardo
Sapien, 27, of Rosemead, wanted to obtain the security contract on the Jewish
cemetery. According to authorities, Sapien, with the aid of two confederates,
apparently committed the vandalism in order to discredit the firm currently
providing security there.
Information on the case took detectives to Sapien’s home, where they found the
guard dogs recently stolen from the cemetery. The three were booked for
investigation of vandalism of a religious cemetery, a felony, and Sapien was
charged with theft of the dogs.


In February 1994, the ADL was involved in a major hoax controversy when Donald
Mintz, a member of the ADL’s National Commission and candidate for. Mayor of New
0rteans, was accused of creating and distributing openly racist and anti-Semitic
fliers in order to create sympathy for his candidacy and raise funds for the
election. The New York Times reported that
"A main Mintz advisor has been charged with a misdemeanor count accusing him of
trying to distribute some of the fliers..."
An investigation by the (New Orleans) Human Relations Commission issued a
preliminary report concluding that at least two of the fliers ’originated in the
Mintz campaign.’

In July 1985 the Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee had been defaced with nine
red, spraypainted swastikas. A year before that, in June 1984, the Congregation
Beth El Ner Tamid in nearby Mequon was defaced with several red, spraypainted
The incident was followed by anonymous telephone calls in the area, one of which
said that, "...the defense league is at war with the Jewish community." On 19
December 1985, Cody’s apartment was allegedly vandalized. The walls were covered
with anti-Semitic symbols, again in red spray paint, including a large swastika
and the letters "PDL." Police could find no forced entry. Rabbi Silberg said,
"The victim has been re-victimized." An investigation has turned up no such as
organization as the "Palestine Defense League" or "P.D.L.".
On 15 May 1986 Cody was charged with two counts of obstructing an officer in
connection with reports he had made to police about receiving threatening
telephone calls, which police had determined were not true. A tracer installed
by the phone company had shown that at least two of the calls were placed from
Cody’s private line.
Later that same day, possibly fearing discovery and disgrace, Buzz Cody
tragically committed suicide. Police Captain Ronald Mehl, referring to the
alleged December 1985 attack on Cody said, "There has been no shred of evidence
to support the allegation." No further "PDL" incidents followed Cody’s death.

The Jewish Community Relations Council offered a $5,000 reward as well. The
windows were broken in the predominantly Orthodox Jewish areas of Boro Park and
Flatbush in Brooklyn. Two weeks Tater, windows in another seven stores were
broken in the enclave of 100,000 orthodox Jews and 300 synagogues.
Newspapers around the nation reacted with shock and outrage and compared the
incident to Kristallnacht, when Nazis terrorized Jews in pre-World War II
Germany, even though no swastikas or anti-Semitic graffiti were found on the
buildings. Pressure from the Jewish Community brought increased police patrols
and calls for greater vigilance against anti-Semitism, although no anti-Semitism
had been proven. Nine of the twelve detectives in the police department’s "bias"
unit had been assigned to the case. Within two weeks Mordechai Levy, leader of
the Jewish Defense Organization, a militant Zionist group with a reputation gar
terrorism, announced that his followers were organizing night patrols.
However, on December 9, the mystery was solved. According to press reports:
"A 38-year-old Jewish man with a history of psychological problems was arrested
in connection with the smashing of as windows of Jewish-owned shops in the
Borough Park and Flatbush sections of Brooklyn."
Police had arrested Gary Dworkin, who lived nearby -- on 43rd St in, Brooklyn.
He was subsequently charged with 13 counts of criminal mischief, some of which
were felonies, including one count of discrimination. Media accounts emphasized
his "emotional instability," implying that that was the reason for his behavior.
Brooklyn District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman issued statement that his
vandalism was directed at Israelis and Hasidic Jews.

In August 1983, a series of fires in West Hartford, Connecticut, terrorized the
Jewish community and evoked media comparisons with the "Night Of Broken Glass"
when Nazis terrorized Jews in pre-World Nar II Germany. Fires were set at Young
Israel Synagogue, the Emmanuel Synagogue, and the home of Rabbi Soloman
Krupka. In September, the home of Connecticut State Representative Joan Kemler,
who is Jewish, was set on fire. Kemler had spoken out against the unknown
perpetrator of the three previous fires.
Police involvement in the matter was intense. Nationwide media attention focused
on the incident, which had launched several legislative proposals to curb
"bigotry and violence." police Chief Francis Reynolds doubled patrols in the
predominantly Jewish section of town. West Hartford Mayor Charles R. Matties
announced a $50,000 reward. Indeed, police staked out 15 entire square blocks of
West Hartford, hoping to charge someone with arson. An article by Barbara
Sullivan in the Chicago Tribune was typical of the coverage. She quoted an
"elderly, white-haired woman" who sobbed, "I had relatives in the Holocaust; I
never thought I’d see this happen again." Scott Feigelstein of the Connecticut
Regional Office of the Anti-Defamation League is quoted as saying
"We have to be realistic because of our history, we have to Stake utmost
caution...Perhaps good has come out of all this, because it’s drawn people
together, but how sad it’s come g from something too horrible."
The Jewish Defense League announced they would have armed patrols operating in
West Hartford. The Hartford Courant published an apology for their "insensitive"
coverage of this and another incident, in which an anti-Semitic note was found
on the doorstep of a West Hartford home. The paper editorial
"The Courant, for its part, must continue to walk that delicate line between
informing the public and not playing into the arsonist’s hand...The paper must
be careful not to inflame an already touchy situation."
An early suspect in the case was Barry Dov Schuss, a 17-year old Jewish student.
An FBI psychological profile of the arsonist clearly pointed to Schuss, as did
several other indicators.
Finally, on December 14th, newspapers reported that Schuss had confessed to all
four arsons. In fact, Schuss had confessed to his rabbi, Solomon Krupka, several
days before his family or the police were notified. Krupka claimed that the
relationship between a clergyman and a congregant is privileged. "Krupka
disavowed any responsibility for not notifying the police, which would have
saved taxpayers thousands of dollars and calmed tense nerves."

In New York City, residents of Co-Op City, a massive housing cooperative in the
Bronx, found anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas daubed on 51 apartment doors
and walls in March 1984. The incident received wide publicity, A including
comparisons with Nazi Germany. A $3,500 reward was offered for the perpetrators.
Later, two Jewish teenagers tried to collect the reward by turning in someone
else and were arrested. The two youths, aged 14 and 15, were charged as
juveniles with conspiracy, criminal mischief and falsely reporting a police
incident. They are also suspected of other racist and anti-Semitic incidents
dating back over a several month period, all of which had been attributed to
"racists." As usual, the crimes received far more attention than the revelations
of fraud.
On July 15, 1987, a Rockville, Maryland Jewish woman and her Roman Catholic
husband awoke at 4:45 AM to find a fire in the shape of a swastika burning on
their lawn. Neo-Nazis, skinheads and Ku Klux Klansmen were widely speculated as
the perpetrators responsible for the outrage.
Elyse Rothschild of the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission spoke of the
fire as an "act of terror" and said that
"...there has to be an outcry from everybody in the country that we will not
tolerate that type of behavior; it is to-. tally not acceptable."
Lt. Carvel Harding, the Montgomery County fire marshall, reported that the
perpetrator came forward and confessed at the urging of his father. Gary L.
Stein, a 19-year-old Jewish man, confessed to the crime and implicated a
long-time friend, John F. Finnegan, as the actual perpetrator. According to
Harding, Stein claimed that "his buddy did it."


The book goes on and on like that for over a hundred pages.

Donald Trump who knows the Jews all too well from having to build a business surrounded by them. Has also called foul on these numerous incidents of vandalized Jewish cemeteries and over sixty bomb threats. That somehow the culprit or culprit's involved just can't be found for some reason. But as noted there is a long history of Jews themselves doing such stunts for attention and petty agenda's. No doubt all of this riding on the time that Trump is taking normal Pro-White People off the Terrorist watch list. Oy...Veh!


Trump suggests anti-Semitic acts are ‘false-flag’ attacks ... .html?_r=0
President Trump suggested on Tuesday that the recent spate of anti-Semitic bomb threats and cemetery vandalism could be politically coordinated attacks to “make people look bad” — an apparent suggestion that his opponents could be behind them.

Speaking at the White House to attorneys general from around the country, Mr. Trump was asked by Josh Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, about the wave of attacks and how the federal government could work with state governments to confront the violence.

“First, he said the acts were reprehensible,” Mr. Shapiro, a Democrat who was elected to the post in November, said while recounting Mr. Trump’s response. “Second he said: ‘And you’ve got to be careful, it could be the reverse. This could be the reverse, trying to make people look bad.’ ”

The comments echoed the Twitter post of an adviser, Anthony Scaramucci, who suggested that Democrats were behind threats to Jewish community centers.

The Anti-Defamation League, which combats anti-Semitism, said it was “astonished” by Mr. Trump’s sentiments and called on him to clarify his remarks.

Mr. Shapiro, speaking on the sidelines of the attorneys general conference, said that he was not entirely sure of what to make of Mr. Trump’s comments.

“I was a little surprised by it, and others were, too, Republicans and Democrats,” Mr. Shapiro said. “The question I asked was a genuine one and one of great concern to people in my state.”

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It drives me absolutely nuts that they create the need, to create the demand, and offer the solution at the same time over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! Same pattern everytime! But when you try to explain this to someone it rarely, if ever works.

Nice info Mageson, this will be very helpful.
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Whoa, so Trump actually openly reffered to the "hey rabbi, watchya doin'?" phenomenon of jews making up antisemitism? Big winz folks.

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I typed in "Latest anti-semitic crimes committed by Jews". I got some stuff that states Trump is accusing the Jews of committing these crimes. One site (the first at top of page) was They state here that Trump is quoting the Neo-Nazi claim that the Jews are doing these crimes to undermine the White House.
Does this mean the jews are getting desperate?

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I have evidence of hate crimes against jews. The Wall Street Jewrnal gave me.

HE WAS GASSED 6million Times


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Sorry those were my great great grear grand children from my past lives.

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They are losing control faster than they can really handle and the few people that were on our side that they managed to turn over to theirs means absolutely nothing compared to what we are doing to them.

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What do we do to the jews?

Nothing but tell the Truth. That's what destroys them.

See a relevant video about this post made, which was wonderful:

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Hvítr Ormr wrote:
Whoa, so Trump actually openly reffered to the "hey rabbi, watchya doin'?" phenomenon of jews making up antisemitism? Big winz folks.

Lol yeah, he is playing with fire
Ivanka and her jew husband Kushner are going to strangle him in his sleep if he keeps this up

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Alexander wrote:
Hvítr Ormr wrote:
Whoa, so Trump actually openly reffered to the "hey rabbi, watchya doin'?" phenomenon of jews making up antisemitism? Big winz folks.

Lol yeah, he is playing with fire
Ivanka and her jew husband Kushner are going to strangle him in his sleep if he keeps this up

He basically is trolling the jews and he admits by not giving one damn that their lies are just imaginary. They are the least persecuted in the whole of the USA. They in fact rule it, to an extent that is rapidly reducing. All in all there is zero persecution that has to do with any 'racist actions'.

But their shit and lies is going to bring what they have lied about. Because people are fed up with the professional, scamming, (((Victims of 6))).

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Is trump actually insane? Has he been dipping into the scotch cabinet? He gained everything by playing the game and working with the jews. Why would he troll them like this and basically stab the people that gave him everything and the people he now is married to and has in his family. This seems to be far more than, our rtr has changed the landscape so he has to adapt a bit.

Did he spend his entire life infiltrating just so he can fuck them all over in the end? Is this an elaborate suicide mission? Is he just so egotistical in the head that he will do anything to make himself the top dog?

I think he is still a total wild card and nobody knows totally what he is. Whatever it is he has had to cuck out to some of the establishment. Like the immigration reform he want to let some of the "good brownz" get legal status.

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While I don't think anyone will disagree that Trump is a wild card, he is a wild card that WE played and have prepared for while the jews didn't think there was a snowballs chance in the center of the sun that he would ever get in and now have no idea what they are going to do while we are now completely on the offense while having a sold defense.

This is why the videos that HP Cobra and others get put right back up after being taken down, there is just too much shit coming the jew's way that they really can't pay people enough to deal with it (wow...I really just typed that and meant it).

As a little aside while we're on the subject of our videos, I have been downloading as many as I can but YTD and RealPlayer have become sort of iffy on their ability to download them. Can anyone point me to any good video downloaders alternatives?

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Frinnis wrote:
Can anyone point me to any good video downloaders alternatives?

You could also use the following code,


which you save as a bookmark, and when visiting videos you click this bookmark and it might download them, instead of copying the URL and pasting it in a video downloader. wrote:
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Other video downloaders include,, and - the last of which can be used to download other files off a page, as well.
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